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Rather than spend money on Nairobi hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Nairobi from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Nairobi and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Nairobi with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Nairobi!
I live in capital city of Nairobi, Kayole estate some few km from town center. We live with my Wife Hellene and our lovely daughter A'lynne . We live in a in two room one is for GUEST, we have 1 bed 5 by 6inches bed for our retire at night. As for pets I have no a cat. I donít smoke neither do I have a drinking a habit. As for leisure time we just have a nature walk in the estate with friends ní chatting about our existence in this world to how life goes on The public transport in our town are buses ní mini-buses which are known as matatus which indeed offer entertainment in form of music with exclusive video ní which have fancy paints making the teens ní youth attracted for those matatus. I am not busy, about showing you a round am available 24hrs 7days a week anywhere inside or outside town. I am a community volunteer worker who is always on he disadvantage persons side. Going to bed early or late it depends on the circumstance of the day if at all I have a movie to watch then Iíll have to retire late for bed. I can host any day at anytime call it in weekend or weekday since am not that committed all are welcomed at anytime. As for blankets I have 3, bed covers ní bed sheets 4. In our country we donít have spring,winter,autumn or summer seasons we have the rainy day ní sunny periods. I welcome anyone to my place no time limit for hosting you leave on your pleasure. When you are here, make yourself at home especially in the kitchen (I like cooking and learning cooking from different community taste). There is a supermarket (KENPY) 5 mins away. You are welcome to buy/bring your own food or share whatever I have and there is a kitty for contributions.
My home is located in Kenya capital of Nairobi countryside, not far from Airport and the newly built standard gauge Railway ,along the Syiokimau Katani road,away from beautiful magical town , Nairobi National park and Ostrich farm, all of them worth visiting on Daily basis or weekends ,Other attractions nearby: Giraffe Center,Karen blixen Museum,archaeological zones, water resorts, botanical gardens, parks, dance clubs...and 3-7 days safari maasai mara,Lake Nakuru/Naivasha,Amboseli and other game reserve and conservancies.... there is something to cater everyone's taste! Besides, my home is an upgrade morden serene of Siranga River.. where you'll find even more stuff to do and see if you wish to make a quick visit to the capital of my country. If you're interested in visiting my country, I'll be happy to be your guide and companion and help you as much as I can. I can tell you my country has many little-known, must-see places besides the famous sandy beaches and archipelago...we also have the biggest fresh lake -Victoria where my parents stay and you will be served fresh Tilapia fish for Lunch and Dinner by my parents at the lake shore... I hope you like visiting places and learning about other people's cultures as much as I do! Welcome all.. Cheers!!! E-mail: WhatsApp: +254780338834 House in a two bedroom house apartment over looking the airport take off.very good and ideal for travellers looking for adventure,meeting locals and Homestay...if you do not want to be in city centre where it is noisy and congested..then my place is the best place for you...
On behalf of the kenya community and myself, I wish to take this opportunity and honour to invite and welcome you to stay with me in my house during your stay in Kenya i.e. depending on your period of stay in kenya. Feel welcome!! During your stay we shall treat you to typical African Hospitality. Now about the areas of your interest; 1.Accommodation We shall provide you with free accommodation given a private room with full boarding items i.e. a bed, two bed sheets, mosquito nets, blankets and mattress among others. But 2. The area I have ahouse in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya and I also have another home in a rural set-up on the shores of lake Victoria, an environment which will expose you to typical African lifestyles and interact with the villagers, also be able to watch wildlife i.e. birds sceneries, fishing activities, farming among others. I welcome visitors from all over the world, all types of people children, smokers and all. So feel free to visit me.
