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Rather than spend money on Munich hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Munich from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Munich and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Munich with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Munich!
Sometimes I rent out my Sofa Bed in the Living room to a person with a compelling and interesting life. We would share the common space and bathroom and I will have my private bedroom. My apartment is very central, direct by the Train (Ubahn U3/U6), Tram and Bus. No smokers, no drugs, no animals. There is nothing good to steal. Just a basic, clean apartment. I will provide fresh linens on the sofa bed and give you a clean towel to use. You must buy your own food or eat out. Remember, the refrigerators are small in Europe. There is a big supermarket 3 minutes away from the apartment. Remember, this is a sofa bed, I think it is very comfortable, the size is between an American Twin and American Full size. Two people could sleep on it together if they are on the skinny side. The Sofa bed is in the Living room (it is not in a private room, there is no private door to the living room) so you will have to wear pajamas and change in the bathroom. Since I am direct on Leopoldstrasse, you can hear the street noise, Church Bells, etc....So you have to like the sounds of a city and be able to sleep through it all. But it is great to just walk out the front door and be everywhere easily.
== SOFTWARE == * Anybody welcome, even on short notice, although some advance warning is appreciated. (eMails checked 2-3 times per week) * Travellers with school age children also welcome * "A guest is like a fish -- after three days he begins to smell ..." which sets the time limit. == HARDWARE == * Since early 2011 the floor is covered in Japanese style "tatami" (pressed rice-straw mat), which means ABSOLUTELY no shoes (or dogs) inside. * The couch is of the foldout-type (lovely light blue leather). * The flat is three subway stops from the main train station, central but quiet. 2nd floor. Smokers are welcome, but expected to take their shoes off (never mind that smell). Anybody asking for a bowl of stew will be entertained. Been there, done that, never got the T-shirt. ;-)
I'm living in a one bedroom flat. So we have to share the room or you have to sleep in the kitchen. ;) I'm living in Munich-Freimann. Less than one minute to the underground station "Freimann". So you can arrive the Munich city center in 13 minutes with the U6. My couch is a mattress. And my bed is a 1,4m x 2m loft bed named STOR┼ from IKEA. (couchsurfing with hostel feeling...) I'm working from Sunday to Thursday in late shift. (14:00 to midnight). So we can only before noon or on the weekend spend time together. But i think in munich lives a lot of people how would be happy to meet you! Hosting of course is possible at all times. Apart from this I'm no tourist guide. Maybe we'll discover the city together, but I promise nothing. Smoking is only on the balcony possible!
I┤m living together with my mother, so you have to be at home either before midnight or the next morning. There is one free room with a not very big double bed and some space on the floor, so I could host up to three persons. Of course you can use our kitchen, if you ask. No drugs, smoking is possible on the balcony. We live in a nice old house in Pasing, in a quiet, relatively green area (The Park of the Nymphenburger Castle is a twenty minutes walk away). The busstation is a way two minutes by feet, the tram ten minutes and the fourth-biggest train-station of bavaria, Muenchen-Pasing, with trains to Berlin, Hamburg, K÷ln, Karlsruhe, Dresden, Prag, Salzburg, the Alps (about 1,5 hours), the city centre (less than 15 minutes, go about every five minutes) and many destinations more.
Currentyl I am traveling and can't host. Shared room: The guest mattress/couch/floor is all yours but I live in a one room apartment, so we would sleep in the same room. I live in a small but nice apartment which is located very centrally in close proximity to Theresienwiese. Public transportation, shops, bars etc. are very close. By subway it is just two stops to the main train station (on foot ~15 minutes). It is a one room apartment, so we are going to share the same room. For a single person my couch is perfect for a few nights. I also have a guest mattress, if need be. For more than two people I have a very nice floor, as well ;-) I have some blankets but if you could bring your own sleeping bag that would be great, but surely we can always find some solution.
Middle size room to accomodate up to two people (sleepcouch of 140cm) in my 2 bedroom appartment. My place is in walking distance to shops/bakery for the daily grocery needs. You find one nice restaurant/bar arround the corner and also a pizzaria. Pubic transport (bus) is directly downstairs. To got to the center/mainstation of Munich with the U2 (12 Min walk or bus 3 minutes) in takes 10 minutes. Feel free to use the bath/kitchen while you are here. Water, coffee, tee, spices, oil & vinagar etc. are always free, but will have to buy your own food. Please note: I are happy to host during any time of the year, except Oktoberfest season. Sorry for this, but the experiences have not been very nice in the past. Also my job does not allow to me to be your city tour guide.
My apartment is in the city center of Munich, many sight-seeing places are in walking distance. Public transport in MunÝch is great. There is no guest room but enough space to comfortably put an air-mattress on the floor ... tested by quite a few guests already - and some of them even came back for another visit ;-) I do not have enough time to show people around or spend a lot of time with guests. Basically I can offer a space to crash at night but I would not dish out keys. So basically, during the day you will not be able to enter the apartment and I do not want people to stay in the apartment when I'm not there. I have hosted a lot of friends but it's new to host freeloaders - I do not know them. So, it all depends on the situation ... and the guests ;-)
offer valid from autumn 2005!! one-room apartment, space for a mattress on the floor only, munich city centre. non-smoking, drug-free girls only. food ist not provided, kitchen, fridge and washing mashine can be used. keeping the place neat ist vital. i am a student (25 years) with quite some work to do all week round, so i┤ll only consider hosting someone up to one week who will not barge into the apartment completely drunk at 3 in the morning. if i can arrange it and in case of mutual sympathy i will be happy to give a little tour of the city including the pub scene on weekends. during the week you will have to manage on your own with only the advice i can give you. i speak german, english, spanish and french.
You will have your own Room with a comfortable bed. I prefer mature guests and want to host only one person. 2 cats are living with me. The small townhouse with a small garden is in the city of Munich, few minutes to public transportation, subway and tram. No smoker, no drugs, no party-animals. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. I am working the whole day from Monday to Friday, and would expect you to leave for the day at that time as well. I'm usually back at 6 p.m. Only on weekends and only sometimes on workingdays it is possible for me to show you the city. In case of you don't need a bed, we can meet for a walk or a talk. Welcome to Munich!
I can offer you a spare room at my parents house 20 minutes from Munich downtown (the village is called Taufkirchen). The house is close to the train station (2 minutes walk).There is space for one or two people. Feel free to use the kitchen and bathroom while u are there(or eat with us)!And you're most welcome to cook something from your homecounty for us!! :-) We've got a friendly cat. There is a small garden with a sundeck and our loved appletree. We can give you informations about Munich, help to plan your travels in Germany, if time show u around town... Our place is a good base for people who want to explore Munich or do a trip to the close lakes or mountains.

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