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Members in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / Oklahoma / United States Of America
Accommodation information in and around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Want to stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for free?


Rather than spend money on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
I have a (crappy)couch available,and I'm sure we can work something out with regard to a bedroom.Bedrooms have beds (equally crappy (sorry-I'm doin' what I can here),and enough space on the floor to camp out if ya don't mind.Maybe your own bedroom? One of my daughters could bunk with me,freeing up a room-we'll figure it out.We have blankets,sheets & pillows. We live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Moore,Oklahoma.Truthfully it's a terrible apartment to live in-but hey,it keeps me in a home for now(I'm trying' to change that soon enough...we'll see).Lake Stanley Draper is up the road,there's Bricktown,parks nearby...(we'll Google it,how's that?).I'm a single homeschooling parent to 5 (6 if you count my sons girlfriend(and we do!)WONDERFUL children.Four still live at home(2,6,13 & 15).Addie my oldest son,lives within the same apartment complex in a 1 bedroom with his girlfriend.(I'm SURE his couch would be available also...I'll have to have him jump on here and make an acct!). Because we homeschool,at any point one or all of them will be home during your stay.(Were professional unschoolers...delight directed).My daughter has a cat and one dog(she ADORES them).Ima smoker and don't mind smoking inside. If it offends you or whatnot-just let me know! I can smoke outside and air-out/prepare as best a smoke free environment as possibal before you arrive. (Nonsmokers tell me you can still smell it even still...sorry!!!). Personally I think the public transportation in Oklahoma sucks-but hey,I'm also from Seattle where you could get from one side of the state to the other on public transportation alone.Our schedule varies -It all depends on what were doing the next day.My eldest daughter is a night you might have company.My youngest boys are usually in bed by 10:30(oops...)& I sometimes crap out thereafter.Younger ones awake anytime between 8am & 10.I try and get up around 6a-10...just depends.I could show you around,but honestly I sometimes get lost myself,so if your up for it-I'm game too(we can get lost together;).Because we homeschool, our schedule is pretty loose (were very laid back).We could probably host just about any time.And as far as length-I don't know.I'm squeezin' every dime I have to run my camp,so if you wanna stay for an extended time...just help out financially(food,your tolitries,etc.).Anything else? It's all good. I'm sure we can work it out.
Nice bedroom with queen size bed, Sofa, coffee table, large closets, cable TV, airconditioned, telephone. Access to bathroom, that is shared by one other person. We are located in a beautiful apartment complex with a swimming pool just outside our door. The apartment size is 2,000 square feet or approx 186 square meters. There are 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, washer/dryer, nice kitchen and dining room. The living room has a 65 inch widescreen TV. Easy access to major highways, shopping, and restaurants. This home is occupied by a professional couple with a 4 year old daughter, in addition the mothers father shares the apartment with his family (I am that father/grandfather). I am a professional nurse that travels most of the time and the bedroom mentioned above is mine. The other two occupying the apartment one is a respiratory therapist the other a district manager of a major truck stop in Oklahoma City. The bedroom is no-smoking, however, in the all other parts of the home smoking is allowed.
My couch is in my office, which is the second floor of the building I occupy. The building was once a duplex with upstairs and downstairs apartments, so there is a living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bath in the upstairs. The bedroom is now my office and I use the rest of the area to host clients / colleagues / friends who come by when I'm at work. My work revolves around computer programming and my schedule is very flexible. I live downstairs with my wife who prefers I work upstairs . Within 1 mile of my home there are approximately 60 restaurants and taverns, 2 grocery stores, 2 libraries (one which claims to be the largest research library in the state of Oklahoma), a bus station, an Amtrak station, a skateboard park, several city parks, two theaters, a significant number of retail outlets, many convenience stores, 2 donut shops, and a police station. There is a liquor store within walking distance of my home that sells beer singles (literally hundreds of brands of them), although they're not cold.
