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Rather than spend money on New York City, New York hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see New York City, New York from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in New York City, New York and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in New York City, New York with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of New York City, New York!
Well here we go, Cramped In Manhattan pretty much sums it up. It is all about location after all. We are a gay couple, both men in late 40's. We have 3 children (aka, dogs) and fit into a one bedroom apartment in a walk up building. YOU, travelling adventurer, wandering vagabond, young or old, coupled or not, what we have to offer is a sofa, or...a short loft area to spread out. It is no Plaza, it's not the Ritz, but we manage, can you???? So things are tight but we deal with it. Life in Manhattan means we are often out and about(as you should be if you are merely visiting!) and some nights we simply choose to crash and recharge our batteries. Before an early retirement, we purchased multiple homes and hotels but keep this New York base and always will. So we and the dogs might be in the mountains, on Fire Island or in Key West at any given moment. We travel far and wide. When we are not in residence, the apartment is not available, although that can change. So as imaginations run amuck and testosterone among young collegiates kicks into overdrive, here are a few factoids. We aren't attempting to find a young buck to enact threesomes. We aren't searching for couples and kinkiness. As international travellers we can relate to how it feels when all you need is a clean, safe place to sleep for a given period. We assure you a quiet, safe and peaceful rest. Visitors are not allowed to receive visitors to the apartment. Telephone is not to be used to score deals, call your bookie or schedule a "client." We invite you to use what is in the fridge (although that is often not more than vodka, scotch, coffee creamer, cheese and olives.) We will not post your bail nor hold your bags while you serve your time. We won't hand off packages to unknown recipients nor accept such packages on your behalf (sorry...we've been there before and boy, do we have stories!) And since you are often going to be out and about, come home whenever you want. You aren't locked out for so many hours a day like in a hostel. We have a small kitchen, there is internet access and cable television, though again, you should be doing anything but watching "Real World" or "Jersey Shore."
********* READ THIS ********* WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKED THROUGH THE END OF OCTOBER 2011. PLEASE CHECK BACK IN LATE OCTOBER FOR AVAILABILITY OF OUR COUCH IN NOVEMBER 2011. ********* READ THIS ********* Max guests per night: 2 You will be in the living room and won't be sharing it with anyone. We have a dog, so you must like dogs! No smoking. No staying at home during the day (why would you want to - this is NYC!). You can use our WiFi. Nightlife is awesome in NYC, we know. But we live here everyday and have to go to work every morning; we are not traveling like you. So please be back by 11pm. We know, we know - the night clubs beckon. So if you want to go clubbing, you should stay in a youth hostel or hotel that night and stay with us the other nights. (BTW, clubs have to close at 4am, so you definitely will need a place to stay. You can't just club until 9am and crash on the beach the next morning - this isn't Ibiza.) Our apartment is four blocks from the Atlantic/Pacific subway stations in Brooklyn - one stop from Manhattan. We are in the well-known Park Slope neighborhood with unlimited restaurants/cafes/bars just 1 block away on 5th Avenue. Your bed is a pull-out couch suitable for 2 ppl. There are 4 of us in the apartment, and we start leaving the apt at 8am on weekdays so people will be using the living room by then (see picture). We might be able to get you a bike to use (there's a free community bike in our neighborhood), so you can bike over the Brooklyn Bridge and around Manhattan. Hosts in NYC can get more than 25 couch requests per day in the summer so to cut down on mindless requests for our couch we have activated an email filter. Please make sure that you put the words "New Amsterdam" in your subject line! Simple, right?
