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kia ora. originally from new zealand being travelling everywhere... have decided to let my backpack chill out in the corner of my room for a while here in port douglas...yes this place grows on ya...i live about ten minutes from the centre of town (town being one road)... my place, situated on that road, is like a series of old factory-type shops converted into an apartment; it has high ceilings and pretty painted concrete walls in shades of neon. it sits surrounded by palm trees behind a funky little chinese restaurant; next to that is the bottlestore and thats pretty much it... its all you need right? chinese takeaway and beer!...i work as a chef most nights... where you have to understand that port is a seasonal hospitality town so most get up late and party late... depending on the amount of after work drinks and/or 'party favours' on the go... and everyday of the week is the same....the beach is literally across the road and through the car unfortunately (well depending on how you look at it), everythings close-by; walking or biking distance. just to get further afield is the conundrum... but if you've got a car I can show you some pretty mint places hidden in the rainforest...interested in hosting anyone really... musicians (have gats, kazoos, mouth harps, maraccas to induce jams)...artists...chefs...philosophers...writers...hey just be chilled and open-minded and we will get on no probs...mi casa es su casa...x
My boyfriend and I are living in a share house very close to the main road. Our flat mates are backpacker from different countries, all very friendly and welcoming. We sometimes have a spare bed but most of the time we can only provide you with a couch or tent space. Feel free to use everything you find in the common areas. You can use kitchen, shower and toilet - of course! Our place should be a great base to explore Port Douglas, the Daintree and Cape Tribulation...
Depending on what's going on there may be a spare room (with double bed) or a sofa available. Our house is in Four Mile Beach, approx 6 km from Port Douglas town centre and about 100 metres from the beach. The shuttle bus (to town) picks up at the door, and there is a pub/bottleshop, and supermarket within easy walking distance. Kitchen & washing machine facilities are available. Bring your own food though.
depends on who I expect to visit, then I rent accordingly.

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