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Rather than spend money on London hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see London from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in London and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in London with them in minutes!
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My 1 bedroom flat has space in the living room (open plan kitchen/living room), with a FOLDABLE BED... (there is another picture with the foldable bed under my pictures - CSurfers) You will be sharing the living room with ME. The bedroom is where Sandra stays. We are still close and friends and she is my flatmate. I am able to host 1 surfer at a time, but in special occasions, I might consider 2 surfers. The living room is hmm.. not huge, and fits "ok" 2 people (you and me), adding a 3rd one in extremely emergency situation. At this time, I can only accept people for 2 nights... if more than 2 days are required, we can discuss it, but I might not be able to accomodate it... If you have a flight from Heathrow Airport, week days are ok, otherwise, weekends will be the preferred days to host, as we both work, and we will not be able to do anything with you... Mondays are the worse day, as we have a meeting during the evening, and we arrive quite late. Also if you consider coming Monday, as we arrive later than usual, we usually eat out this day. As mentioned, we both work, meaning we leave home about 8.00Am -we would prefer if you leave with us and we come back around 6pm. I understand some hosts offer their house keys, etc.. unfortunatelly at this time, I am unable to do this. I am sorry. I am often travelling, and of course, if I am not around, I am unable to host... If you want some hints or tips, or a coffee/tea/drink... feel free to popup, and I will welcome you and help as much as we can... No pets in our house (we love pets, but we are not allowed here), the purpose building flat is a "non smoking" building, meaning if you want to smoke, you got to go outside. Everything is electrical (heater, boiler, oven, etc) Make sure you have your profile with information about yourself, and your couch request shows that you read "at least" something from my profile... we like considerate people, if you are requesting our couch, mention you are considerate (that would show you read this portion at least), and please... demonstrate you are :) Location My home is 10 minutes walking from the tube station Hounslow Central (Piccadilly line), and from this station, 40-50 minutes from downtown... 3 stations from Heathrow Airport or, if you want to go to the airport, there are 2 buses in front of my place to Heathrow airport too. There is also the HOUNSLOW British Rail option (7 minutes walking), from this one, in 40 minutes you are in Waterloo. My home is the ideal place if you have an early flight at Heathrow Airport or to stay the PREVIOUS night before going to Heathrow Airport, even if the flight is 6am, you have 2 buses from my place to the airport... N9 (night bus) and 111 (24 hours) Note- it is not a central location, but has convenient transportation close by (tube/bus/rail) Facilities - I have a wireless internet connection, if you bring your laptop, it will be open for your use. - UK Digital TV (Not cable TV, meaning no other languages just English) - Shower/Bath - You can use the kitchen, but the fridge is a tiny one, and often no space.. - The flat is quite small, but our heart is very big, and you can also expect good food (wow.. love, roof and food.. do you need anything else?) Clean Blankets/sheets/pillow/towels can be supplied, so.. no need to bring them.. if you bring a sleeping bag and prefer using it, you can use it without problems, but you do not need to. Contact Ideally, 1 or 2 weeks in advance is a good timing... if you request 1 month I might not be able to confirm, as many things in my life are not known with that advance. In some cases, I might accept to host people last minute... Oh, last thing... sometimes I have conference calls or work until quite late.. around 3am, and I hope it is not a big problem for you, as we are sharing the living room.... Sharing duties I am sorry, but if I need help with dishes, or throwing the rubbish away.. I will ask, and I hope you do not have problems with that too.. if I cook.. I prefer NOT WASHING.. if you cook, I will do the dishes! I have been seeing people with negative references for asking for help on dishes, etc... if you do not want to help when I cook... maybe my couch is NOT FOR YOU...