I live on west side on 87th street. 2 bedroom apartment on 29th floor in door-men building. Apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, living room and one small room that used to be a balcony. The view from the apartment is unforgettable, especially at night. You could see whole Downtown Manhattan area. One of the bedrooms is occupied by a student from Japan; she is out or travels most of the time. I sleep in the bedroom or mostly in the small room in summer. Living room is huge, with computer, TV, couch and table. Computers are in every room. To cut the long story short there is one queen size bed available in the bedroom or a couch in the living room. There is one bathroom and a kitchen. Apartment is clean and neat at all times. Ok, that said, there are lot's of interesting things to do at night. As soon as you exit the building, you are on Amsterdam avenue, you don't have to go far, there are tons of bars, restaurants, clubs and museums in 5 minutes radius. 3 minutes walk to Central Park. 2 minutes walk to a subway and busses and the rest of the New York City’s jabrony transportation systems. The area around is heavily populated, neighborhood never sleeps, most of the stores around are open 24/7. It's a cool area if you are an explorer who likes to discover new things and meet new and interesting people. Ok, next question, I'm a software architect and I work during the day and five days a week. At the present moment I'm starting my own e-commerce web-site so I'll be overage busy on the weekends too. You have to get your own way around the city... I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!!
i share my flat with Sam, a laid back massage-therapy student, and Mr. Mephistopheles, a slightly manic cat. we're located in ethnically diverse Spanish Harlem, near the upper east corner of Central Park (only two blocks walk away) on Manhattan. we have a futon deluxe that can sleep two people with the greatest of comfort (pillows and blankets are available) and a brown leather couch that might only be satisfying if you're extremely short of stature. two or three people are about the most we could host and even then we might be rubbing elbows a bit since we do live in new york and our "apartment" is more closely compared to a cupboard. we smoke only when the spirit strikes us. if the scent offends you we have no problem refraining, but the cat's a bit of a bastard and silly social abstractions like "courtesy" likely won't keep him from lighting up. the subway is a half block from the front door, and the 6 train will take you directly downtown in about 15 minutes, or if the brooklyn scene is more your style, about 25. i'd be happy to play tourguide depending on availability, but if i'm swamped with one of my jobs, i can use maps to orient you, recommend some places, and likely take you for a drink after i'm finished. we would expect stays to last only a day or two, but of course if we get along swimmingly or if your situation requires it, we're open to exceptions.
I live in a one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city, steps away from the biggest transportation hub in Manhattan. If you stay in NYC, you definitely want to be in best location, in the center of Manhattan with easy walking distance to everything the city offers, not some suburb that can take over an hour to get to the city :) My apartment has a balcony overlooking the city in the living room. My couch turns into a pull-out bed. I may be able to show you around depending on my schedule. Give me a reason to make some time. :) I also host weekly high end nightlife events and other exclusive events around NYC. Why would you rather stay with me and not a hotel? I am not interested in hosting people that are JUST looking for a FREE hotel. Telling me that you can't afford a hotel or that you just want to save a few bucks isn't going to make me want to host you. If your profile does not have many pictures, please include a link to more pictures. If you are making a request for multiple people, please tell me about them and include a link to profiles and pictures. I'm pretty selective with who I host. I get many requests to experience my world, tell me why I should pick you. ;) In your request, please also include "I<3NY" in your message so I know right away you read all this. Donations of any exotic liquor are greatly appreciated!
FIRST OF ALL: I LIVE IN BELLEVILLE, NEW JERSEY, but of course, I get more requests if I put New York. Belleville is 30 minutes away from Manhattan in public trasportation. I live in a house with my family. We have two floors. There's 3 bedrooms upstairs where my mom and dad and siblings sleep. I live in the basement in a big, comfortable room where you can stay. You can stay there and I'll take the living room. But you can take the living room if you insist..:) We can pull out a couple of comfy mattress where you can stay. We're a big family (mom, dad, a brother and 2 sisters) but we're very hospitable and accomodating. We have a cool, happy atmosphere and can help you with advice, directions, things of that nature. You can use our refrigerator if you want to buy groceries, however, if you come home early we make you meals and share our dinner table to get to know you. You can also use our pool if you come home and are tired (and it's the summertime). We can take up to 4 people. Of course, because we are a family, absolutely no smoking or drugs. A couple of beers is fine if it's together with my dad and I. We are spanish, so spanish is also spoken in the house along with english. I also speak near fluent portuguese and conversational french, learning italian and can read some arabic.
