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Rather than spend money on Manchester hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Manchester from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Manchester and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Manchester with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Manchester!
Looking for a world wide free decent luxury accommodation to make contacts where I could get a free member ship living in Hotels, Motels, Cottages, Farmhouse, Bed and Breakfast Lodge,caravan,studio, guest house as I will be working hpoefully for Foreign commen wealth office here and then in the future working for the United nations,NGO,Government, politics as looking for a free accommodation with benefits or atleast a very decent dicount membership card, tThe countries that I am planning to live to work with my own community and have my own establishment and identity but for time being making links so that by the time when I have achieved my education and built my career here in UK for time being I would like to have a temporament accommodation free every year whether it is here but prefer to visit, Pakistan, India, Srilanka, Maldive, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma,Mauritius,South Afrca, Indonesia, Madagaskar, Malaysia, Royal Biruni which would be my first option and other international countries to make links also lloking a free house accommodation in Central London at a decent family asian area whre I could have links with my own people and establish myself and shop halal food which actually I am moving there for my education and career but having problems to find a house there, so soon I or U could find it for me soon I am sorted and would be grateful if u could help me as soon as possible.
I can offer you a spare room in our house in Hayfield, Derbyshire. It's outside of Manchester by about 20 miles but we're near the train line and it's only 30 mins into the centre. We're located at the start of the Pennines so great if you want to explore the hills and dales! Myself and my wife have done a lot of travelling and now we have a child so we're at home more often but welcome anyone who wants to take it easy in the hills. You're more than welcome to stay for a while. I work in TV and I'm away sometimes but if I'm there and you want to stay for a weekend or midweek you're more than welcome. Come and stay and you'll fall in love with the North of England. Repeat after me ENGLAND IS NOT LONDON..... ENGLAND IS NOT LONDON. I had a fantastic time travelling the world and now would like to give back to the global freeloaders community! I believe that you see the best of a country through the eyes of native and I'd love to show you where I live. I also believe that when you travel you spend so much cash on accommodation that it curtails what you can actually do. I've got a car and like exploring so jump in the back and let's see what we've got up here! The lake district, North Wales, Derbyshire, The Peak district, North Yorkshire Moors and the best beer in the world. Who could ask for anything more!
We have a small and comfotable (but slightly squeeky) camp bed that is lying in wait, ready to be wheeled out at a moments notice. Most bedding can be provided. I live with one other gentleman and we are realtively clean living. Smoking is confined to the balcony area. In our house there are seats and cussions and a nice rug that gives a homely feel, and most important of all, there is an amazing stereo with a veritable transgeneric library of hand picked music. We know our city quire well and can lift it up to reveal its soft underbelly to inquisutive tourists. We know some nice quiet pubs for hanging out in too. we also know liverpool and chester well, so if you were to visit, we would be able to take you on a tour of the northwest. we could show you all of the sights. all of them. The kitchen is here ready for you to use, there area number of shops near bay, as well as an assortment of restaurants, and the best indian take-away in manchester is right near by. so food is not an issue. It is a twenty minute bus ride to the city centre and about 35 to the airport, so we are well linked with the world.
Hi, my names Mark, im Irish (24) and live with my English girlfriend Lorna (26), in a small flat in a student area in Manchester. Im afraid its just a couch w'eve got to offer ideally for one but if your desparate we could probably rig something up for a couple. Weve got washing facilities, and you can use the bath/shower and kitchen. Its not a great place to stay but if your a budget traveller just looking for a roof over your head it should be fine. We dont charge, but youll have to buy your own food. We both work more or less 9-5, but wed certaintly be willing to show you round at the weekend or just go to the pub if you wish. No problem with smoking/acohol, were both very laid back. We live near a very busy bus route - about half an hour from the city center. Quite near some parks and loads o pubs. About 45 minute bus journey from the airport. Like I said this isnt exactly 5 star accomodation, but its free and if your a like minded budget traveller, it should be fine.