siendo claro y sincero para ke no perdamos tiempo... (LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO IBIZA SEASSON AND THOSE WHO WANTS TO RENT AND SHARE NICE HOUSE IN IBIZA FOR THIS SUMMER)GET IN TUCH ... buscamos chicas ke dispongan de 700 a 1000 euros para poner de entrada para el alkiler de la casa, y ke se kieran kedar toda la temporada en ibiza-(al menos 3 meses..) (PARA ENTRAR EN MAYO O PRINCIPIOS DE JUNIO) 350 a 400 cada uno por una habita o una cama en habita doble..+deposito de un mes + algo ke pedira el comercial o a agencia de comicion como siempre lo hacen por encontrarnos casa.. esta jodida la cosa..el tema renta cada vez mas caro.. asike es eso.. normalmente las casas de tres a 4 habit bonitas con o sin picina..rondan entre 1600 y 2500 al mes... piden: un mes de dep,un mes de renta+1 mes de comicion o un 80% del valor del alkiler mensual ke se lo keda el comercial como comicion... entre 5-6 o 7 personas..el valor ke tendriamos ke disponer para entrar ronda entre los 700 y 1000 euros por persona...dependiendo la situcion y el tipo de casa... INETERSADAS MANDAR MAIL o llamar para hablar en persona al 0034-615707623 -------------------------------------- bueno...como veran estoy buscando nuevamente un piso en barcelona como base, por ke me canse de londres y vuelvo a barsa... Por eso keria saver si me podrian hospedar en barsa 4 o 5 dias ke me servirian de prolongacion hasta ke encuntre el nuevo piso... (gracias por entender mi situacion...) Yo por el momento no puedo ofrecerles en barsa..(PERO SIN DUDA EN CUANTO TENGA MI NUEVO PISO O CASA EN BARSA)... PERO LES PUEDO OFRECER EN BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA-(ADROGUE ZONA SUR Y PALERMO HOLLYWOOD EN EL CENTRO DE BUENOS AIRES....)HAVISARME 1 MES ANTES... TENGO FAMILIA TAMBIEN en: ITALIA: MILANO-BOLLOGNIA-CALABRIA/SAMO:GRECIA/USA: OHAIO CINSINATY /BRASIL:SAN PABLO-Y RIO DE JANEIRO;PRAIA DU NITERO. (DONDE KIZAS MI FAMILIA SI PUEDEN LOS HOSPEDARIAN TAMBIEN..DEPENDE DE SUS TIEMPOS..) SUERTE EN TU VIAJE.. well as you can still looking for new apartment to live in barcelona again as im tired to live in london.. Thats why im asking you if you can host me for cuples days antill find my new home in barcelona... thanks to understund my case.. In my hand i can offer you a couch in barcelona yeat..(BUT I WILL DEFINETLY AS SOON AS I GET NEW HOME) BUT I CAN GIVE YOU COUCH IN ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES (ADROGUE SOUTH BUENOS AIRES..20 MIN FROM CENTER..OR MABY IN PALERMO HOLLYWOOD CENTRE BS AS...) JUST ASK ME 1 MONTH B4 YOU GOIN... I'VE GOTA FAMILY THAT MAYBY CAN GIVE YOU A COUCH TOO IN: ITALY:BOLLOGNIA-MILAN-AND CALABRIA/BRASIL:SAN PABLO CITY-RIO DU JANEIRO;PRAIA DU NITEROI/GREECE:SAMO ISLAND/USA:OHAIO SINCYNATI/ ITS UP ABOUT MY FAMILY TIMES...BUT I CAN ASK... HAVE GOOD TRIP... PEACE AND LOVE...
