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Accommodation information in and around Palma de Mallorca.

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Being in the most historic part of the old town the construction is thick ancient Mallorcan sandstone, relatively cool in summer especially given north easterly aspect collecting angled sun in the morning and providing deep and welcome shade in the July/August afternoon. The flat, ground floor, walk up 5 steps and about 70m2 total consists in large living/dining room, decent sized bedroom, compact kitchen and one bathroom with bath/shower and bidet. The shower is electric immersion heated on a morning timer and the oven/stove is electric. There is a washing machine but washing is dried perforce inside the flat. This is lamentable but in summer drying time is about 12 hours max. Security as per any ground floor flat whether in Spain or the uk is of paramount concern and windows cannot be left open overnight or during disoccupation, so any tendency toward holiday laxity would require some reconstruction in everyones interest bearing in mind this is not a holiday neighbourhood and any occupant would need to live here with some bona fide sense of residency, albeit not entirely authentic, as opposed to fittiing any description of 'tourist' The street is tranquil/salubrious. Light traffic, not too narrow and not heavily populated.
I live just 2 min walking to a the beach (there are actually several ones to choose, including great spots for snorkelling, with clean aquamarine turquoise waters). Actually, I have a terrace with sea views. It is also next to supermarket, shops, restaurants and pubs What is your couch/floor/bed like? You would sleep in a big & comfortable couch Do you have pets? No and pets are not allowed in the flat Do you smoke? No and smoking is not allowed in the flat What fun things to do are there around where you live? Depends on your interests, but anything to do with the beach and the sea: Watersports (excellent for snorkelling, diving, kayaking, ...) The sea here is really clean and beautiful, Beach sports (beach tennis, beach volley, ...)but many other interesting activities like Hiking, Cycling, Sightseeing, Going out, ... Public transportation? Both bus and taxi stops are just 2 min walking. There are also direct shuttles from the airport, door to door. Do you have blankets? Yes, I bet you will not need them... believe me... this is Mallorca :) Just take your swimming suit, your sunglasses and your suncream instead!
i live in a small studio with a balcony with a nice view of the beach near Palma de Mallorca I live by my own in a 30sqm studio. Its right next to the airport in the aerea of Can PAstilla nearby Palma I have an extra bed and a confy Futton (japanesse Matress) that I could offer you. If you dont kind slepeping in the same room. Feel free to use kitchen toillet and WiFi and the washing machine But get your own food I can offer also clean towels and toiletries.
I live in a 3rd story flat with a older mallorquin man who is happy to have guests over as long as you are respectful of his space. We have a couch for one person in my room. The place is near the sea in the old town and about 10 minutes walk from plaza espana. You are welcome to use the kitchen when you like, however, ask which things are mine and which are my flat mates since we buy separate things.
I can occasionally accommodate one person in my comfortable spare room with internet, two or three days maximum. Modern apartment on the outskirts of Palma with spectacular views of the Bay, local bars and shops. Bus into town every 10 minutes, stops across the road. I do a pretty amazing guided tour of the city (if you buy me lunch and a glass of wine, for two glasses itīs even better!!)
hi!!i live in a small apartment near de sea and the party zone. I live with my boyfriend. We have only one room, but you can sleep in our sofa...We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. i speak a little english. un beso, laura y leo
small bed in the living room comfortable,i live in town near to everything,catedral, castle,port and beach,shops bars and pubs 20 minute taxi or bus from the airport,and 2 minutes from the port of palma de mallorca.u can use the kitchen, the bath room and wash machine.
Small department. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 7 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food.
Small room with a comfortable single bed in a garden apartment, residential location close to beaches, golf courses, the Port Adriano Marina, restaurants and the shopping facilities of Santa Ponsa.
Small room in BergenÂīs Sentrum. Walking distance to the HIB center where I have to go to work. Feeling free to use the kitchen. I will buy my food. Internet conexion will be wished.

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