I live in a 2 bedroomed apartment 15 - 30 munites drive to the city center depending on traffic(at times can be more than that). Almost everything is available locally i.e, shopping malls, Public transport, Pubs, Restaurants etc. I live with my 2 sons aged 8yrs and 5yrs so accommodation will be on a spare bed or Matteresses that i have in plenty. Will be willing to host 2 people at a time for at least 2 weeks. More than that will depend on how well we cope... You will be free to use the Kitchen and Bathroom as long as you keep everything neat and in order. For food I'd like you to get the true experience of our Kenyan food so feel free to share what we have. Otherwise i wouldn't mind taking you for shopping..... Since i have kids, i would like to host non-smokers but if you smoke I'll appreciate if you did it out of the house. Drinking is allowed anytime so long as we're not a nuisance to the neighbors.
the house is a 3 bedroom town apartment house,the extra medium room is has a big space in it and a single bed in it,for the rest of the things we can share,like kitchen,resting room,bathroom. You can buy your own food or we can share if u dont mind. That can also be an adventure to both of us since we shall cook different food and have a taste of each others food. I am close to everything you would wish for,like closer to town,airport,gameparks,historical sites,museum,clubs and pubs,restorants,parks. About entertainment,you are free to listen and watch at any volume level,you have your freedom of movement in and out of the house anytime you wish n have your friends too. You only need few minutes to access all those places like to town,you need like 10 minute and to the airport, you need like 20 or less minutes. My place would be just the best place to be in. Thank you.
we are in the peoples corner of the city 12 kms to the CITY center and 9 kms to the NAIROBI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT[J.K.I.A]. Things are very cheap in our local market & life is very intresting with bars near our house, the stage for public meansis a stone throw, security is ok, when in my place enjoy a home far away from home & learn how to cook nice kenyan food, talk about our culture, free use of the family kitchen, plan you daily routine with no preesure, contribute to any disscussion , visit the villages with our family on weekends, help in shoping & suggest the days menu. we promise a real KENYAN hospitality. in my family meet, TERRY -my wife, WILLY - my son 3yrs , THADEUS - me the host and head of my family. lastly learn a bit of kiswahili laguage. more visit our beautiful places in town and learn how to kiss the giraffe & more
My wife and I are committed Christians. We have a small spare room to accommodate 1 - 2 people (couple). We live in a safe & quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Nairobi. We are really close to shopping, restaurants and public bus. Our home is about 10 kilometers from the city center. We have three beautiful young children, two girls and a boy. We love visitors at our home. We live a simple quiet life and would like to host people who are non-alcoholic and non-smokers. We may offer some food whenever possible but you are also welcome to contribute to what we are cooking. A few days a week I am free and I can show you around. We hope to meet you soon.
I have an extra room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom townhouse in the Nairobi, kenya. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport. You are welcome to stay as long as you want, I used to be a chef so you don't have to worry about food, I'll do the cooking you just do the eating,you just have to be adventurous. No drugs, smoking outside. I have had people staying with me from all over the world. I have enjoyed meeting people from around the world. I have also stayed with some of the people who came to visit Kenya. It is an experience That will always be a treasure in my life.
The flat is in Kilimani area, off Ngong Road. The room has a double bed, a sofa bed, chest of drawers, a bedside table plus lamp and the computer table. The room is 10'X12". Its airy and well lit. Shared areas are the bathroom which has an instant hot shower, the kitchen which is well equipped, the sittingroom and breakfast area. The flat is quiet, clean and tidy. The flat is 300 meters from the 24 hrs Prestige Plaza which is home to Nakumatt, Ngong road, cinemas, gym, hospital, ATMs, Banks, restaurants and a variety of shops and services. Public transport is frequent and at the gate of the compound.
I live in a three-bedroomed house with my sister, so one bedroom used currently as a study place i am willing to offer it to a honest guest, currently it has no bed only study desk and many books but that can be arranged and beddings be bought on time before the visitor arrives. we stay 40 mins drive from the city center along thika road. we are christian(pentecostal) so we would be willing to stay with a non-smoker/drinker. feel free to use kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and if you like African food we will share what we've got! if your a good person ofcourse you will contribute.(just joking)

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