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Rather than spend money on Lyon hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Lyon from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Lyon and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Lyon with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Lyon!
I live in a pretty nice flat on the 7th floor, 50 meters away from the underground (green line, 2 stops away from the old lyon) and close to plenty of free bike station ( I also have the chance for having the best "fromager" and one of the greatest "boulangerie" down the street and also many night shops if we are willing to have a last drink at midnight and we already emptied the fridge. Very close is also the restaurant "Le jardin d'à côté"; it's my second house as they really cook greatly for little money. I live alone, my flat is big enough to host several people but I can guarantee best sleeping conditions for max 2 persons (when surfing with friends, I kindly ask to include a profile link of your friends in your email). You don't need to bring any blanket and can use freely my computer for internet and my washing machine. No problem if you smoke and to show you around the city, obviously. I do accept and appreciate last minute request as I'm not really good in planning my time long term ;-)
The guests will be sleeping on bed / sofa in the living room. This is a common daily area, but there are doors and we will not disturb while you sleep . Welcome, foreigners ! I live in a big apt in the best district of Lyon, the 2nd city in France. I share it with a friend, but we have our own room. The living room has 2 sofas and we have a lot of covers and pillows. We are both studying at the University and we are like two teenagers. The flat is full of books and magazines, we eat pizzas and cook crêpes, we watch old movies late at night, we drink sometimes and debate about politics or philosophy... You will stay on a sofa/bed in the living room (clic-clac, I don't know the english word,... magic sofa which became a bed) for 2 people. There is also another sofa if there is another person. No pets please ! People can smoke in the living room (windows open!) The best to host is weekends because we are busy with our school, but you are welcome at any moment. Feel free to ask !
We live in a French traditional townhouse at about 15 minutes from the city centre of Lyon ; one of the biggest cities of France. We have got a small room with a comfortable double bed so that we can host couples with or without children, in which cases your children must not be afraid of sharing our 2 boys'rooms.They are very sociable and like playing the piano and the violin. They will be very happy to have some foreign friends with whom they will talk up to 1 pm in the dark so , I often have to remind them every minute it's now time for sleeping. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's about 30 minute buses and 15 train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to share the expenses some time and in a very reasonable way. We like cooking and enjoy discovering other cultures in a very extended meaning. Our place would be a great base to explore the Rhône Alpes region.
My appartment is small, the couch is in the same room of my primary sleeping! Extra-terrestrials are welcome, pet allowed, please no spider... My apartment is in a nice historical village 20 minutes from downtown Lyon, in a village with a magnificent view overlooking the city, and the departure of many hiking trails. I can teach you how to cook some specialities of Lyon, as Quenelles totally made home! Ask me the recipe! My couch is an extra bed available in my appartment. If you like, I can give you a feet reflexology session for free, and have a hike to see some great view over Lyon! There is a big smoking aera outside... :)
Hello, My wife and I have a matress in our small house in Lyon. We don't have a spare bedroom, but we can put it in the living room. It's small but comfortable. We live in one of the old parts of town (La Croix Rousse). Anybody is welcome but if you're two, you have to be prepared to share the bed. We also have a cat, so no allergies. We are prepared to show you around town, and give you a preview of the french nightlife. My wife Léa, is 29 years old and I'm 25. We both travelled before using Globalfreeloaders and met a really nice Indian family. So we'd like to share this experience again. Jake and Léa
Couch in the living room, or a mattress in a shared room. I live with two other people who are very nice (just like me :) ), pretty close to the center (like 10min walking distance from the town hall), in a touristic location in the city (le VIeux Lyon- the old city). I can show you around, and I'm always up for an exhibit or a concert, many things going on in Lyon, even thought smaller than Paris, it is still very attractive and because it is smaller you can just walk every where, which is great. I can host if my room mates are okay, or one is not there, but not for too long.
There's a couch downstairs and floor space for a camp mattress. Feel free to use the kitchenette but you will have to buy your own food. We're in a studio loft in the Croix-Rousse suburb which is very studenty/arty and great if you love cafés and nightlife, or markets and fresh produce, or good views, or interesting history, or just about anything. Lyon is a good city with enough to occupy you for at least a week just of sightseeing, but the locals are great and it's near the Alps which is perfect for outdoors types.
I live on a hill, 15 minutes by walking to the "Vieux Lyon", one of the most turistic quarters. It is a 3rd floor and I have a little garden downstairs where I grow tomatos, green peppers etc (in season !). The couch I can offer is in the little sitting room, with a sofa-bed for two. Better if you bring your own blankets or sleeping-bag. The only pets I have are a lot of plants. During the week I work almost all day so I get early to bed (around 23-0). But if I have the time or it is a weekend I can show you around.
I live in a 3 rooms' flat (90m²) in the center of Lyon (Metro SAXE GAMBETTA), with my girlfriend (Marie). My area is close from everything (lot of shops, bars and restaurants around) I have a spare room with a single large bed (perfect for a couple), but 3 people can fit inside if some of them don't mind to sleep on the floor. In emergency case, i can also host 2 more people in the living room (on my couch + matress on the floor) I can easily host for 2 or 3 days, but if you need more, we can see.
small room with a comfortable mattress ( double size) in a large 2 BR apartment in Lyon. Within 10-15 min to the center of the city by train or bus. It takes around 7 min to go to the bus stop or the metro station. With the amazing view of Lyon, you will have a spacious living room, kitchen, bath tub. While you are here, please feel free to use kitchen but please note to buy your own food. I love cooking so I would love to share some dishes with you if you're courage enough to try!

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