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Rather than spend money on Seattle, King hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Seattle, King from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Seattle, King and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Seattle, King with them in minutes!
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I am battling a stomach disorder with chronic severe gastritis and bloating that makes it hard to work (less energy and concentration), which causes anxiety, so I am currently unemployed but working on a few things that I am interested in like writing and research topics about which I want to write a book. I need my own space because I live in a stressful environment as my dad is verbally abusive to my mom and my mom puts a lot of pressure on my brother and he calls me names and makes fun of me for cooking food and trying to heal my gut with food. It gets stressful because my mom wants me to get well but she is stressed about my health and it adds to my own stress. And she can be very irritable and angry because she is depressed and makes excuses for my dads violence towards her. I need a space so I can decide what to do with my life and have time and space to recover physically from my gut inflammation. My naturopath said it can take years to heal. But even a few weeks of a break from the stress of living in my family would be nice once in a while. I want to work on starting a business because working in this society is too hard for me with my disability. So I want to have the space and time to practice my crafts which include writing, making clothes and sowing (so far) with nobody bothering me. Meanwhile maybe I will find some job that works for me given my disability but another problem is that I get social security for my disability but they cut my paycheck down by half of what I earn if I work. So it is kind of demoralizing to work for lower pay essentially because I have extra money from the government support. But if I will have a place to live than I feel more ok with working because at least my money doesn’t have to go mostly to pay for rent, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me write now because I do have a place to live which is with my parents, it’s just stressful here often. I really don’t care about how fancy the room is as long as its quiet there and space for a mattress and desk. Once I am able to launch a business maybe I can afford to buy a small room of my own.
MOST IMPORTANT: PLEASE REQUEST AT A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS AHEAD. This is so we can arrange our work schedule accordingly. 5 DAYS MAXIMUM. Our condo has one bedroom and one bath. Guests will sleep in our living room. Access to the bathroom is through our bedroom, but we are okay with it as long as the guest closes the doors (bathroom and bedroom both) after use to contain our dogs in our bedroom. We can offer a couch, sleeping bag and/ or air bed. I have a sectional (L shaped) but I have enough room next to it for a cot, sleeping bag or a blow up bed. I'll provide blankets, pillows, and towels if needed. I live with my husband, Chris, and our 2 dogs who sleep with us in our room. We live in a condo in the neighborhood of Magnolia, with a bus stop across the street that will take you to downtown Seattle in about 10 minutes. Downtown can be seen on the roof which is a common area that includes a barbecue grill and a hot tub. Magnolia also has its own village which is a 10 minute walk but one can also take a bus. The Space Needle and its environs are even closer than downtown to where we live. Other places of interest close by: Discovery Park, SAM Park, Elliot Bay Marina, Ballard, Fremont, International District, the list goes on. Maximum days would be a week. You are welcome to use our kitchen but please buy your own food and drink. If you would like to bring a pet (dog only, pls), let me know ahead of time so that I can bring one of mine to my mom's house. Our place is small, 3 dogs will be too much. I do have a crate if needed.
First of all, the apartment is shared by myself, my fiancé (Logan), and our two friendly cats, so it may not be the best if you have allergies. The couch is in the living room of our 4th level 1-bedroom apartment. We have to walk past the couch to get from our bedroom to the restroom and kitchen. The space is fairly small, and full of furniture (including a gigantic cat fortress) but it is quite cozy. We keep things reasonably clean though. The cat hair is minimal. We also have a balcony, which can accommodate smokers. The couch itself is only 3 years old and is in good shape. It is VERY comfy to sleep on, as the seat is flat and wide (especially when you remove the back pillows). *we have a full size air mattress to accommodate a couple. We have plenty of extra bedding, and towels. You are welcome to use our kitchen. Logan is a great cook, and depending on how busy we are, we can provide dinner. We are happy to share whatever food is in the apartment. We are in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Extensive nightlife opportunities. Music, drama, dance. (Cornish College of the Arts is a block away). Groceries, many pubs, coffee shops, and shopping within walking distance. Great used bookstores, etc. We, like the neighborhood, are very GLBT friendly. There are several buses within 4 blocks, with quick access to Downtown and the University District (10,20min respectively). There are also some neat parks
Home: One bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The apartment is secured with security cameras and a keycard lock for entry. It is clean, pet-free, and smoke-free. You'll have free roam of everything inside the kitchen area, however, there will be no sharing of food as we tend to live a more organic, raw, vegetarian lifestyle and rarely cook. The laundry is located in the community room and will cost you $1.25 in quarters/load. Location: One block away from King County's Metro RapidRide E Line ( Via the King County's Metro RapidRide E Line, it'll take you about 45 minutes to get to downtown Seattle. Via the King County's Metro RapidRide E Line and SoundTransit Central Link Light Rail (King County's Metro RapidRide E Line), it'll take you about 1.5 hours to get to the Sea-Tac Airport. Your Sleeping Arrangement: You may choice in between a carpeted floor, an Asian sofa, or an air mattress (, all within the confines of the living room. The living room has two huge windows and receives plenty of sun.
