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Members in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake / Utah / United States Of America
Accommodation information in and around Salt Lake City, Salt Lake.

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Rather than spend money on Salt Lake City, Salt Lake hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Salt Lake City, Salt Lake from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake!
I live in the sugar house area of Salt Lake City, which is typically regarded as one of the more liberal areas of SLC. I live alone with 2 cats so if you are allergic please take precautions. I have a futon that might be difficult for tall people or a twin bed if need be. It is a one room apartment not very large but it has a washer and dryer inside if you need to refuel and do some wash. I am an occasional smoker but i do not smoke indoors. I work on the weedays from 8am-5pm but have no problem with people staying at my house during those hours. I prefer to trust people until they give me reason not to. I can show people around after 5pm on the weekdays or on the weekends. I love meeting new people and showing them around. I am very flexible as to what my sleeping schedule is. I have been known to party all night or go to bed really early depending on company and or time of year. I have bedding and pillows but they are kind of a hodge podge. I am a frugle person so material things never mattered much to me. I would be willing to host people for as long as needed within reason, During the summer months I am rarely home during the day because i am working and volunteering and rock climbing. These plans can be changed to fit into your trip. In essence i like being helpful. *note: I am a vegan so i don't have any animal products in my cupboards but i do not mind if you eat them as long as you clean up after yourselves and throw out what you do not use when you leave. Activities in SLC: *As far as close to home there is the always interesting temple square where the head quarters of the Mormon church is located *There is the red butte gardens which is home to wonderful flowers and beautiful scenery. *there are at least 8 hiking areas within 25 minutes of my house. *I am 4 hours away from southern Utah so if you are making a trip down that way i may be a good choice to stop off at on the way to or from your destination *Salt Lake City is host to an international airport Winter: *3 world class ski/snow boarding resorts are within 25-45 minutes of my home.
We, Sherryl & I (Eric), have 2 spare bedrooms with a double bed in each. We also have air mattresses. We can accomadate about 3-4 people. Or a small family. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood. We are really close to shopping, restaurants and public bus lines, and the ski resorts. You can catch a bus to any of the ski resorts, a block from our house. We are about 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. And about 10 minutes from the Airport. Our home has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, washer & dryer, RV parking (up to 35') no hook ups ( we can stretch an extention cord for 110v), fenced yards one for pets, please no mean animals. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. We will provide some meals when possible. Our home would be a great centre to explore the Rocky Mountains or Utah's west deseret and the Great Salt Lake or Canyon lands down south, Moab is about 3 hours south east of us. Utah has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. From the Arches and canyons of the Moab area. To the rich forested mountains full of lakes, in the north. We have mountain climbing, river running, explore old ghost towns, biking, four wheeling, fishing, hunting, golf, bird watching, site seeing, visit Temple Square, home of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints Church, the Mormons. It has the biggest geneology library in the world.
Hello everyone, as someone who has used this site in the past to stay for free I feel it is my responsibility to give a little back. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah in small apartment. We can provide sleeping for 6 people. The space you would be sleeping in is actually a very large doll house. I know it sounds like I'm joking, but I'm not. It is more like a small house with 2 rooms where people could sleep on mats on the floor, and a loft were a few others could sleep. We have enough mats for 6 people I think. The bathroom and kitchen and everything else are located inside the apartment and you can use them when ever you want. We are a young married couple (24,26), who travel a lot. My wife, Chelsea, is a painter and I design clothes from home. SLC is a beautiful place and we love living here. Public transportation is close and the mountains are right behind us. Email me if you need a place to stay.
Currently I am living in a small residence with my mother who lives just outside of Salt Lake City in Sundance Utah which is in the mountains. It is exceedingly beautiful. We do not have space for many people at all and prefer solo travelers. I move around a bit I am always happy to host other travelers and think this is a fabulous way to meet other people. This location is nearly impossible to get to without use of a car and our space is limited. There is a skiing and snowboarding resort that is only a five minute walk from the house and there are places to see movies, go on hikes, ski or snowboard. There is also a small restaurant and a few stores. This area has access during winter and summer but is more of a winter retreat area for tourists. We do not have specific dates for availability. It is better if you contact us when you know if or when you want to stay and we can see if that is workable.
