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Accommodation information in and around Manila.

Want to stay in Manila for free?


Rather than spend money on Manila hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Manila from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Manila and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Manila with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Manila!
My house is in Caloocan City, an hour travel away from downtown Quezon City, which is another hour away from Manila. I live with my family (5 members), and 6 dogs. Well, if it would be really necessary, it is not impossible for us to host someone. My room is free to use if ever, equipped with a very cute bed, television, desk, shelf with some philosophy and sociology books, an electric fan, a chair, a couch, and electric mosquito repellant. (Do I sound like endorsing a room or what). To be honest, there is a reference for female surfers because I live with my two sisters and my mom, they might get intimidated with a strange guy at home. My father works at night time so he's not at home at night. But males around my age or younger are fine. The room can fit up to 5 to 7 people if you are creative enough to fit yourselves. There is one bed and one extra foam to be used on the floor. If you come in a group, bring your sleeping bags. Local snack from your country will also be appreciated! We have 5 dogs inside the house and 1 at the garage. 5 are small and extremely cute shih tzus, they stay on the ground floor while rooms are on the second floor. Their noise can be minimally heard from the room. I will sleep on the couch and I will lend my lovely bedroom, that's hospitality! Kidding. I will sleep on the spare room, my room is the most comfy and convenient so it will be lent for you. :)
in a flat located in the heart of Manila. Very near the MalacaŮang Palace, where all the action is. It is also in the "university belt" where a number of colleges/universities abound. As this is the center of everything, you'll expect busy city life when you walk out the door. Restaurants, malls, cinemas, supermarkets, foodstalls, souvenirs, variety shops, etc.. This is where you'll sample the middle-class Filipino lifestyle. Public transportation is abundant in the area. The flat is shared with a mature Christian lady, who is quite friendly. A small kitchen is available, but you have to buy your own food. If time and schedule permits, we may even show you around town and some tourist spots. Yes, we have a number of them here.. including the red-light district and the boardwalk at the Manila Bay, where you will see a spectacular sunset. The local Chinatown is only a few minutes away. Whereas, the Makati business district is 9 Km away, and can be reached by taxi, bus or train. There's a host of activities you could do here, depending on what your interests are. Or, perhaps, you might want to visit the outlying islands (we have 7,000 of them), we'll show you the way.
I live in a small and old studio type apartment with my male cousin. Weíre both working so most of the time we are not home. Pls. donít expect much, I just want to be honest, our studio is little bit rotten. We live on the top most floor (4th floor) so itís hot and when it rains, there is water dripping from the roof. We have asked the landlord for repair so many times, but nothing happen. The place is a little bit dusty and messy, because we are too tired to clean up. There are cockroaches and mouse at night too. We have aircon, ref, tv and fans you can use. Pls. bring your own laptop. We donít have Wi-fi. We rarely use the aircon because electricity isnít cheap. We are living thru paycheck only. Hope you understand.We have 1 foldable bed or you can sleep with me. You may not have 100% privacy. But the place is safe.Pls. provide your own food, we rarely eat at home. Our place is 5 min. walk to LRT and jeepneys, it is very near to malls, laundry shop, internet cafť, Chinatown, grocery, churches, restaurants, coffee shop, etc. if you used to walking, and these are walking distance. There are tricycles and side cars for you to choose.
Guests will be sleeping in a big bed which can accommodate 1 person. The bed will be beside our bed. We will sleep together in our bedroom. But me & my roommate will be on the other bed. I live in Makati City, the financial center of Metropolitan Manila. This is a 4 bedroom condominium unit with 7 residents. I stay in the masters bedroom with a guy friend. The room has 2 big beds. One bed can accommodate 1 person. We already have blankets. We don't have pets. It is ok to smoke in our pad. In our city, there are many things to see and do. There are old heritage Spanish structures and also modern malls and parks. Nigtlife is also alive here. I can tour you around coolest bars and clubs. Public transportation are mainly through jeepneys, buses and Light Railway Transit/Metro Rail Transit. I can tour you depending on my schedule but I also have other friends who can tour you around if ever i won't be available. I prefer going to bed late. The best time for me to host is during weekends. From Friday night to Monday morning.