My apt right in the heart of Manhattan, in one of the hottest neighborhoods in NYC, Gramercy Park. Close to shopping, dining & fun things to do in NYC. (I can tell you how to get from here to there cheaply & quickly, depending on the time of day you want to travel.) I am a native New Yorker and can give you all the ins & outs about this amazing place. I have books and maps, and ways to get discounts for many activities & things here. I am also smoker friendly. Have no pets currently and am a bit of a clutter bug. I live in a 24/7 doorman building, there's a laundry in the basement, and a view that doesn't quit, from the rooftop terrace. I also have a huge outdoor terrace which is private. You may use the kitchen, but I have a small fridge which is usually packed ... so you would have to eat what you buy that day. We have several supermarkets within a 2-3 block radius, and a 24 hr grocery across the street. There is wifi here, so you can bring your laptop if U so choose. I only have room for one person. Make-shift sleeping arrangement - I have a massage table that can be left flat on the floor - or a sleeping bag. Maximum stay 2 nights. You can stay longer if you help me with household projects and agree to help me 3-4 hrs during the daytime.
About our couch: It's a lovely couch that came from two kind and caring parents. Its father was a couch and its mother was a bed, thus my couch is a couch-bed. As a young child, my couch would often play with the other neighborhood couches in games of soccer and baseball. During its young teen years, my couch was first introduced to the natural world, often going on hikes or romping through the fields. As it got older, it met its first love - an ottoman - and the two of them got along extremely well. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and the ottoman and my couch had a difficult break up. Later, my couch would go to college, where it got a tennis scholarship, and completed a very successful B.S. in molecular biology. But, like all college couches, it experimented with things, like reupholstering, different throw pillows, and pets. But, hey, that's just part of growing up. After college, it met a wonderful reclining chair, and the two of them had raised a lovely family of both reclining chair and love seat. Not to mention, they adopted a pet coffee table. These days, however, the kids have moved out and sometimes the old tennis elbow acts up. My couch-bed and reclining chair enjoy their retirement with the coffee table.
I have a small one bedroom apartment on the Upper Eastside. In the living room I have a couch and two chairs and an ottoman that fits together where I have had guests sleep. My bedroom has a Murphy Bed which I usually fold up during the day. It provides room for a home office. If you are a backpacker and want to focus on seeing what New York offers you will find this a great location. There are one day and weekly unlimited ride transportation passes that will get you around. You may use the kitchen for self-catering but you will have to buy your own food. Eating out is easy to do with plenty of pizza and lunch menu specials in the area. However lunch out usually is ten dollars even at the low budget restaurants. The space I offer is limited but provides easy access to all that New York offers. It would be best if you speak English, are a non-smoker, and absolutely no guests, alchohol or drugs may be brought into my home. There are plenty of coffee shops in the area with Starbucks one block away. I am someone who is up early and generally call it a night by 9:00 PM. If you need to be arriving late at night to return from sightseeing might find it better to be at a hostel.
Hi there, I'm in New York City from Los Angeles and therefore cannot offer my place in L.A. to anyone until I return in late summer 2004 (please view my other profile listed under the screenname 'tetratomic'). I need a place in any of the five boroughs for the month of April 2004. My planned accomodations unfortunately fell through at the last minute. I would be willing to trade basic housework, light computer work, photography/stylist assistance or carpentry assistance for accomodations. I would, of course, provide my own food, toiletries, and I have a cell phone for long-distance calls (local calls also if need be) and a laptop. I'd be willing to relocate bi-weekly or each week if I can line-up enough places to stay for the month. I would prefer places that have internet access but I'm flexible with that since I can go to a library or internet cafe for web access if need be. I am with personal references, open-minded, responsible, mature, considerate, clean, trustworthy and without environmental allergies so animal dander, smoke, perfume and incense are all OK with me. Please, please, please e-mail if you think you can assist me. :) Thanks, Bryan

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