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Rather than spend money on Oslo hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Oslo from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Oslo and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Oslo with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Oslo!
3x3 meter spare room with one bed, share bathroom/kitchen with me. A 4x5 meter separate living room is also available if you don't mind sleeping on the floor/couch or if your headcount exceeds 1. There's lots of space in 2 fridges, and pantry, cupboard and wardrobe space aplenty. There's also a fireplace and a very out of tune old piano.

It's fairly old fashion, there's more linoleum than aluminium, 50's wood panels on some walls, old cracked bathroom tiles etc. It might not be too modern, but it's clean and fairly tidy.

The apartment is the second floor of a house in a quiet residential neighbourhood called Sinsen, north of the city center. There's a 5x5 meter southward facing terrace connected to the apartment, nice for sunbathing or breakfasts. There is also bit of a view of the city from there.

There are 2 budget food shops within 5 minutes walk of house. There's roughly a 6 kilometer walk to the city center, but we take the bus or the subway from the Sinsen station. The bus and subway station is a 5 minute walk away. Buses run every 10-15 minutes, the subway every 7-8 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes by subway or 15 minutes by bus to the city center.

I live in a place called Sk°yen in Oslo. It takes 15 minutes with a bike to centrum, 7 minutes by train, 15 minutes by tram. You could borrow some cycles from us=) We are tre friends in this apartment, Terje(24), Vegard(22) and Marthe(24). Marthe is working in a kindergarden, Terje as a sportjournalist and I work in IKEA, and once a week in Marthe`s kindergarden. We`re planning a trip around the world, starting December 2006. We are travelling Oslo-Dehli//Bombay-Bangko//Kuala Lumpur-Sydney//Brisbane-Fiji-Los Angeles-Cancun-Havana-San Salvador//San Jose-Lima-Buenos Aires//Salvador-Madrid-Barcelona-Oslo !!! // means that we travel by ourselves. We will be back in Oslo 11th June 2007.. We have to mattresses for you, and a couch. So you could be 3 persons. U should feel free to use our kitchen and television. Its also possible to check your e-mail. We are very interested in sports, specially football! We like to party and we could join you to party in the weekends. We hope to hear from you and your friends.
-- I will have a large apartment somewhat outside of the centre, it take 20 minute with train that goes two times pr hour. Last train from the centre is 0055 at night. there are night buses in the weekend. (Its right by Sandvika, in BŠrum, stop name is "Slependen", 5 min walk away, or "Sandvika", 15 min walk away. To come you take local trains direction asker from Nathionalteateret or Central statoion). The apt. is 3 room and about 90 sq. metres, and I will be able to provide with a separate room, with a large double bed. I will sleep in another room. Everything works (bathroom, shower, toilet, kitschen), but its in process of being refurnished so there is a lot of stuff there and things are not so organised, it functions somewhat like a storeroom,with many cases standing inside. So please be tolerant of this if you decide to send a request. It is very quiet and safe family neighbourhood.
We can offer a couch in the living room and if nessesarly well get a bortable guestbed, so up till two people can stay. Our flat is atwo room in a very central in an nice calm area. It takes 6 min walking to the underground and it takes 3 min and you are in sity center. There is also an busstop in our street a few meters away that will also take you to town center but it takes longer. The bus will also take you to the ferries to the Oslo Fjord Islands, fantastic in the summer. We live not far from the Munch Museeum. If you want to cook we can provide you with spices and oil and other stuff you migth need to spice it up, but food you ave to by yourself. We have an IP-telephone you can use as much as you like as long the calls are to landline phones. We also have internett access.
We have a lovely little house in a big garden 40 mins. from Oslo on the Oslo-fjord. Connections to the city with boat or bus. The boat does not run in the school holidays which means July and the first week of August. The house is not large having one bedroom with a double bed and a smaller room with a single bed. We have a full cellar were there is a double bed which is often in use but it is in a cellar. There is a expansive terrace at the side of the house which overlooks a lawn dotted with apple trees and ringed with large trees. In summer the terrace receives the sun to about 10.30, 11.00 in the evening. The best time to visit Norway is in June, July, August, but we are flexible with the time you would want to stay here.
Looking for space for 3 people to stay in Oslo the night of the 30th of June and 5th of July. We are traveling to Norway to see my grandmothers home/farm and arrive and depart out of Oslo. It is a special trip and our first time to Norway. The three travelers are me (Andrea) and I am a female 49 years old. Two men ages 17 and 18. One is my son and the other our friend. We are super cool people and look to meet friends while we travel. I'm a artist and museum Exhibition Curator, Alex is a Photographer and Brandon is a Skateboarder/Actor. We would need a couch, bed or bedding and can sleep on the floor. We are open to your hospitality.
I have a very small appartment near the city of Oslo ( 10-20 min. walk depending on where you want to go, 10 min by bus) and close to the park ( a 3 min walk)and pubs, stores and cafŔs. The bus stop is right outside. The mattress I can offer is right next to my bed because of the size of my appartment. Because we sort of share the room we will be sleeping in, I only want 1 girl/ women to be staying here. I have one bathroom with a shower. Feel free to use my tiny kitchen anytime you like, but you will have to buy your own food. There is several stores where you can buy food just minutes away.
I have a very small appartment which matches my income as a student. Thats means 20 squaremeters, shower on the kitchen and shared toilet in the hall. Not very much room than...but I share what I got:) The good thing is that its very close to the city centre bot by tram(5 minutes) and walking (15 minutes). Its also possible to use the citybicycles which is everywhere in this area for only 50 kroners (then you can actually use them for a year). As eating out is very expensive (as everything else in Norway), you are free to use the kitchen as long as you buy your own food.
USE there you find me as anneluetz I dont check this account often. Who wants to stay at my place will share a small 18m2 room with me. There is a camping bed and a mattress on the ground. YOu have to bring your sleepingbag and towel. I am sharing a flat with 2 and a cat. We are about 20 minutes by public transport and wakling from the centre of town. Feel free to use the kitchen but please bring your own food. Get in touch at least two days in advance such as I can inform my flatmates.
I live in the middle of Oslo in a Squat-like Culture House, called Hausmania. My room is quite small; 15 sqm, with a dorm kitchen but no running water, that will need to be filled in large bottles. Theres a few shared toilets, and a shared shower, so the facility standards are not too high for those who requires that, but the house is very large and interesting, and full of colours. I have a large king-size mattress on the floor that can be shared by 1-3 people, i also dont have any problem sleeping on the floor if needed.

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