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Rather than spend money on Seoul hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Seoul from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Seoul and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Seoul with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Seoul!
My place was built a year ago so it's pretty spanking new. Located in central CENTRAL Seoul, it's an easy access from the airport. The airport bus stops in front of my building.(40 min. ride) There is also a metro/bus station right below my building. You can pretty much get to most touristy sites within 10 minutes by bus/train/taxi. The room is big enough to accommodate up to two people.(I'd much rather prefer a single individual for the sake of space and serenity) The place has no individual rooms, just an open space so only minimum privacy(except for the bathroom). It comes fully equipped with all the modern amenities... like a washer, cable internet, heater, AC and faux wooden floor. There is a 24/7 convenient store on the 1st floor and a 24/7 public bath lcoated on the B3 level. If you need to exchange money, there is a bank on the 1st floor along with a cafe and a bakery. I have a convertible couch bed that can accommodate 2 medium sized people. I have clean sheets, but no blanket, however, my room temp is always b/w 24 to 26 degrees Celsius so there might not be a need for one! You are welcome to use the kitchen, but Korean food is generally very time-consuming and difficult to prepare... not to mention the cost of ingredients. Food is relatively cheap and readily available at all hours. If you are looking for a clean, modern, and conveniently located place to stay for few days in Seoul, send me an email.
Two Japanese futons, pillow, blanket, comforter, and toiletries. Also, have a queen size air mattress for the living room for additional guests. Towels too. Washing machines and dryers located in the basement, no coins. Free. The airport bus from Incheon drops you off near the school, and the bus to the airport is across the street from the school. Since my place is about 15 minutes to Sinchon, then from there you can go anywhere in Seoul. It's all connected somehow. Don't worry, I have maps. It is near Yonsei, Sinchon, and Hondae areas. ( 5 minute taxi ride, 10 minute bus ride) in Yonhi Dong, near Sinchon (#240), Line 2 (Green). Lastly, we ( apartment dwellers) don't smoke and politely ask that if you do, you don't request to surf with us. This is a smoke-free apartment, and smoke free campus. Looking for nature in Seoul, and only finding cement? The campus is filled with trees and flowers, and near hiking trails. No pets allowed. A smoker would have about a 15 minute walk to get off campus to grab a smoke, and then back up a long hill to get back to my place. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food.
1. my home is very near the Gongdeok subway station. Please check subway station map from internet. Gongdeok is very convenient for transportation. You can easily go any major touristic place within 30 mins by convenient and cheap subway. 2. now I am working in a Securities company. And I am normally working AM 7:30 ~ PM 8:00 weekday. During weekday I might not have a much time. Also I live with my mother. My mother work from AM 8:30 ~ PM 9:00. As you already know, Koreans are very busy for living. 3. I can only host 1 person, maybe within 3~4 days. But for longer stay, I need to dicuss with my monther. And also my house only have 2 rooms, It means we need to share one room. And I donกฏt have a bed. Traditionally Korean just sleep on the floor. So please understand cultural differences. 4. my mobile phone number is 010 9751 0120. But if you are in overseas county, please dial add national code, 82 10 9751 0120 would be ok. 5. I don't smoke. so please don't ask Accommodation it you are smoker.
Lots of extra unused space. No beds or mattresses, however, at the present time. (It is the Korean custom to sleep on the floors anyway, which I often do.) Another note of potential interest to travellers is the utter 'commonplaceness' of VERY affordable saunas, throughout Korea (especially Seoul), which will you charge you not more than US$10 (or 10,000 KW) for an overnight's, dorm-style accomodation, in bunks and/or on the floor, as per Korean custom. The usual price (outside of hotel saunas) is closer to $5. These are not sex brothels: although men and women do get naked separately for the 'spa experience,' they can reclothe in mini-suits (provided by the sauna) and often sleep together in a common area (nonsexual, of course). So decent accomodation in Korea (like Thailand) is basically free. There is also an overabundance of "Love Motels" that typically charge no more than $40 (or 40,000 KW).
I live in Mapo near Hongdae, culture street with 3 lovely doggies.(well-trained/socialised wonderful citizens). If you don't like animals, then I'm not a good candidate for you ^^; (if you are not comfortable with dogs around you, please DO NOT send me a message!) When you send a couch request to me, please put the title as "I've read the couch information". This is a small studio-type apartment in a cozy environment. I have an extra room with a single bed, and I could provide a blanket and a pillow. The maximum stays would be 3-4 days. I could show you around when I'm off work. The location of my place is awesome with good transportation, cultural stuffs, parks, Han river.... No smoke, alcohol or drugs(never ever) Good manners and courtesy are essential during your stay.
It's a room without a bed, and it's not that big either, but it's basically in an apartment that my family lives in, so it will be comfortable with all the necessary living gadgets, a clean bathroom, home-cooked meals and all the stuff one needs to carry on with his living. It's not in Seoul, but it's very close, it's almost on the edge of Seoul, to the south of it. It's called Seoung-nam, and you'll be able to find it in your map of Korea. A train station is right nearby, and there are lots of buses. Since this is a complete family home, we cannot assure a long stay, but we can certainly provide a nice and warm, comfortable place for a tourist wishing to stay for a couple of days or even more if conditions allow. My family will enjoy a foreign guest's visit, too.
Seoul, Korea! Welcome to my favorite city in this whole world :)! My house is in Seochogu(서초구), Seoul! 2min. walk from Banpo station (subway line 7) and 2 bus stops! also 5min. Also 5min. walk from Jamwon station(subway line 3). Because of where my house is at, it's the most wanted and popular place to live in! We are very close to everything-shops, pubs, restaurants, hospital, school and Gangnam area! We'll offer you a room but sharing a bathroom with me (My parents have their own one in their room). My parents are the best cook! So you'll have Korean breakfast (it's optional) with my family otherwise, feel free to use kitchen, but you'll have to buy your own food. If you're ready to enjoy Seoul's dynamic atmosphere, don't hesitate :)!
We have an extra mattress in our spare room. we live in a two bedroom apartment in itaewon, Seoul. The subway station is 5 minutes walking distance from our house, and there are many foreign restaunants and bars nearby. The area we live in is were most of the soldiers, trannies, gays, and foreigners live. Our place is safe and comfortable and you can expect to have a hot shower and comfortable can wash your clothes and cook if you want aswell. we would prefer that you buy your own food and drink, but we do have fresh bottled drinking water and clean towels you can use. Also please know that we have two cats and we are a gay korean/canadian couple. If either of those things bother you, keep looking.
Hello, I'm Soyoung. I will be traveling around South America from July to Jan 2009. Sorry for not being able to provide a small area for you right now, but after I come back to Seoul, you are always welcome! ------------------ I am now living in Hongdae University area,Seoul. I have two rooms with kitchen, small loundge, and bathroom. It only takes about 10 minutes from my place to Metro(inner city subway), Hongdae Univ., green line (2) and to bus stations. And there is an airport remousine bus station near my house. (no. 602) You can cook yourself, but you have to bring your own food. (If possible, hopefully, I will treat you a traditional Korean food.) Feel free to contact for your wonderful holidays.

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