Cancel RegistrationTestimonials Support! Accommodation Type: CaravanCastleCouchHouseMattressSpare BedSpare RoomTent space e.g.Spare BedorSpare RoomAccommodation Details:e.g.Small room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 7 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both Melbourne and Victoria.Misc. Information:Tell potential guests a bit about yourself. Do you speak any other languages? What sort of guests would you prefer? Party-animals or more mature people? Are you prepared to accommodate small families? - e.g.I share the place with 2 housemates (a guy and a gal). We are all in our mid 20's and are generally pretty easy-going but we like to keep our place pretty neat. Between us we speak english (obviously), conversational french and a little bit of german. We'll consider hosting anyone for up to a week, as long as you respect our property and space eg if you smoke, you do it outside...and definitely no drugs! We've only got the one small bed so we can only host one person at a time, or maybe a couple (if you're close!). We all do the 9 to 5 work thing so we're happy to give you plenty of advice but you will have to find your own way around, except of course after work and during weekends when we'll usually be happy to give you a tour, or head to the pub!. [ G l o b a l F r e e l o a d e r s . c o m ] [Cancel Registration|Testimonials] "I recently hosted a couple from New Zealand, and we had a great time together. I have also had requests from 3 more members, who are likely to visit this year. This certainly is a great site for people who love to travel and meet people from all over the world!" Tanzina, CANADA "I love the whole concept behind GlobalFreeloaders. I have already hosted two different members with a third on the way. It's always great to make new friends, especially from around the world. GlobalFreeloaders makes the world seem like a smaller place. Thanks Adam and GFL." Huy, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Penthouse apartment. There is a spare double bed and couch. So if accommodating two people they can share the bed or choose to be in separate sleeping arrangements. Location - I live in central London postcode N1. It is in close proximity to two tube stations (20 minutes walk) and there a several major bus routes nearby (within 10 minutes walk) to accommodate and travel to various parts of London. I am away from the noise of major roads and there is a nearby park for those who like to walk in greenery. Accommodation - I actually have a penthouse apartment. There is a spare double bedroom currently and a couch that probably sleep 3 people (L shape) It is leather and quite comfortable. I recommend the bedroom though! - I also have fitness equipment - swiss ball, yoga mats, treadmill, bench, barbell and dumbells. I don't have permanent flat mates at the moment. I often allow friends or relatives to spend the night if they are in the city. I don't have any pets. I don't smoke. There is a balcony for smokers however, please let me know in advance if you smoke. There are a few cafes and some nice restaurants (casual dining) nearby. But the major landmarks and museums of London you have to travel to. Public Transport - Described above. I would like to show people around when I am not working. In fact there is a lot of London I have not seen yet, so we can explore together. I can stay up late and enjoy the evening. I can host any day of the week. I have blankets, bed sheets, towels and toiletries for my guests. If you are nice you can probably stay a week as there is plenty of room. If you need longer please be upfront at the start.
I joined this site mainly to meet other Naturists and those open minded enough to embrace Naturism - generally this would be my preferred surfer. I live in North London, which is about 20-25 minutes away from Central London by the underground. The couch offered is a sofabed (folds out to just over to around a single bed size) it is in my room which im more then happy to offer out.It is relatively comfortable, comes with plenty of cushions blankets and throws. My room - is a loft room which I have a king bed in - If i am hosting more then 1 person then I am happy for you to both take the bed and ill use the sofa. It would be more comfortable this way for you. (2 nights max :p) My room also has its own bathroom so this is at your disposal. I'm a pretty late sleeper, were all pretty relaxed here, smoking and drinking is fine, noise is ok to an extent. We don't necessarily sleep early so late nights are ok, Weekends are better as no work but weekdays can also be accommodated on some days. The maximum period i would probably be able to host is about 1-2 nights - but occasional requests can be talked about. I work Mon-Fri so would be out the house from 8-6.30, unfortunately, any surfer would also have to be during those times. Iff you msg me well in advance - i can probably get time off from work and then be able to host you all day. I do urge you to read my whole profile and ensure you are ok with the Naturism - We have a clothes free policy here - which generally applies to all.
Small 2-bedroom apartment in West London, 5 minutes away from tube stations and bus stops. I live with my parents and my sister, a very small appartment, so don't expect much space at all. Easy access to shopping places such as Oxford Circus, Piccadily Circus or Shepherd's Bush place. I've got access to gym and swimming pool with sauna, so you can use it as well, as my guest. Food is to be bought by the guest, I'm sorry :( but ofcourse, you can use the kitchen to store food (but the fridge is kinda small, so..i'd advise not to bring refrigerated food cause it might be that there's no room to put it..I don't know, we'll sort it out), to cook. If not a lot, then I don't mind washing dishes for you when I wash after myself. I don't mind even cooking some easy meals for u if u bring me ur own products, like I can make some lasagna or spaghetti, or cook a chicken in the oven..Toilet and shower, we have two, so on your stay you can use one on ur own while my sister and I share with our parents. You can sleep on the couch in our small living room. I can share internet with you if you'd like, cause I've got unlimited internet, you can use from your own laptop, or you can use mine or my sister's when we're not using them. We usually have guests, like my aunts, uncles, grandpas coming over from other countries, so I'm not always able to accomodate u, I might be "full" at times :))) hehe, so ..
