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Rather than spend money on Madras hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Madras from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Madras and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Madras with them in minutes!
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Dormitory for single volunteers, in the forest community, can be arranged a mattress and a mosquito net, and there is space for a tent. Can accommodate family of two, parent and a child. It is a reforestation project that accommodates people on a volunteering bases, 300 rupees food contribution per day and few working hours first part of the day.Meals three times a day A bit far from infrastructure, you'll need some transportation, its easy. One thing important - because of no matches in data base i choose Madras, but in fact i am staying near to Pondycherry, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India. Sorry for inconvenience! Please visit the official website of Sadhana Forest before to right me
Please note that name of my city has been changed to Chennai (from earlier name Madras)but the GF site doesn't recognise name "Chennai a small place in the centre of city.easily accessable.15-20mnts from train station and 45mnts from airport(both national and international).sea and sandy beach is just 15mnts away from my home. Shopping centres, resturants, cinema hosues etc are close by. As far as possible,will provide you food or atleast B/fast and/or dinner. You may stay for a night or two .If you wish to stay more nights, please check with me in advance.
Small room with a cupboard and Study Table. Its a 2 bedroom house on the 4th floor of an apartment complex. Lovely place with gardens and play area. Located in the Heart of the city and easily accessible from the Railway Station Or Airport. (the best locations in the city can be accessed within a 20 minutes by taxi). Lots of friends to enjoy while you are here and will surely love to help you out throughout your stay. Some of the nice tourist places like Mahabs(Mahabalipuram), Pondicherry hve transport facility(BUS) almost throughout the day every fifteen minutes.
Hi friends this is very nice idea which spreads the universal family concept, which is need of an hour i am very ordinary common citizen of India. i cant give u any luxury comforts in my house. but i can give u a feel of your own family. smoking and drinking is prohibited in my house mine is three room house. i wont give any seperate room to u. but we all can stay together i can provide shelter for 2-3 people my house is near gemini fly over (center of the city). US embassy is near to my house. if any one coming for applying for visa my house is ideal
WHAT I CAN SHARE WITH GUESTS Food, conversation, laughs, drinks, company on trips out, some understanding of the quirks of Indian people, stories from my own travels, a renewed faith in the goodness of people. Importantly, I offer a safe place to stay where you need not worry about having unwanted advances made on you. I've heard enough stories from female guests to make it worthwhile explicitly stating this. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ACCESS A few minutes drive from the Egmore and Chennai central station. Airport within 45 minutes.
I live in a two-bed room apartment with my parents in one of the popular residential locales within the city limits of Chennai. This locality is well-connected to various modes of public transport. There are several restaurants, supermarkets, book stores, libraries, parks and recreation centers (gymnasium, swimming pool etc) within 5-10 minutes' travel time. Our place would be a great base if you are looking to explore Chennai and/ or nearby towns of historical importance.
We, that is my husband, 9 year old son, acat & a dog live in an independant house.I have a small room on the first floor available for 2-3 days of stay. The bathroom with wc is on the ground floor. we live an hour away from the railway station and about half an hour from the airport. The local bus stop is about 12 minutes walk from the house.We are easy going people. Our home is clean and you can share our home food or yuo can buy provisions and cook your own meals.
Hi, Just moved into chennai (madras). Office is located at MYLAPORE, clost to TRIPLICANE. New to this place. Not much money to spare. Looking for an accomodation, a spare room, with basic facilities. Will work night shifts, will move in at nights, 3 to 4am from job. A water-purifier, a healthy room, in a healthy area, with ample ventilation and daylight, fan, tubelight etc. Wanting accomodation for a span of 2 months.
The apartment is in a large gated community. The private room is air conditioned & comes with an attached bathroom. The apartment has high speed wireless internet, well stocked kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine & ample parking space in case. Entertaintment : Landscaped garden, Swimming pool, PS3, LCD TV & play area. I am pretty chilled out with guests and there arent many house rules. Welcome to Chennai!
I am a cool indian guy who's comin to study in carnegie mellon university,pittsburgh.I would like to share apartment with anyone who considers me sum1 special.I ll promise to keep everything neat clean and hyegenic if any1 accepts to share the accomodation for free.I hail from middle class family in india and would really appreciate who understands my problems and accepts to share apartments. kudos to u all... kartik.

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