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Rather than spend money on Shanghai hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Shanghai from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Shanghai and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Shanghai with them in minutes!
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Apartment FOR RENT BY OWNER - - - Dushi Garden/Shanghai/China. Ecotypic Upholstery - Ecotypic habitation ( full furnishment better than 5 star HOTEL ) Dushi Garden - - - ADDRESS: 301 No. 1, 111 Lane, Fudu Rd, Xinzhuang Area, Minhang District, Shanghai/China( 3/17F - - - the intersection of Fudu Rd and Dushi Rd ). Brand new apartment building, - Brand new decoration - Brand new furnishment and commodity : well decorated( Ecotypic Upholstery ) and full furnishment and commodity. full furnishment and commodity are all much better than 5 star HOTEL. a) furnishment with aquarium-set( 1 meter ) / 3 TV-sets / 3 airconditioners / refrigerator / washing-machine / microwave oven ..., etc. b) commodity wity bedquilts / pillows/ a suit of sofa / toothbrushes / shampoo / toilet paper / bowl / cups / wine cups ....,etc. < NOTE >: Only take your personal baggage to live in this wonderful apartment. 2 bedchambers / living room / dining-room / kitchen / bathroom / storeroom / laundry-room / Big balcony ( Good apartment for living,comfortable inside and convenient outside ). The apartment also has an internal security system and 24 hours guards around the complex. The apartment also has an internal Park, Parking lot. Nearby a big & beauty Park and a traditional market. Circumjacent Facilities: Supermarkets, Shop Malls, Banks, Schools, Subway, near xinzhuang subway station * No. 1 & No. 5 * - - - 8 to 10 minutes walk to xinzhuang subway station. Perfect for a family( Size: 108 square meters ). Conditions: Minimum 1 year Rent : US$878 per month( or RMB 7200 per month ) with CATV fee / Internet fee / 1 parking space fee / property management fee. ( Pay 3 month deposit 2 month ). Contact: Mr. Lin Tel: (86) 13761539337 Email:
Small room but comfortable, new AC, new wash machine, mini kichen and pink girly bathroom (we paint it by ourselves :P), internet(you can send your travel pics to your friends and you can contact with your friends, I guess it's important for me as I know the feeling that travel alone without friends, I will be eager to know them and share my trip with them, if you don't have computer, you can use mine, but no porn website please, and I hope you can respect my privacy). Female is preferred. We are at the south of shanghai, if take the subway, then just 15 or 20 mins to downtown. Yes we are very close to everything-supermarket,metro,city-sight,restaurants. Feel free to use the kitchen, we have cookers as pan, forks, knives, chopsticks, spoons. But you have to buy your own food or if you don't think our food is simple, of course you can have food with us. We can cook nice Chinese food together if you want :)
A spare room is sometimes available if one of the housmates are away.. but usually it would be the couch or a mattress on the floor. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Shanghai subway (line 1) and 5 minutes walk to the central area in Xujiahui. Tonnes of restaurants around and a network of plazas/shopping centres. We're also 5 minutes walk from Shanghai stadium, a large supermarket, its a great area a little south of the centre of Shanghai. The apartment is a 3-bedroom - I share with an American girl (22 yo) and an Australian girl (19), and I'm also Austalian and 19. The apartment is 135sqm, modern and comfortable with wireless internet connection, 2 bathrooms, on the 5th floor of a 30F apartment building, with doormen and a convenience store about 50 metres along the street, a palza with lots of restaurants on the opposite side of the road, and bus stops outside the gate.
I am living in the north east of Shanghai (YangPu district), which is about 20min. away from the centre by bus. I am currently residing in a guesthouse with six other roommates. I don't have access to any empty rooms, and would have to have you sleep on the couch. Wash machine, internet, TV, mini kitchen and pink girly bathroom are available. If you want to go see a good music show in Shanghai or see an art gallery or what hot, you can contact me. I can't guarantee a great time, and you will have to spend money to have fun here. I also have a bike and mobile. If my apartment is not available, my bike or mobile should be available for most for time. if you need it, you can rent it free of charge. A bike tour in the city may be interesting. I can cook delicious Chinese food together if you want.
I live with my parents in an apartment which has two bed rooms, one living room, one kitchen, one toilet and a balcony. The apartment is located in a very typical Shanghai residential area which has convenient transportation and takes about 45 minutes bus ride to the downtown area. Life is convenient as a Carrefour is just within 5 minutes' walk. I can accommodate one person at one time who will share my room. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Of course, you will have the chance to taste a real Chinese flavor as my mom is really a good cook. I will show you around the city after work and at weekends and also give you a lot of local insight views about Shanghai and China.
Hello there. I am a shanghai china homestay house located :shunyi road 100# shanghai chian.near zhongshan park.go to zhongshan park 10 min by walk. Here's some basic information about our apartment and us: --convenient transportation. near the suyway station of line 11 and 3 and line 4. 11 can transful no 2. go to subway station 2-3 min by walk.Near central commercial area, great for shopping and daily life. 10 minutes walking to China east normal university. --a nice and comfortable apartment. single bedroom with bathroom available for the guest. Nice gargen, balcony, and dining room. --willing to provide language course. you can mail me: 86-13901798748 sky:lilyxv
I live in a 1 room flat, but I can offer my bed and room, and stay over at friends' whenever u want to visit me; also i am definitely getting a 2-room apt in September, so then I can offer a bed, a room and my precious company in a neat wash&go package; the district is Pudong, not near the centre but very Chinese, bathroom, kitchen, u know all the stuff u need to survive, it's a 1 minute walk to the nearest bus that takes u to the metro, that takes u to the center, 1 hour to the center depending where u want to get off; i'm also available for walking u round the city, finding some cool places and events and basically being a nice hostess, as long as u're a nice guest; take care everyone, see u soon ewa
i have a spare bedroom which has a comfortable sofabed and you'll even have your own bathroom. i have a kitchen but i only use the fridge in there since i don't really cook so you'll have to provide your own food. people's square is about a 15-20 min taxi ride away (depending on the trafic) and so are lots of bars/clubs. I also have an extra bycicle that you could use if you are up for that. For the moment there's no subway near (though they're working on it) but there's plenty of buses that will take you wherever you need to go. the neighborhood itself is more local, with an early freshmarket just outside the door and a 24h convenience store where you can walk in wearing your pyjama's!
A spare flat with 1 master room and 1 guest room and a roomy attic which is about 20km away from downtown Shanghai and is quite close to the famous Qibao (Seven Treasures) Ancient town of Shanghai built around 1000 years ago. The flat is decorated and furnitured, but you would need to buy your own daily food and supplies. It's a quite mature community with shops, restaurants and public tranport around. You can connet the subway line 9 by taking 2 stops of bus which is at the gate of the community. Though it's a spare flat but we still have private storage there which we would point out to you if one of you would be our guest.
I am living alone in a flat around 60 square meters, with one kitchen, one bathroom, one living room and two bed rooms. The guests could live in another small bedroom around 15 square meters with spare beds, or otherwise live on the floor either in living room or the other bed room. The flat is located in pudong aread, it is not downtown, however quite convenient to the downtown either by bus and by taxi. around 20 mints to downtown by bus or taxi. There is a supermarket and several convenient stores around my flat. The kitchen is avaliable to use. Maximum acormordation capacity : 3 people i guess.

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