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Rather than spend money on Leipzig hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Leipzig from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Leipzig and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Leipzig with them in minutes!
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We have one comfy foldable IKEA couch in our livingroom. There is space for up to 2 people. Since we need to cross the living room to enter our kitchen there might be limited privacy in the morning. And as our cat likes to stroll around at night, you might get a furry visitor once in a while... * You don't need to bring a sleepingbag/mattress * * Hitchhikers & Nomads welcome * * It's alright with us if you arrive in the middle of the night or if you arrive a day later. You're welcome any time * Leipzig isn't such a big city so you almost always live near the city centre. I live together with my boyfriend Flo, a CSer as well, in a former paper mill. From our flat it's about 15 minutes to the city centre with public transport or by bike. We also have a very crazy cat named Ole living with us, so if you are allergic or afraid - be aware :) If I am not busy with university I can show you around town. During the week I am usually at university and during weekends I work at a museum. So, I will probably have more time in the evenings. As a real student city Leipzig is just a great place to be. Well, is there anything else? We don't smoke, but we have two balconies :) Also a great place for Pizza, a bottle of wine and lots of stories to share. We also have a guest bike you can use during your stay. Hope to see you soon :) * About twice a year (February-March & August-September), for 2-6 weeks, we are looking for housesitters to take care of our cat/flat *
i am actually from nepal but studying in germany, leipzig., i have got a spare bed and a hangingmat. u are more then welcome to stay at my place. offcourse u will have to provide food and other basic necessitites self. < ktm.......i am in germany at the mo sorry cannot help u with the accomodation in nepal small bedroom with a single bed in a 4 bedroom house near two monuments. One monument is the Buddhist temple, Boudhanath 10 minute walk, 20 min walk from the most sacred temple of Hindu, Pasupatinath, 15 min walk from Gokarna national park and a gateway to walkeres paradise, Shivapuri. Also about 1 hour drive away is the Sundarijal, a gushing river and a beautiful wild woods. The airport is 30 min drive away and the city is 30 minute as well. The house has a big compuond with lots of trees and plants. There are monastries and temples all around...............>
Accommodation for up to a week in a student flat in a nice house in Schleußig?I have 4 flatmates who study all in Leipzig. We have a nice kitchen and a sweet balcony inviting us from time to time to a glass whine and conversations about a lot of rubbish. Its about a 10 min tram ride into the city central.This part of Leipzig is kinda nice with parks&small rivers,and the city central & places to go out are not far.Supermarket,shops, bars, all just few minutes. I do not prefer anybody, male, female, every age, as long as u are bit friendly, easy going and respect our property. You are welcome to use the kitchen but u have to buy ur own food.In the evenings we often cook together. From Leipzig it's about 3 hours to Frankfurt,1-2 hours to Berlin..I am also happy to host u in Eisenach, my hometown, just look up Eisenach (Thueringen) bettina_worldwide.
It would work that way, that I or one of my flatmates would stay for the time with their friends and you could use my or their bed. But we also have a couch in our comfortable and spacious kitchen, which can be used, so far it always worked well with Couchsurfers. I live with three friends very close to the city centre and main station in Leipzig, where nothing is far. Most times we also have a guest bike which you could use during your stay. We share our food and you would be welcome to do the same, either take food and leave some money for the household or just share things all together, but of course you could also have your own food. We already live about six years in Leipzig, so we can tell you a lot of great things to do or places to visit and depending on how busy we are with studying could show you around.
Until October 1 I will be living in student housing, which is basically a typical college dorm, perhaps spiced up a bit by the fact that its a typical Eastern German dorm, but it really boasts the same stock amenities, dorm funk smells, and minimal accomodation space with even less furniture... However, I will be living in an apartment ten minutes by tram from the city centre, and a five minute walk from my favorite bars, all located in the student quarter of the city. It is close to everything and anything. I will have my own room and hopefully soon some furniture to put people up on. The flat has four rooms, I have three German girl flatmates, and two bathrooms and it is on the top floor.. so get ready to walk up some stairs. It is a great location.
Hey! I live in a wagonplatz here in Plagwitz. We have a guest wagon! It's in a verrrry nice part of the city with a nice alternative scene going on. There are a lot of great things in the area within walking distance. Cheap bars, canal walks, open park space, lakes! There are usually people around to help out but we are verrrry used to having guests here and I would say it definitely works best if you are some level of self sufficient! Monday's we have Voku (peoples kitchen) so it's a great day to meet the other people! (Bear in mind that the guest wagon is in use for allll of the people that live here so is often busy. But you can either ask in advance or spontaneously!)
I'm a student from Leipzig and live in a flat with 4 other people in the great part Schleußig, which is 10 min near the centre of leipzig by tram, bike, car, flying is probably faster. while hosting i will sleep in another room and you will have my room for your own to get a little bit privacy during your maybe exhausting travels. their is a huge bed in my not really huge room, 2 people easily can sleep there. if you want me to show you wonderful leipzig we can explore that fantastic city together (as long as i have not huge exams to survive). if you are more the lonesome traveler feel free to rock the city on your own. but most important - enjoy traveling!
We have a 3-room flat.We offer the living room which doubles as our guest room. The couch can be made into a double bed. It's a separate room so you can have privacy and you can watch TV or listen to music. You are free to use the kitchen just please clean up after you cook. Help yourself with coffee or tea anytime. The flat is a stone's throw away to the nice clubs, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. The center is 2 stations away (5 minutes)and the main station is 5 stations away. And since we know you are probably exhausted from a long travel, you are also welcome to use the bathtub for a long hot bath.
I can host up to 2 persons. I just have to ask my parents in beforehand, but they are nice and already got used that I always bring somebody to our home :) I don't live in the city center, but this has the advantage that we can have a house with a big garden.... There's a bus stop right in front of our house or you can walk up to the tram stop (13 min walk), and than it's 17 min with the tram. Leipzig is a beautiful and lovely city, with a perfect size, a lot of culture, parks, we have one of the best zoos in Europe, the battle of the nations monument, some nice churches etc. Come and experience yourself!
I live in a small flat not too far away from the city centre. There's a couple of shops, restaurants and pubs nearby (not necessarily the ones the hardcore party crowd might flock to, mind you). Access to public transport is good, so getting around really shouldn't be a problem, I also have a bike which you can borrow if you like (cheaper than bus fare ;) ). You can crash on my couch in the living room, which is big enough for two people (that either like each other or at least aren't terribly overweight). Of course you can use my kitchen, but should bring your own supplies.

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