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I have also spare room and normally i can provide traditional singal bed if it is not OK then can be provided matress. we are close to tea shop and and some other shop to buy industrial foods like biscuit, chocollate, cigerratte and few traditional shops are here. It is 32 KM far from Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. We share food with family members. You don't have to pay for that food. My house is little traditional house and lies in the centre of the old peaceful and quite city.
I live in Panauti,32 Km far from Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. Panauti is an ancient and tiny town, where you can view all old temples, culture, festivals and greeny, It's sorrounded by rivers. People can have nice hiking from here. I always love to host people arround the world and showing aroound Panauti. I live with my family and childrens. I have a small spare room which i can provide for my guests from any corner of the world. I can host two persons at the same time. i would be happy to confirm before arriving but any time is OK. Just for incase i may not be at home some time.

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