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We live in Reno about a mile away from the University. A grocery store and bus transit stops are conveniently located nearby. Downtown is not to far and the river (which is also downtown and a popular summer hangout) is a quick 5 minute bike ride. We have couches and a floor for use. I will be leaving for a two month trip to the Philippines and Thailand so any requests may or may not be responded to. My roommate will still be around so it is up to them to decide. If you're around during the weekends, we'd be happy to show you around as we generally like to go out downtown to the river or to Lake Tahoe nearby. We are a pretty outdoorsy house.
I am a 21 year old college student who wants to travel abroad in the summer and fall. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 awesome roommates. Mattress available or couch. Close to University of Nevada, Reno, and about short half hour drive up the mountain to beautiful Lake Tahoe. Only an hour and a half east of sacramento. Basic shopping, and bars are close and a brand new mall is located near where I work. Kitchen is open, and if you are willing to try my decent, yet improving cooking I would be more than eager to oblige! I am a college student, but very mature and I welcome all who want to see the Sierra-Nevadas!!
We hav two spare beds. One is in its own room while another is in a shared room where my roomate sleeps. We also have 3 large couches. We are situated about 15 minutes away walking to downtown and about 25 minutes walk from the Greyhound Station. We're 45 seconds away from the university and a 10 minute walk to the nearest buses which are free. When you're staying with us, make yourself at home and use what you need in the kitchen. Reno's an amazing city which I love and is right next to Lake Tahoe which Mark Twain and myself believe is the jewel of the west.
I could call it a spare bed. I'm pretty much a nomad myself and drive a van around which is a new thing for me. Been footin' it for a couple years haha. It's a nice blue and white surfer van and it's quite comfy in the back; got a lazy boy from a bus a couple burners left behind and could get a queen bed at any time. I don't mind accommodating a traveler for a night or two and giving them a ride where ever they need to go, anywhere from Fallon to Sacramento, maybe even San Fran if you wanna help with gas. I'm four twenty friendly as well. Just saiyan.
Been traveling around a while and had been lucky enough to stumble across people who would accommodate me with free space. Now that I'm halting the travels for a little, I'll soon be able to return the favor. I figure housing some stray burners and the occasional gutter punk will be my yearly karma payment haha. I have no problem throwing down a comforter and sleeping on the floor for a few nights to let a small family make use of my mattress and/or couch if need be. All other details I prefer to be smoothed out in person, just cause.
Have an empty bedrom for the tired burnt out traveler- call any sunday in the afternoon i need 3 days notice- bedon floor 775-348-7990 best time to call is sunday afternoon or any evening at 9p.m. in summer or any time of year best for male travelers-from aborard- can show them casino city -mediocre art museum so so autoobile museum in 2 bedroom apt on busline 10 mintues from new downtown bus station -best for 2-4 nights- can go to casinos - bedroom is a bit grngy for female
Large master bedroom, queen bed with private bath in a large town house. Located in Incline Village about 35 miles from Reno Nevada. Incline Village is located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe an Alpine lake at 6200 feet elevation which is a year round resort with beaches, ski areas, hiking and lots of outdoor activities as well as nearby casinos. Public transportation is nearly nonexistent here so a rental car is necessary...AWD in Winter.
I am currently staying with family here in Reno so my ability to offer accomodation may be somewhat limited, however I am open to requests. Please just be specific about how long you would like to stay and tell me something about yourself. My family's home is located in a small, historical neighborhood near, but not too close to the downtown casino district. Also near a few hip coffee shops and restaurants.
Small room with a comfortable double bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom house in a new development in Southern Reno. You are free to use the kitchen providing you buy your own food. My place would be a great base for someone wanting to explore the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. After a big hike up at Tahoe you can relax and soothe your aching muscles in the hot tub back at the house.
Futon Coach in the livng room of a 2bedroom/one bathroom apartment. We are very close to the bus stop and a grocery/department store, as well as a park. Biking distance from the Univeristy and downtown. Feel free to use apartment while you are here, but you need to buy your own food and personal items. We are very clean but like to have a lot of fun!

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