I live in a comfortable one bedroom apartment one mile south of the University of Utah. It is a quiet apartment complex. I'm situated less than two blocks away from a bus stop that will take you to the University or Downtown. I'm also a short walk away from Trax which will also take you downtown. Feel free to use the kitchen. Help yourself and feel free to buy and store whatever you wish. If I am able, we can eat together or go out somewhere. I'm certainly happy to show you around as much as I can. The bathroom has a shower and bathtub, so feel free to soak in a hot bath after exploring. I have both heating and air conditioning. I have a friendly cat, so if you are allergic, be fair warned. I have wi-fi, a tv, an xbox (only a few games), and a few channels of cable that you are welcome to use. It is a great place to stay if you are coming to check out the University of Utah as a prospective student.
I live in a 3 bedroom apt with one guy who is always gone with his girlfriend and another guy who never leaves his room with his girlfriend. Haha so the living room is free game, walking distance to the train . I drive but I believe the train is only 30 minuets or less from downtown. Both roommates are Marines so they like a clean place but they are really cool guys. I'm a sailor myself we are all out now going to helicopter flight school at Salt Lake international airport. We have a big living room with a fireplace. On top of the couch we also have a blow up mattress. The kitchen is all yours to use idk about the food only a 3rd is mine but you can eat my stuff haha just ask. Park city isn't to far either and if I'm off of work we can go hike ski snowboard whatever I'll show you around.
I live in a very large 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bathroom Townhouse in Beautiful Midvale Utah with my sister and our lovely small Shih Tzu dog Benny. We have 1 guest room with a full size bed and private bathroom available and also a large sofa. I live about 25 minutes from Downtown Salt Lake. I am in close proximity to many shopping areas and restaurants. There is a 10-minute walk to the Bus stops, which will take you directly to the train lines. If you choose to visit and desire to stay, you would be welcomed to use my kitchen and partake of whatever I have that you may enjoy. You may use our computer if need too. Or if you have a laptop we have wifi. I am a gracious host and will do everything I can to make your visit an enjoyable one.
At the moment it would be a space on the couch which is a pull out bed. I live in a studio so it's pretty close quarters. As in, my bed and the couch are in the same room. So not too much privacy - I would appreciate conscientious travelers who will be doing more on their own. Light travelers are preferred and so is lively conversation! We (neighbors and friends) love wine, good foods, laughter and high moral value! Oh and of course - a great story to tell!! I live a few blocks from downtown and driving distance from everything! You can also walk to the Trax from here too. Ps. I have a great cat named Lola so just FYI if you have allergies...
Student home near university of Utah in East Salt Lake City. 5 current roomates all very interested in traveling and other languages and cultures. One roomate speaks fluent portuguese and one roomate is learning french, others are are interested in learning other languages. We are 20 minutes (drive) from many ski resorts: Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, brighton, Park City, The Canyons, and Deer Valley. Our kitchen is open to all and food is purchased as a collective of those living in the house. Summer in Salt lake brings great hiking, biking and Climbing in the nearby mountains! We look forward to starting a garden this spring and to having guests!
*BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN SETTING* Studio type apartment attached to main home. Outside entrance, full bathroom, kitchen, queen size bed and floor space. Located at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyons. Best Sking (2002 Olympics). Hiking, biking, camping, rock climbing with easy access to ski resorts ("Snowbird"-15 min, "Alta"- 20 min, "Park city"-35 min). Close to public transportation, shopping, dinning and theaters. Down town Salt Lake City - 20 min Temple Square - 20 min Airport - 25 min For extended trips.. Zions canyon - 4 hours, Arches nation park - 3 hours, Grand Canyon - 5 hours, Yellowstone - 6 hours, Disney land - 10 hours,

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