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Rather than spend money on Rome hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Rome from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Rome and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Rome with them in minutes!
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SO VERY SORRY NOT AT THIS TIME I am traveling all over Europe for the past year in hope to eventually find a permanent place for my 3000 books & my art hoping to build all natural eco-home in nature somewhere in the Mediterranean. All of my books and art are stored near Athens, Greece for the past year so I am not traveling now with all my books :):):) or my art. I had spent over 25 years in Manhattan on the upper East side Off Madison Ave. in the 70's and will be happy to advice anyone about Manhattan lifestyle, Central Park, people, culture, museums, foods, shops, restaurants all that one may need to know while planning to visit NYC. I am in Italy near Milano but looking for a place near Milano until my lost credit card can reach me from NYC so that I can fly to Spain & possibly France this summer. In September I will be working on an art gallery project throughout Europe for the next several months so would appreciate if I could become your gracious guest at your home in Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Munich, Luxembourg, Madrid or Barcelona, Majorca or Marbella, London, Monaco, Geneva or Zurich, Basel, St. Moritz not sure of other locations yet... I am very neat & organized, considerate & thoughtful, a positive person who is kind & sensitive, genuine & gracious with all I encounter. I enjoy all I choose to do, expressing my essence & loving what is. Embracing each experience in life knowing that every experience has its own special gift to cherish and appreciate. I lead a healthy lifestyle & will make you most delicious fresh raw salads and veggie soups if you like that too. I am slim & a former ballet dancer so can teach you some simple exercises to keep you healthy and slim too and help you with nutrition if you need any help.
I live in a small house with 2 other students, my room is not very big, actually not big at all but it is cute and simple.
ALSO VISIT ME AT: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SEBASTIAN22483 WWW.HOSPITALITYCLUB.ORG/BILLYBOY1983 WWW.COUCHSURFING.COM/BILLYBOY1983 ------------------------------------------ Accommodation I live with: parents - other people Sleeping place I can offer: bed - separate room - other:maybe can host 1 person Maximum number of guests: 1 Maximum length of stay: 1WEEK Notification - visitors: should notify 7 days in advance. Gender of guest: doesn't matter Smoking: outside only Requirements and Restrictions: pay for phone calls - pay for food - do dishes Pets: there are no animals. in very particular case i could host 2persons. ---------------------------------------
I have a spare bed that can be set up in my room. I live in a quiet apartment in Rome, in the San Lorenzo district, which is the student area due to the presence of the University, so lots of night life and cultural activities, good restaurants and options for travel on a budget. It's also very close to the main train station which is well connected to the city center as well as the airport. I love my neighbourhood and the city of Rome, so I'll be happy to give guests loads of tips! Guests can use the kitchen as well, but guests will have to buy their own food (there are many shops and supermarkets in the area).
it's a nice bedroom in my flat to be shared with me for the period of the staying...the flat it's easy to be reached from the termini station,using the tram it takes about 10mins to arrive in a nice quarter of the capital,no touristic but very interesting.The flat is composed by two bedrooms kitchen and bathroom,shared by three students (me and other two guys).Free use of kitchen and ,of course,bathroom.Public transport is very close and easy,and you will see the real face of daily roman life...
I live in Pigneto, not far from city centre, one step outside ancient roman walls, Termini station is 15 min by tram. The area is very alive in the night as many people come for the bars, restaurants, clubs and some undergound events. I moved to a new apartment recently shared with other 2 girls, we have 2 bathrooms and a big terrace (50ms)that will be soon equipped with bbq. You can sleep in the couch in my room that becomes a single bed and i can give you the sheets.
My room is situated in Nettuno, Rome , and is A single bed in my room, which I don't use because most of the time I travel for work. You will have all the facilities like a shared kitchen and shared bathroom, and close to my house are enough shops to make ur groceries, and also not so far from train station which will take u to Rome in about 1 hour. It's a house shared with another person, each one with his room, and is very close to the sea. ( not more than 10 min walk )
I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in central Rome. However, the second bedroom is used as an office, so the "fold out" couch (sofa-bed) is the bed available for use in the living room. I don't have pets and I am located near the Colosseum. I generally work during the week but I am always free to catch up after work. Couch availability really depends on when you intend to stay and for how long. Friends constantly drop by and stay, so if I can fit you in I will.
Small room with a single bed in our 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in a nice neighbourhood in Rome, Italy. Located less than 10 mins from nearest bus/subway station, our apartment is well connected to the centre of the city, and to all the touristic sites. We are close to shopping facilities, restaurants, sports centres, public transport, museums etc.. Our place is a great base to explore Rome and its wonders!
I'm looking for a decent and kind person to host me in Rome. I am a native Londoner from the Uk but I am very responsible, clean and trustworthy as well as great fun to be around as a friend. If you can help me for any reasonable length of time until I settle into this new city, I'll be very grateful. I'm happy to come to some kind of arrangement like helping around the house etc...I can pay for my own food.

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