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House on acreage 5 minutes outside on Manning Alberta (100 kms north of Peace River). Our property is riverfront. We have a private 200 meter beach on the Notikewin River. Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities available, however for long stays, you will be required to bring your own food and toiletries. Beautiful forests with an abundance of wildlife, rivers and tranquil scenery. Manning is a small community with all major amenities; approximately 1300 residents. Closest major city is a three hour drive south of Manning. Perfect place for hiking, fishing, boating or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. During the summer, acreage has plenty of delicious native berries for your enjoyment.
When I am in peace River all i can offer at this time is a mattress on the floor. Peace River is a good place to make money and there is always a shortage of workers. Its about twenty bucks to get from one end of peace river to the other in a cab or you could walk. The town is seperated by a bridge. the downtown area with a single mall is on one side and the macdonalds, grocery stores and several hotels are on the other. You can use my kitchen, but you might have to buy your own food i dont keep alot around. Not much to really see in peace river, except the river and the hills, but if you need a place to stay on yoru way through there;s a mattress on the floor!
I have a couch in my living room available. Also have foamy if the floor is preferred. I live in a house with a roommate currently downstairs, its a fair sized house so lots of room. We all share the kitchen, i just ask that you clean up after yourself. I am a few houses from the peace river where there is walking paths that lead downtown in about a 20 minute walk theres a pub, billiards hangout, grocery store, pharmacy, etc...its a small town though i have to say...only about 7000 people.
I have 2 spare rooms, one is equipped with a twin size bed, the other a twin size air mattress. I also have a hide a bed in the livingroom. Located on the North East side of Manning, AB. Everything is within walking distance! =) You can use the kitchen as well as the bathroom as long as you keep it tidy. You'll have to bring your own food as I am not so wealthy xD.
Self-contained unit with sleeping accommodation for a couple or family with small children. 2.5 hours by road from Peace River, Alberta; 1 hour by road from Dawson Creek, BC or Fort Saint John, BC Ten minutes from the Mighty Peace River. No services in vicinity.

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