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Hi, my name is Bridgett Dockray, I just turned 25, I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, and I am looking to get the fuck out of Filthadelphia, ASAP. I've got a dog who is basically more like my detachable shadow: he follows me everywhere and he's incredibly intelligent (he's a border collie), perceptive, and unfailingly loyal. Jack is his name and fetch is his game. I spend a great deal of time walkin him and playing ball with him. He is very eager to learn and to please, as well as very well behaved and sweet tempered. He's my buddy. I've never been outside the US but to go to the Bahamas once when I was a kid. I'm generally a night person, sometimes I have insomnia and don't sleep for a couple days. I'm a super laid back person, in general and by principle, though I pack a wide temperamental range that I exhibit quite stochastically. Despite being humble and down to earth, I am also rather passionate and intense. Usually in an understated kind of way, as I am fairly introverted by nature, but I also have ADHD and can occasionally be seen to exhibit borderline hypomanic tendencies. I like to dance and jump on the bed and SING, I love to sing! I'm also a writer, and probably fit the cliche idea of the writer type. I'm sort of hard to describe because of that; I tend to be a bit of a self-contradictory person, though I am always honest, to a fault even. I've got pretty good ability to shift my perspective around a circumspection route. I'm an actress, but not gainfully Employed as such ATM. I'm consistently inconsistent. The lost artistic pure-souled type. I am into photography, music, really any kind of artsy anything. I'm definitely free spirited as fuck but I'm sensible and intelligent. I love animals. I'm tryin to crash for as long as possible because I'm tryin to move to the UK but currently have very little funds available as acting is not a super lucrative job for the non-famous. :/ I am an immersive hard worker though. When I dedicate to shit, it's all or nothin. I don't fuck around when it's time to get down to business. I really just want to get out there and see what I can find, hopefully make some money doing something creatively (singing, makin music, photography, acting etc) but I expect I'll need to get a regular part time job as well, probably as a busser or barback or a waitress or something. I just need a place to crash until I have enough saved to maybe move in with roommates somewhere or to get an apartment by myself. I live in the moment and have no plan to stick to; I'm temperamentally just like Jack from Titanic. Like I'm just going to impulsively go to Europe and see what happens when I get there. I'm very low maintenance so I'm cool with being in all kinds of living arrangements. I love life and people NAYURE and I just think it's all too beautiful and fleeting to waste trying to hurriedly cram myself into a cage of routine and responsibility". Because fuck that. :D I don't talk much, I'm a thoughtful type. But when I DO decide to say something, I ramble like a motherfucker and digress down all kinds of avenues of vague-associations and shit. I hope that's cool with you. Stalk my facebook if you'd prefer to get a glimpse of me in my natural state. ...Or maybe it's /doctordockmmd, I forget... One of those takes you to my personal timeline and the other goes to my facebook page.... Although I keep all of my shit totally unrestricted access to the public, by principle. I think being fake is for pussies, and I will not ever hide myself in fear or shame. Because fuck that also. My phone number is 6107640139; hit me up if you'd rather talk on a more direct and personal medium. I have no regard whatsoever for the hour, so call me whenever you want. Hope to hear from you soon! -B
I am posting this in hopes that there is a kind person out there who is willint to help me. My name is James. I just turned 29 years old and right now i am in pain. I found out that my girlfriend who i was living with was cheating on me. When i found out she asked me to leave the apartment and never come back. I just recently lost my job and i am in the process of finding a new one. She took all of my money, and basically all i have are the clothes on my back and some clothes that are in a backpack. Basically right now i am homeless. I am alone and heartbroken and i can't take much more of this. She hurt me down to the very core of my soul and now because of her my life is destroyed. What i am seeking is a kind person who is willing to give me a chance. I need a place to stay while i am trying to find a job and right now i have no friends and all of my family have passed away. I am basically all that i have and it hurts so very bad. To say that i am depressed is an understatement. I just want to forget about this girl, get another job, and live the way a man is supposed to live. All i ask is that you allow me to stay with you and give me a couple of weeks to find a job. I would be more than happy to pay any back rent that you would require, and i would pay a little extra for your generosity. A little about me: I am a christian man and i have alot of faith in God. I never drink, and i do not use drugs. I do smoke but i don't smoke that much and i would never smoke in your home. Infact i think i will just quit. I am a very very clean person and i am EXTREMELY quiet. You would basically never hear a peep out of me. I am very respectful and i would be happy to do chores around your home. I am very desperate right now for a place to stay and i am basically willing to do anything. In exchange for a place to stay i would do construction work, yard work, etc. If you can think of it i will basically do it. So please, If you are willing to help me please email me. I check my email at the widener library every day and i would love to hear from you. If you are willing to help me i can not express how much gratitude and greatfulness that i will have. I hope to hear from you.
My boyfriend and I have a small one bedroom apartment, with a separate living room, cozily furnished with a futon-style couch/bed you could sleep on. It is a double bed, but we do have a couple of other single sized chair/futons, that could be used in a pinch if there were more than 2 of you. The apartment has a wide front porch, and a back deck that are wonderful for sitting and relaxing on, and maybe enjoying a nice glass of wine :) We live in an area of West Philadelphia known as University city, in close proximity to the campuses of Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia college of Pharmacy. It is a very youthful, and vibrant, multicultural, filled with lots of ethnic restaurants, bars,a gym,cafes,a movie theatre, parks,and shops as well as a 24 hour supermarket and a couple of drug and convenience stores. Plus the campuses themselves are so pretty, with lots of green areas for lounging and people watching! The area is also convenient to trolleys and buses to the city center, just a 10-20 min. ride away (depending on traffic!)and near the 30th St. station where you can get trains to nearby suburbs, or anywhere in the country. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. We may make a few large simple "family-style" meals, b/c my boyfriend is an excellent cook, but frequently we lack the patience and time to cook much at home. But we're more than happy to take you out to some of our favorite local restaurants while your here.