I cannot host until 7 September. Please check this calendar to see when the sofa bed is available: You'll be staying on a comfortable double sofa bed, in a large private room. Two guests can stay, sharing the same bed. Guests can stay up to 3/4 nights. The best times to come are at weekends, but people can stay any time. Guests have access to a garden, kitchen (buy your own food) and bathroom (with a shower and bath), cable TV and wireless internet. Surfers also get keys to the flat. You won't have a curfew, but will be asked to be quiet if returning after midnight. And to not bring anyone back after a night out. The flat is just outside of Camden Town in North London. It has excellent bus, metro and train links across London, and is a short walk to lots of bars and clubs and galleries and restaurants for every taste and budget. There are no pets in the flat. I share with two housemates (a couple, early 30s). The flat is non-smoking, non-drugs, and gay friendly. One of my flatmates works, and the other is a full-time student. I'm currently not working. I tend to wake late and sleep late. I can point out places to go in London, and take surfers out for drinks. I can host travellers for up to four days.
Small upstairs bedroom with a comfortable bed in a 3 bedroon terraced house in the suburb of Surbiton. Surbiton is approx 15 minutes by fast train to London's Waterloo station and all the sights of London. Waterloo station has the Eurostar train link to Paris and Brussels. I am a 10 minute walk to the local shops or a 10 minute bus ride to a large main shopping centre, with latest shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, bowling alley. Bus stop is across the street. You may use the kitchen while you are here, but certain dishes and cutlery are out of bounds due to religious requirements, but there are plenty that you can use and you will have to buy your own food. Only one train stop from Hampton Court Palace (Henry 8th etc) and minutes from the English countryside and Wisley gardens. I share my home with 3 cats who only have access to the downstairs living area, bedrooms are a cat free zone. I am a professional lady in my mid 50's, originally Australian. I am allergic to cigarette smoke so no smoking in the house, but there is a small pleasant garden at the rear. I can accomodate one person comfortably. I am happy to assist in any way possible. I only ask that you respect my home, no drugs, and alcohol in moderation please. I look forward to meeting you.
You can share my bed or use the floor in my room. My room is quite big and very cosy. I don't have a couch to offer you but you can use the floor in my room which is more than sufficient for one person. I might let you use the bed alone and sleep on floor myself, but that depends. I live in a flat in central london, a very good location and close to all attractions (walking distance). I can only accomodate 1 person at any one time. I am also happy to offer some food and beverage for free as I understand travellers may not always have spare cash for an expensive city like london. i know the city very well and i can show you anound in my free time.i am sorry not to accept people with pets. i can accomodate up to a maximum of two weeks depending on the circumstances. If you need a last mintue couch please text me on 0044 7733801001. please,please if you contact me with a request to stay with me and my response to you is positive, let me know asap if you are taking my offer or maybe you have found another host. Don't wait until you have gone through all the responses and picked your favourite one. It isn't nice and inconsiderate. Just remember (One Couch At A Time). Have a nice day and thanks for reading my profile.
I leave in west London in a beautiful house with garden and everything. My flatmate is a funny and extremely talkative indian guy. My only recommendation is to tell him you are not hungry if he asks you that question..otherwise you will be tortured with some spicy indian food (vegetarian of course) If you are being hosted by me please buy an oyster travel card to travel to me, and top it up with 5.00 credit initially. I will show around if I'm free. If you are in a difficult situation i can come and pick you up by car. I'm getting about 10 requests a day and so I will be picky please include my real name in your request as proof that you have read my profile. My name must be included. I am more likely to accept first timers than the experienced but I will not host those with blank profiles. If you are not lucky with me, you can post an ad in the London Host needed group: PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be able to leave the house in the morning when the last person leaves the property to go to work about 8.30 am. The first person usually returns from work at 6.30. Bear this in mind if you have an early morning flight to the UK.

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