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Accommodation information in and around Shenzhen.

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Rather than spend money on Shenzhen hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Shenzhen from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Shenzhen and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Shenzhen with them in minutes!
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Located in the city suburb,this 2bedroom condominium apartment is within walking distance to the bus stop and a short ride to the city,less than the subway train. Feel free to use the kitchen and other home facilities as long as you help tidy up after use. You may sleep on a bed in a separate air-conditioned room if no one is using,at other times,sleep on matress in the living room. I am work in a export trading company ,I can accommodate up two persons,.All age group welcome - students to mature professionals.Go ahead party outside all night if you must,but please come back home sober and clean! My place is ideal for the weary traveller who wants to recharge himself as he plans and explores regional countries.
Small room, single bed, mattressŁ¬couch, for 1-3 people.Convenient for everything- shops, restaurants, public transport. It's close to the bus stop, the coach station, the port and the airport. 2' to the bus stops with a lot of main routes. 2' to the supermarket and the stores. 5'ˇ˘10' to the coach stations. 20' to the airport by taxi or 30'by bus. 15' to the port by taxi or 25' by bus. 5'ˇ˘20' to the train stations by taxi or 10'ˇ˘30' by bus. It's quite a good choice to go via Hong Kong when you travel from other countries to China. You can come to Shenzhen from Hong Kong and start your happy journey in China, because that's a better choice for budget travellers into China.
2 small rooms provided for global freeloaders. Single bed, mattess for 1-2 people or a couple with a kid, desks,closets inside them. It's a 3 room apartment. It is convenient for everything- shops, department stores, restaurants of many chinese styles, public transport. It's close to the bus station, the coach station, the port and the airport, it's convenient to go to other parts of Shenzhen city, the other cities of Guangdong province, other provinces and especially quick to Hong Kong and Macao. It's quite a good choice to have a rest in Shenzhen when you travel from other country via Hong Kong to China.
my place is very close to luohu railway station and luohu port, just 8 mins walk from railway station. big shopping malls, dining and bar places are 20m away ( just go downstairs and cross the road). this is a old residential building. however, my flat is clean and safe. If you're coming alone you'll have to sleep on the couch, otherwise on the floor (sheets provided).so 1 or 2 people should be ok. pillows, blankets, hot shower , city map, drinking water , chinese tea are available. i don't cook everyday, but have a working kitchen, so you can cook if you like.
A small living room with a small couch available , seems a little bit narrow ( sorry ,but you know it is expensive to live in these big cities ,that's all I could provide :) Hence, I could accommodate one person up to 5 nights. Hope you do not mind our dog running through the apartment . The place in Shekou ,45min by bus to the down-town ,about 25min walk to the Sea world , which most of clubs and bars locate . plz contact me to make sure I am in the town before you arrive . good day ,
The spare room in the basement always is for is with a comfortable double bed.We are in downtown and close everyting like shops,pubs,restaurants and public transport.At night and in the early morning our community is quiet and you can hear natural sounds from frogs,birds and varied insects. All of facilities like kitchen bathroom,shampoo etc. are free for using. If you would like,we will be happy to provide free Chinese food.If I am not too busy,I am glad to drive you around the city.
we have tree bedroom apartment in nanshan district. the apartment is 120m2 and we are a married couple. Our apartment is in the centre of nanshan, very close to the university, shops, department stores and only 5 mins taxi to shekou wher you can find nice restaurants, bars and clubs. Im turkish and my husbad is finnish. we live in shenzhen for 3 years and we know the city very well so that we can give you city tour if you are interested in. we both work as freelance so we have alot of spare time.
I am still in college, so my room is exactly a dorm. Our campus is convinient to the places which are often visited. And of course you can easily get what you want on campus. Our dorm was supposed to be for teachers. It is a department about 90 square meters and contains livingroom, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The couch is sitting in the livingroom. You can use the kitchen but I have to say it is not that convinient because the university has cut off the electrocity of kitchen.
A small room with a comfortable single bed in my big house sized 3 bedroom in the suburb of ShenZhen,GuanDong Province,China.It's convenient for taking bus,going to shops and restaurants .and I am glad to take u to anywhere of the city by my car.Kitchen is also available with some chinese food. Another room with a comfortable single bed in another big house sized 3 bedroom in the downtown of ShenZhen,very closed to the subway,bus station,cinema ,music hall and shop-mall.
It's a sleeper couch in a studio apartment. The same room also has my double bed. You can cook if you like, (I don't) but please buy your own food and clean up after afterwards or eat out - it's extremely cheap to do so. It's close to Lowu (Luohu) train station and border crossing and the metro (halfway between two stations.) Bathroom with shower and toilet. Lots of public transport options, banks, clubs, spas, etc.

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