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Members in Ramat Gan / Israel
Accommodation information in and around Ramat Gan.

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Rather than spend money on Ramat Gan hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Ramat Gan from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Ramat Gan and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Ramat Gan with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Ramat Gan!
Couch, mattress in living room-kitchen-office. 7-Day food shop and bus stops meters away. 15-Minute walk to train & bus terminal. Buy food, cook. Shower, laundry, WiFi, 100Mbps. Walk/bus/ride rented public bike into Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Wash daily before retiring at night, use broom occasionally, wipe dry bathroom floor, collect hair from shower, use squegee. Replace consumed beers etc. Don't lose entrance key!
with double bed, accomodates a couple, with private bathroom, in a private house, preferably over 50y guests hiring a car would be an advantage-- free parking. convenient to access all the central regions and more.
a room with single bed and a tv. location is in Ramat-Gan which is 15 minutes from the Center-Tel-Aviv. So you can always go party there :]
I'm currently travelling around the world, so I can't accomodate fellow travellers.
one room with the sofa for one person,15 min by bus to Tel Aviv center and the sea.
I have another bedroom for guests, in my house.
I live with my parents. Have got my own room.
Couch on the lounge in a garden cottage
hii call me if u wank to know more
have anice place cleen and tied

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