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Really sorry to say that i do not have much space in my room and would only be able to squeeze in one more person by laying a matress on the floor. i would gladly offer my couch in the tv room but the sad fact is that i'm still staying with my parents and i can't call the shots in the apartment... Buses and train stations are easily accessible anywhere in singapore so it's no exeception for my place... For those who know a little more about singapore, I stay at bedok or in other words, the eastern part of singapore... It's more of a residential area but your able to get the basic necessities from nearby provision shops... Although I wouldn't guarantee that the stay would be an exquisite one, I'll be happy to play host giving a personal tour (provided i'm not working for the day) and just chill out whenever i'm free... you can say i'm just too bored and always trying to find an activity for the day... erm... yup, thats all the details i can think of at the moment but feel free to contact me for any further enquiries...
In the meantime, I only have two spare mattresses. Girls will sleep with me and boys will sleep with my brother. I live in a 3-story mezzanine semi-detached gated house with a garden on the front, on the east coast. It is within 5 minutes walking distance to the highway and the east coast beach. It is about 5kms away from the whole stretch of a wide variety of bars/pubs and eateries on this side of the East Coast. The bus stop is within 20 steps, the train station is 5 minutes away by bus, and the city is accessible by a straight bus which takes about twenty minutes to reach (it's actually pretty fast but the traffic is what causes the time to stretch). My house is 10 minutes away by bus from the town centre which has a huge hawker centre, a huge shopping mall and rows of little shops.
I live in Kembagan which is situated in the east side of Singapore. Not far from the airport and not far from the City itself either. But if you are going to places like the zoo and all, you would be in for quite a long ride, taking the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit). I live with my Family. Have my parents and 2 brothers. Well , There is 2 places for you to sleep in. One would be the living room. Where i can allow up to 3 person to lie down. But sadly only fans available in the living room. Or you could sleep in my room. Where there's aircon but I'm afraid there's room only for 2 more people.. excluding me.. But this can all be negotiated. My house is quite accessible using the MRT. A 10-15 mins walk would do.. Or you could take buses too.. That would take a 7 - 10 min walk.
A well appointed 3-BR apartment in a fine part of Singapore on the West side. Convenient to the MRT (Rail) and bus transport. About 20 minutes to the centre by MRT. Buses direct to and from Holland Village and Orchard Road. The apartment is clean, and a non-smoking, vegetarian environment. Can accommodate one or two travellers for up to one week. Wireless internet and use of my Apple Mac station when I'm not working on it. One spare bedroom, furnished and linen provided. Independent bathroom. House fully furnished with modern amenities. Use of the TV lounge. Well equipped kitchen with gas and microwave - but no meat / fish products in the apartment please. Fridge and washing machine. You will have to arrange beforehand, as I'm often away in Asia / Europe / America.
My property was sold.No accomadation now untill further notice.Available to be your guide and companion experienced travelling in SEA when u call on me early ahead.Now i am residing both in Kuala lumpur,Malaysia and CBD,Singapore.Able to speak English,Chinese-Mandarin.cantonese,hakka,teochew,hokien.hainam,meenam;Malay,Indonesia,Thai and Taiwan dialects.A frequent backpacker leader organised the new travel group to ThaiLand...beaches,islands,mountains,eco-tour,trekking,monument&heritage,urban&villages,art-music-dance,hilltribe dewlling and vibrant city on. SMS +6016 6936129
I have a spare bedroom with a queen-sized bed, which can cater to 2 people for 3 days at most during the summer months. It's located in a 5 room flat in aljunied. My flat is 15 mins (walk) away from the train station but it is near the city, and once you get on the train, the city is 10 mins away. Feel free to use the kitchen but please cater to your own food. If my mom cooks though, you are more than welcome to join us. Please come home before midnight or return early the next morning as I live with my parents. We'd be happy to give you directions and help :)
Located in the city suburb,this 2bedroom condominium apartment is within walking distance to the bus stop and a short ride to the city,less than the subway train. There is a swimming pool and gymnasium for your recreational needs. Feel free to use the kitchen and other home facilities as long as you help tidy up after use. You may sleep on a bed in a separate air-conditioned room if no one is using,at other times,sleep on mattress.
I live with my parents and have my own room. I'm interested in art and photograhy, and my room is nicely decorated with some of my works. You would have to sleep on a roll-away bed in the same room as I. Hence, I would be more comfortable with girls. I live in the western part of Singapore. It's convenient fo take a bus or the MRT( from Chua Chu Kang Station) to town and other interesting places. I would be glad to host you and bring you around...
So I can provide the following options, depending on how many rooms are taken: 1. Couch in Living Room OR 2. Queen Bed in Guest Room OR 3. Mattress in Spare Room OR 4. Bunk Bed in Spare Room My house is in North East Singapore, near 2 malls and 1 Train Line that will take you to Orchard road in 28 minutes. This line also goes to Clarke Quay (Nightspot), Chinatown and Harbourfront. Airport is 15 minutes by Cab or 55 minutes by Bus
I live in a small flat with my mum in a central part of S'pore. Only 5 min drive from downtown. Although I have a large couch, my mum is not always keen on people staying. However, sometimes it's ok so just email me and I'll get back to you. However, I'm definitely up for meeting up for drinks and bringing you around. Just let me know if you need any information regarding S'pore. I'll be glad to help :) See you in S'pore soon!

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