I have an apartment in a quiet neighborhood (Magnolia District) of the city of Seattle. I am on a bus line and I can reach any area of the city within 30 minutes. The transit system is excellent!! I am within 15 minutes of the Seattle Space Needle. I can accomodate a guest up to 3 nights. A guest may have full use of my cooking facilities. I do not provide meals. Although I am an older man, the majority of my friends range in age between 20 and 40 years of age. I am very active, both socially and politically. I am African/American but prefer guests of diverse ethnicities. No smoking is allowed in my building. I am a social drinker and so I make no rules toward towards others who also may imbibe. I consider myself to be open minded and do discriminate because of race, religion or sexual orientation. Animals are not allowed in my building. I prefer guests who are citizens of diverse countries. Although I am a senior citizen, my social life revolves around friends who couls be any age between 20 and 50 years of age. Senior Citizens bore me.
I have a good size 2 bedroom apartment enough big to acomodate 3 people at the livingroom, i share the house with a roomate when either either of us is gone you could use one of our bedrooms, the city is awesome and the apartment is nearby the downtown, is located in Capitol Hill which is the most exciting and progressive neiborhoods (very open minded about race or sexual preference); there are lots of galeries, pubs, bars, restaurants, grocery stores etc. About transportation and places to see everything is nearby a bus station (the closest one is about 1 1/2 blocks). About the food you could buy your own grocries and use fridge, kitchen, storage room etc. If you want we could buy groceries and share the expenses...fixing dinners or meals is for me the best way to know people, so i would like to exchange turns for cooking as a way know about you and your culture.
Couch or possible blow up mattress (suprisingly comfortable) in our small Capital Hill apartment. The apartment is a very open floorplan, so there is not a whole lot of privacy . . . it's almost more like a studio than a one bedroom. We are in a great location in one of the busiest and most central neighborhoods. We are about a 10-15 minute walk to downtown and just two blocks off of Broadway, a very main drag in Seattle (see "My Posse's on Broadway" by Sir Mix-a-lot) We are also near lots of convientient bus lines that will get you all over the city. Being so nicely located in the heart of everything does have it's drawback, and ours comes in the form of noise, particularly late at night -- when the bars let out. So if you are a light sleeper, this may not be the best place for you to stay (unless you sleep with earplugs, which I do.) Feel free to use the kitchen, but you will have to buy your own food. We are only a block from a large grocery store, however.
Three bedroom apartment in the capitol hill area, we've got a pretty big living room where we could fit another mattress and someone on the up to 2-3 folks. All 20-something working class traveling kids, theres, one queer dude, one slightly straight woman, and one straight woman .we drink, alot, but don't really use hard drugs. Unless forced into doing cocaine in a closet by a girl named bill on Halloween....anyway...if you're here during the right time of year, we'll show you how to fucking party. Theres a bus that comes straight here from the grey hound...uhh we've got an extra bike or two I think. if you're here in the summer time(you should only visit seattle in the summer by the way). then it's ok to ride around aslong as your in good shape. We go out of the house in war paint pretty much every weekend so if you'd like to be part of the clan let us know.
I have an air mattress/blankets/pillows, you can be set up in the living room part of my place. You are welcome to stay in my apartment. It is in metropolitan Seattle, and it will be available after February 2014. I live with a small cat. Please bring: Basic necessities such as toothbrush shampoo etc. I can offer my guests a breakfast with fresh coffee, a safe place to sleep on my couch or air mattress, blankets/pillows etc. Please no cigarettes inside If you are Jewish and traveling on Shabbat, you are welcome to come to my place for Shabbat/Shabbos/Sabbath. Yummy food! Please contact me before Friday afternoon (2pm) if you wish to come Public transport: There is the Seattle Light-Rail from the airport into the city where I can come fetch you, and there is also an easy to use bus service which is about 5$ for all-day. Free fare if you stay in the downtown part of town
Just moved to Seattle and have been doing the whole couch surfing thing. I don't know many people, so it can get tricky sometimes. NOTE: I will be moving into a place at the beginning of March. Below is a description of the place I will be moving into. I live in an arts collective in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. There are about 20 to 30 people living there at any given time, so there is constant traffic. But, if that does not bother you, then there are plenty of large couches in the shared space, and there is plenty of room in the basement as well. The place is very large and hosts art shows and concerts from time-to-time. All the roomies are artists of one sort or another, so there is always interesting conversations going on and people doing stuff. Grocery stores, restaurants and bars are all within 5-minute walking-distance. Maximum stay can be two to three nights.

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