Have a small spare room for use most months of the year, except when we have friends or family in town. I live in a 3 BR house with one housemate, and can accommodate 1 person for short term stays...usually no longer than 3 days, unless you are coming from AUS and the like. (We may be able to arrange for a longer stay then.) We would feel much more comfortable if you are a female, but will consider males as well. This is a private room, with your own bed, and usually a few drawers free to put your clothes in. Full bathroom right down the hall. Half bath off of living room. (Absolutely no smoking/drugs anywhere near property!) We are located in the south part of the city proper,very close to the sports stadiums, cheese steak places,Italian Market and South Street. Only a 10 min ride away (at most,via subway) from center of city, but could easily walk there too, in under 30 minutes. You would be free to use the kitchen, living room and laundry as needed. This a great location, with lots of local bars, transportation and bakeries nearby. (Please be advised that street parking is free, but scarce due to narrow streets in this area. We cannot guarantee parking.)
Private Bedroom with Queen Size Bed. Additional Bedroom with Full Size Bed and a crib which my grandchild uses when she visits with her parents. Private use of Hall Bath. Use of Washer and Dryer. You can use our Emachine piece of crap PC to check your email and print directions. Use of Kitchen to cook your own food or we can split food costs on one night where I cook and you clean up. You're welcome to share TV viewing with us in family room but beware as my husband Seems to have only 3 channels programmed (SciFI,Speed,MSNBC). I DVR my shows and watch them later after he goes to bed. We have a relatively clean home but if you are allergic to dust, this is not the house to stay in. Our home is a single family home in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia just outside Chestnut Hill section of Phila., which is a 30 minute trip by train or bus to center city. Bus is a 1/2 mile walk, you would need a ride to the train which we would be happy to provide. We are an excellent base for cyclists and hikers as there is an extensive network of trails in the area.
Hi! I have a pull out bed in the living room that sleeps two. I also have a space in my office area that you could use if you had an inflatable mattress or something. You'd be expected to buy your own food and stuff. My location is nice...A 20 minute walk to the metro and a 10-15 minute walk to Old City (where all the historical sites are located). Philadelphia is also a good stop between Washington D.C. (3 hours away) and NYC (2 hours). In Philadelphia you can catch busses for 12$ one way to either of these cities. If you are interested in visiting California (Los Angeles beaches area) during the summer, I'm sure I could work out an arrangement where my family could host you. (i grew up there and live there most summers and during the month of January) . A little about myself: I'm a medical student living in Center City, Philadelphia. I live with two other women. I speak English and Spanish and I understand Korean. I may be too busy to actually show you around at times, but I will do my best to point you in the right direction.
We are a houshold of five lefty artist types(cartoonist, violinist, librarian, writer, and self-made scholar), ranging in age from 26 to 72, in West Philly. We live in a three story twin with six bedrooms. We have a double fold-out futon on the first floor living room, and a futon on the floor of the second floor studio/drawing room/library. We have a kitchen, and there are several places to buy food from nearby, as well as a couple of coffee houses, ethiopean resteraunts, and basic pizza diners. The neighborhood is full of cooperatives and collectives, and is populated by a wide swath of variated humanity. Some of teh larger populations are: many african american families, some of whom have been here for generations; University of Pennsylvania faculty, staff, and students; a sizable population of anarchists who have been around the area since the eighties; the beginnings of a disgusting yuppie influx. There is a *relatively* frequent trolley that goes downtown, and the UPenn campus is about a 20 minute walk away.
Guest quarters are a double bed in a loft space accessed by a steep, sturdy ladder (as if you were aboard a ship). If you have mobility issues or are not fit to climb/descend a ladder, this is not your type of place! Our house is a small converted storehouse located on the edge of the historic area of centre city Philadelphia. We have shopping, restaurants, history, museums, music, cafes, galleries, nightlife, all with in a two mile radius. Walking is the best way to see the city, but public transport is around the corner and local and regional rail (trains) are a mile away. Subways are a ten minute walk. You are welcome to use our kitchen and laundry facilities. We are a neat couple, so please respect our possessions and tidy up after yourself. If you use up some of our food, please buy some more to replace it at one of our nearby markets or at least tell us so we can get some more.
I have a 2 bedroom apartment that I share with one roommate (female). Your space would be the nice comfy couch in the livingroom. If more then one person then unless I feel super comfortable with you and decide to share my bed, which is possible though probably not so much for a guy, then anyone else would have to sleep on the hardwood floor (ouch). Feel free to use the kitchen but bring your own food as I have very little. I live in the safest possible area in Philly that feels completely like the suburbs. I even have gorgeous fairmount park, complete with hiking trails just 1 1/2 blocks away! When you want to actually go into the city hop on the bus (public trans) which is also 1 1/2 blocks away and that will take you straight into the middle of the action. Bus costs $2 per direction or if you buy tokens its $2.75 for two.
I live in comfortable sized row home in South Philly(where Rocky ran in the movie). We have a guest bedroom with a full size bed and a super comfortable rec room sofa, if necessary. One, two, or three people would be okay for 4-5 days, maybe more depending on the timing as I travel for work sometimes. It's a walk or short bus ride to Center City and a lot of historic sites, bars, shops, museums, sports centers and such. While the neighborhood certainly isn't Beverly Hills, like any big city it's safe enough if you have any common sense. Full kitchen, bath, and laundry which you are welcome to use. Sometimes the fridge is full, sometimes only a half a bottle of ketchup in there. If I have food we can cook, if not well then we can figure out something. Overall, a real good place to use to explore the heart of philly.

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