We have a simple cement finish 2-storey house/building. We live here with multiple families. We usually have Filipino seaman sleep over when they arrive the Philippines, or they sleepover before their departure. Most of them come from the provinces/other islands and need a place to stay in Manila city. We have a Shared room with a double deck bed where they stay, this is where we can host adventurous travellers. The place is located in Quiapo area walking distance from church and school and wet market. It's where you can buy cheap stuff too. Living expenses are cheap in my country so it's better to eat out and splurge a little. I will be on a trip to Concord, California, USA in October 3-24 2015 and by November 2015 maybe Florida or Tennessee to visit family. I won't be renting a car and would probably need a ride or commute via BART. I am a Filipino citizen working for an American Company with headquarter office based in Makati, Philippines.
I am now livin and lovin in this house in a suburb less an hour reachable from Manila.. Its in Cavite, and i operate it as a guesthouse all days a week. Very relaxing - scenic surrounding, a vacation hideaway, from the jungles of city life, what a great way to spend your morning joggings, promenades in a trendy community. Malls and other establishment are very accessible by public transport. My accomodation is available only weekends on Saturday for overnight stay and next day only. ( coz i can be an able host only then - excuse me for the specifics) I offer a spare room with comfortable space to sleep. You have the access to the whole house and the community - kitchen, garden, club house, playgrounds. I entertain an email request than a couch request. For convenience, notify me a week ahead because I have a week in full swing with my client-guests. I offer free tea and coffee as a welcome extra for anyone who comes to my place.
Small room with a comfortable single bed and a nice ventilation (but we dont have an airconditioned room). The comfort room is quite shared with my family (e.g. my parents and sibs). My family is really great and hospitable. We would try to make you feel as if you are living in your own space. We live just inside the metropolitan area,but almost a city boundary of bulacan and manila. Enough to breathe fresh air but still accessible to the malls and still connected to the nearest public utility vehicles. Our subdivision is a really quiet place with great and friendly neighbors. Feel free to use the kitchen,comfort room and living room area. You can give a financial share for the food or otherwise you can also buy your own (and cook in the kitchen). We would be more than glad to help you with those things. And, as we all know, Filipinos are really hospitable and very warm hosts to our guests.
large bedroom in 2 story townhouse in the southernmost town of metro manila, away from the pollution, crime, noise, there is bus service at the front gate directly to all points of manila on the south expressway. the great enjoyment areas of manila are about 20 minutes away, this includes mall of asia, philippine convention center with opera, ballet and other fine arts entertainment! you also have access to araneta coliseum which hosts sporting events, rock concerts, american entertainers amongst others! the bus fare is about $1 with transfers to more distant points! the room has cable tv including hbo, a computer with wireless broadband and a sitting area. for quick access for food, movies, other shopping there is a small mall just built next to the subdivision. you can use the kitchen for use for your desired foods!
We have a boarding house in the area that we rent out to boarders. You could stay in one of the vacant rooms, if it's vacant. Just don't expect much. It's an old house, currently with no beds inside the vacant rooms, so you need to have a mattress or sleeping bag with you. we have some space to put a mattress or sleeping bag on. You can lock your doors in the vacant rooms, so at least your things will be secure. Hopefully, our situation will improve. We are located in the heart of Chinatown! So when you get out, authentic Chinese cuisine and goods are literally a step away! We are also accessible to all major interest points in Manila, like less than 30 minutes away from every major shopping mall, or interest spot in Manila. Our place would be a great starting point to explore Metro Manila.
Small, spare room with twin size comfortable bed, airconditioning, fan, TV, cable, DVD player. Bathroom is communal. Marikina is in the subusrbs, located in the Northern part of Metro Manila, 45 minutes away from Makati City, and about 1 hour to 1.5 hours from the airport (Paranaque City). The house has a maid who can cook for you, but you will have to buy your own food. Place is accessible via Public Transportation. If you are nice to me, I can show you around in my car :) (Corolla 97, with aircon, works perfectly). Owner of the house (me) can show you around on weekends. I know all the tourist places and hot clubs in the Metro. I can show you around the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, but you will have to pay for my transportation and accomodations if so. :)

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