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Accommodation information in and around Stuttgart.

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Rather than spend money on Stuttgart hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Stuttgart from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Stuttgart and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Stuttgart with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Stuttgart!
I am living in a huge flat right in the middle of Stuttgart. Just 30 seconds walk to the nearest tram station and only 5 minutes walk to the city center. So basically everything you need is literally a few steps away--restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, cinemas, museum, grocery, etc. It is located in a quieter area so anyone can always expect a good night's sleep. The flat is with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with washing machine and dryer. It has a spacious living area with decent entertainment system and I have WLAN installed. However, I am living alone so I only have one bedroom. It's a huge bedroom with double-size bed. Depending on the circumstances, I can either offer you my room or you can stay in the living area (which i rarely use) with a sleeping couch. I think it is spacious enough I can put sleeping mattresses to comfortably accomodate up to three people.
You'll share the room with me I have a very small room (24m²) in a dormitory with a little balkony. (there you can smoke or just relax) You'll sleep on the couch in the same room. I have no pets and I'm a non-smoker. I have a seperate blanket and pillow - so no need to bring your own :-) My working times are changing almost every day, because I'm working different shifts. I can't tell you which days are the best for your stay, 'cause I am also working on the weekends/holidays. I have only 1 key, so you have to leave the house with me and come back when I am home. You can cook or prepare your food in my kitchen and store your things in my fridge. Downtown Stuttgart is about 2,5km far from my home. You can take the tram easily. It's just 2 Blocks away from my home. If you like to walk it's about 20-30Minutes to downtown.
I am living in a studio flat (which basically means that there is just one room in total). So if you wanna come over you kind of need to share my little shoebox (as I affectionately call my all in one living room/bed room/kitchen space - others probably would call it a bit of a messy hell hole). Anyway, it is bang on in the middle of Stuttgart, in the old part of town, also known as the red light district. I am not kidding you. Although there are loads of not so great points about my tiny place, the one thing that is great is that it is close to absolutely everything (30 seconds walk way from the tram station) and nice bars and cafés are literally round the corner.
I have space on the floor of my bedroom for a sleeping bag or two. 10 min walk to Bad Cannstatt train station, which has connections to all parts of the city. There is an Aldi around the corner and several restaurants, parks, beergardens and stores within a 10 min walk. The Wasen fairgrounds and the Neckar River are a 15 minute walk. You can use the kitchen and bathroom, and possibly my bike when I am not using it. I share the flat with a roommate, so please be respectful and clean when you are here. We do not have a spare key, so you will need to communicate with me about times you need to be at the apartment.
I'm living with two flatmates in a three-room-apartment. Unfortunately I only can offer a sofa or a matress on the floor in my own room. We have only one bath-room, so in the morning rush hour it is sometimes occupied. However, when you will come to my home, you will always receive at least a place to sleep, a towel and a cool beer. Hopefully I have some time for you for common cooking or showing you around in Stuttgart. My apartment is located near to several public transport stations, so now problem to come to me without car (~30min from the airport, ~10min from main station etc.).
I live in a flat together with another woman. The flat has two rooms. Guests must share a room with me, because we have no separate living room. The flat is lying in the city of Göppingen. You have to walk about five minutes to reach midtown. Göppingen itself is a small town 40 kilometres away from Stuttgart (the capital city of Baden-Württemberg). You can come at Stuttgart by train. Other cities nearby are for example Ulm and Tübingen. Some sights around Göppingen: the Oberhofenchurch, the municipal museum as also a castle called Hohenstaufen.
We've got different opportunities for you to stay: Usually, there's a seperate room for you to stay. Otherwise, there will allways be enough space for you on my sofa or the spare bed. We live in Ludwigsburg, which was the old capital of Württemberg, about 15kms from Stuttgart. There are a couple of beautiful old castles and buildings here, and the public transport system to Stuttgart is very good. You'll be in Stuttgart in about 30 mins. There are a couple of shops around the corner to get some food, but probably you could eat with us.
I can offer a nice stay at my cozy medium size spare bed (best for 1 person or a couple). My town, Pluederhausen, is located 30 minutes out of Stuttgart and we have a good train connection to the city center. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, you can either buy your own food or we can share the costs and cook together :)...I would love to prepare some of my favorite meals for you in exchange for some new recipes! :) If I'm not to busy while your here, I could also show you the loveliest places in the Remstal and Stuttgart.
Dear ladies and gentlemen! I'm Clemens from Tübingen (Germany)! A friend of mine and me would like to spend a few days in your lovely city - rome from 27.02.15-04.03.15. We study medicine and are 24 and 21 years old. Do you have a free couch, or place on the floor to sleep? We take everything and even for some of the days we spend in rome. Or do you know somebody who could host us for free or for a very low price? Thank you for any help! Best regards! Clemens
Red comfortable couch (for 2 persons) in the living room in a 3 room flat in the suburb Bad Cannstatt, close to Stuttgart. It is about 20 minutes with public transport to Stuttgart. The station is 2 minutes walk from the appartment. The appartment is very calm. We have a balcony with a wonderful view on Stuttgart. You can use the kitchen. There´s a shop 5 minutes walk from our place. It is a good opportunity for both relaxing and exploring Stuttgart.

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