I can provide a sofa bedsite in a living room from time to time for female guests or males between 16-30 years of age. You would need to show id and pay for your own food . We have two large dogs and three cats at home. My children are 22/22/16 and live in the house. For gas electric contribution would be great. I also have garden work and decoration work available to make some extra money. You will get paid only a daily allowance of £20-30. We also need some mature work doing like roofing , garden and kitchen , bathroom new build in various location like in Bulgaria. If you up for it then you can join the builder team. Living would be in tents. Now my English resident is in oldham near town centre. We live in a 3 bed terrace house. It is not always a quite place as in the evenings when kids come home from work we watch Tv , cook, talk and so on. We do not get many visitors but sometimes we get people for business coming along
We're back from 18 months of travels and keen to return the kindness shown to us by other freeloaders. Nice double bedroom in modern, 2 bed, top floor apartment, overlooking the canal. We are based in Stalybridge, just a 15 minute train journey into the centre of Manchester. Large supermarket next door and 3 minute walk into town. Stalybridge is known locally as "Stalyvegas" due to the large number of bars and nightclubs, so good opportunity to sample the famous nightlife of the North if that your thing. However, for those not looking for nightlife we are also on the edge of the hills, with fantastic local walks and bike rides and the Peak District on the door step. Guests are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare their own food, or are welcome to eat with us if we are around. We have two mountain bikes that we are happy to lend guests if they fancy a cycle to the surrounding villages along the canal towpath.
I have a spare bed in a tiny bedroom it is cluttered so is suitable for someone with little baggage. My house is cosy and close to all amenities in Manchester including being 20 mins fom the airport in a taxi (20)We have a good bus service and tram into the city centre (10 mins)There is a lovely park opposite my house which is nice if you like a morning or evening jog!! At the moment the shower and the washing machine are not working:( But there is a bath. Kitchen,lounge are free for you to use but please dont incur me any costs as I am quite poor. I dont smoke but dont mind if you do as long as you go outside. Absoloutly no drugs or parties I am quite and like peace but am warm and pleasant and kind. My home is small but comfortable I dont have a lot of time as I work long hours with homeless young people. So I wouldnt be much of a tour guide. I am interested in swapping accomodation when possble.
Small double room at the rear of the house over-looking the garden. The house is a 3 bedroomed semi-detached in a village outside of Manchester. There is a direct train into Manchester every 20 minutes and costs a less then 3 pounds sterling return. The village has all the usual shops and eateries and although not as funky and as upmarket as some of the 'footballer' villages in Cheshire it does reside on the hill overlooking the city and offers wonderful views of Manchester all the way to the coast. Sunsets are always mega. This is a great place to explore Manchester and is close to the travel hub for North West with a direct train line London from Stockport which is 15 minutes away from the village by taxi. Feel free to to use the kitchen but you will have to buy your own food. The shops are 5 minutes from the house and the house dog will happily escort you to the butchers!
We don't have a lot I'm afraid when it comes to creature comforts. We have an airbed you can sleep on, you can use our bathroom and kitchen by all means. What we don't have in creature comforts we make up for in hospitality. We work through the week so if you are not out having fun, you'll be in with us having fun. We have crammed an arcade machine in our living room with an accompanying three birth pub fridge. We are in a band together and regularly have bands from all over the world stay with us at weekends. In short, we know how to entertain. We have a good knowledge of our city and know where all of the bars pubs and a couple of restaurants are, as well as museums gallery's and such. We can't provide food or beer I'm afraid, but we are happy to go halves on a crate of beer or bottle of spirits 😉
I have a small flat with 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom in a friendly housing estate. I am situated 15-20 minutes from the city centre by bus, 10-15 minutes by car.I live within 5 minutes walk from a beautiful scenic water park( Chorlton )and nature reserve, with many native and migrating birds.Local shops are pleasant and friendly and supply basic essentials, we also have several fast food takeaway shops (Mc Donalds, Chinese, Indian)and 15 minute walk along the nearby canals wil bring you to the heart of a thriving suburban town with banks , supermarkets, giftshops,pubs and restaurants etc;which can also be reached by bus within 5 minutes.All in all a great base from which to explore Manchester.

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