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Members in Lwow / Ukraine
Accommodation information in and around Lwow.

Want to stay in Lwow for free?


Rather than spend money on Lwow hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Lwow from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Lwow and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Lwow with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Lwow!
I can offer a couch in a small room in a two-room flat not from the city center. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 10 minute bus ride into the city-center). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Explore the old and beautiful city of Lwow
If you visit Lviv, Ukraine, feel free to use free room with a big bed and kitchen, and i can show you around some touristic places. It's located 10 minutes walk from the city centre.
I have a small one-room apartment, but you will have place for sleeping, lots of different music and crackers
Our place would be a great base to explore city

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