The room is actually my daughter's, it's a single bed. She sleeps with me anyway so using the bed is fine. I also would be okay with two people if one wanted to sleep on the floor and one on the couch. I currently live in a two bedroom apartment on the upper level of a duplex. I live near one of the main boulevards and bus routes. We are near to the Paseo Arts district, the Asian district with tons of good pho houses, and the capitol. Also within 10 blocks of another eatery area, the Western Avenue corridor that has bars, sushi, and other eateries. I have no special dietary restrictions, but be advised that if you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, I am a confirmed meat eater. You will need to buy your own food. No smoking and no heavy drinking. You can smoke on the back landing, backyard or front porch. I am an early to bed kind of person generally but late nighters usually don;t bother me.
Right now I am traveling and working with refugee children in the Texas area. However, I own a home in the greater Oklahoma City Metro area with a spare bedroom that is close to many area businesses and not far from downtown. Oklahoma City is not well developed for a pedestrian lifestyle so you will need a rental car if you want to reach destinations conveniently. However, I am near 2 bus stops and buses run daily. I am also approximately 1 mile from a city lake which has many trails, both paved and earth trails, including mountain biking trails, restaurants and other activities. It's a great place to relax or exercise. I do have pets but the house is set up with doors even blocking the hall and kitchen for times when pets need to stay in their zone (cats, dog & turtle). My neighborhood is quiet. I have wifi, cable, of course a kitchen and there is one bathroom. It is a small but comfortable home.
Spare Apartment Room on the fourth floor of our four story house. The room has a full bath, two beds, a fridge and a second sink besides the one in the bathroom and "shares" a movie/lounge area were permanent members of our house frequent. We are within walking distance from downtown Oklahoma City and - if you need it - the local bus system has stops right off our corner. The Kitchen is all yours and since I have a passion for cooking, I often make communal meals for the many people that tend to end up at our house, so, expect a free meal at some point in your stay. We are an excellent hub for over-nighters going through the country, climbers wanting to tackle the wichita mountains (45min-1hr. away) or anyone needing to be in our rapidly growing little-big city. Nice art museums, galleries, museums and theaters.
Small room with a comfortable double bed in my small 2 bedroom home. I also have a futon with a ten inch mattress in my sunroom -- it has big windows and is private enough for sleeping, but not private enough, say, for dancing in the nude. I also have a recliner couch that's OK for sleeping. Please bring your own pillows! I don't smoke or use recreational drugs and won't allow either in my home. I have two dogs, a cat, and a lizard, so please be aware of this if you have allergies. I'm on the public transit line, and close to downtown and the health sciences center. I only have one bathroom, so if there are several of you, please keep that in mind. :) You may use my kitchen, computer, and TV while you are here.
I have been walking in faith in the name of Christ for a number of years within the US. I seek a place to stay for three months - in need of a rest, I am in Edmond, OK just outside of Oklahoma City, I am willing to travel to a location near these towns. I am a non-smoking, non-drinking, vegan. A kind peaceful soul - would like to work within your home or garden for a place to rest and one meal a day. I have been practing not holding money or working within the establishment. It would be a blessing for you to support me with this! I prefer a host to be another female or a family home. You can email me at - God bless, May the peace of Christ be with you. Maggie Muir -
I live alone in a 2 bedroom townhouse...I have a recliner and a loveseat currently...I will hopefully have an extra futon in my extra room soon...I'm in OKC...although the life here isn't as exciting or active as NYC or LA, we like to dwell in hole in the wall bars and such...The public transportation is not that reliable, so you'll probably have to have your own transportation or I you can let me know when you comin in so I can help ya out there...I do have a cat(Kashmir)...he won't rip your face off but he will love on you or stare at you...I'm in school so there may be some night that I'll be gone for a few big deal though...Hope to hear from ya!!!! Be well...
I have a two-bedroom house with an attached loft. It's got a window, wood floors, computers and a seperate ac/heat unit.There are slso two couches up for grabs.. Can easily accomodate up to 10 extra people, if ya'll don't mind the floor with padding, etc. I love hosting bands and others and me and my two roommates are decent vegetarian/vegan cooks. We're in Norman, right off the INterstate 35, (17 miles from Oklahoma City) and a mere 3 hours from Dallas. If you need a place to stay, get in touch. I don't charge money for food or anything, but short-term stints only please :) Also, we have two dogs that live here, so be warned if you have allergies.

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