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You are already enlightened. But you are not aware of it. What you need is awareness of your enlightenment. The basic idea that you are separate from the universe, separate from everything (and everyone) else, is just an illusion - not just spiritually, but physically. Scientists have proven that the materials that make up your physical body, the earth and everyone else come from one source... everything you are and see around you came from the same massive explosion billions of years ago. You are one with everything but your not aware of it. On a Quantum Physics scale, you could fit the entire universe into a space the size of a tennis ball. Inside you there are two main centers - your ego and your enlightened self. Each is responsible for different aspects of what you currently know as you. Between the two main centers is your heart center which connects them. I will show you how to open your heart center as you read on. The ego's purpose is as a survival mechanism. However, the expectations of the wider world have made it much more than that. Every human being is a Buddha, capable of unconditional love, total freedom and responding to life rather than reacting to it, but the ego prevents this by identifying with social conditioning and creating false needs and conflicts and an illusory sense of identity that becomes nothing more than the repressor of the unlimited self within. The entire illusion that you exist separately from the universe, as an ego, is just that, an illusion. Your ego is not real. Only your true enlightened self is real. Your true enlightened self is not capable of harm. Any harm done is from your ego. So if you can go beyond your ego, you can have unlimited freedom that will allow you to experience things that are beyond your dreams. Rules exist to prevent egos from doing harm. If you are beyond harm, you wont need them anymore. In the future, we will have a world with complete freedom. The small community I am The ego is limited at best. It depends on misery to exist. Only if you are surrounded by misery, can you be separate. In misery you are separate, in ecstasy you are lost like a drop in the ocean. Your ego does not want to be lost, so it keeps you in fear of things in which it will naturally become lost, like Love, bliss, ecstasy... Whatever problems you have, if you look deeply inside yourself with knowledge of how your ego works you will be able to trace them all back to your ego. While your ego does fear being lost, it will be lost one day anyway, it has a limited lifespan - when you die, your ego will also die. It ego doesn't have any consciousness of its own. Your unlimited consciousness is eternal - become conscious of this and you will have eternal life. You are conscious because of the enlightened consciousness within you, this is what makes you alive. Without this consciousness behind your ego, you would be one big lifeless robot. It is your awareness. It is possible to become robot-like and feel less alive or not very alive at all, by becoming very absorbed in your ego. The more absorbed in it you are, the more distant your awareness will be and the less alive you will feel. People who start wars and harm others are always absorbed in their egos and are generally unconscious of themselves and the totality of their actions. If we can all learn to move beyond our egos, we will have world peace. Your enlightened consciousness is unlimited - it is one with everything else. It doesn't possess things or people - its a part of everything and everyone. It is love. Whenever you feel love, it comes from here. What keeps your centered in your ego is your choice. Without a choice to move beyond from your ego and into your unlimited consciousness, one thousand masters cannot help you. You don't need a Master just to go beyond your ego. It goes away from time to time already. Whenever you relax, it goes away. Whenever your in Love, it goes away. In any kind of Bliss or Ecstasy, it will go away. It comes back when you move out of these states. If you have a Master, you will much more easily be able to go beyond it completely and I'm more than willing to help there, but its not necessary to have a Master simply to move beyond your ego, or to benefit from Meditation. Love connects everything in the universe together, so if you can feel Love, you will have a taste of the tip of the enlightened consciousness within you. The technique below will help you move from ego consciousness into heart consciousness and will move you into a state of deep bliss. Any problems you have will become dream-like, it will be as if they are not real. Love comes from your heart center. Sometimes it may feel like it comes from another person. You feel Person A, so you think Person A is giving you Love. But in fact, Person A was just the catalyst that made you aware of the Love that is already inside yourself. So when you feel the Love from this technique, it will be pure love and you will notice it has a different quality. It won't be attached to any particular person. Once you feel it, you will know what Love is. Everything else you feel isn't love, but something the ego has built on top of it. So many people don't know what Love is. There are many people who think they know, but they have mistaken something else for Love. Everyone should do this technique, so that they know what Love is. One thing you will notice is when the Love comes, all of your problems will become dream-like, as if they are not real. You will be in total bliss, your problems will not trouble you anymore. The Love is there always, even when your not aware of it, so even feeling the Love once will make your problems less than what they are now. To feel the Love within must be relaxed. To relax is one of the most complex things one can do. Many times a person has come to me and they have said "When I relax, I always notice theres a part of me that isn't completely relaxed". This is actually a good thing - becoming aware of a problem is the first step in fixing it. To relax, its always best to start with the body. Here we are going to learn a way to relax your entire being, starting with your body. Your entire being is made up of layers - The body on the outside - deeper in is your ego, then your heart. The deepest layer is your enlightened consciousness. To relax completely, go from the outside in. Start with your body. Lie down in a comfortable position. Focus on a particular muscle, pick any. Then, in your mind, in a loving voice, say to that muscle "Relax...". You will find that your body will respond to your commands, because its your body. Then progressively relax all of your muscles - start with your lower muscles, in your legs. If you find it hard to focus on a particular muscle, tense it up a little bit, then relax it and say in your mind "Relax", in a nice, loving voice... it will be easier to sense the tension with it being a little tense. Start with the lower muscles, work your way up your body, your arms....all the way up to your face and the top of your head. Pay particular care with your face muscles, its where 90% of the tension is stored. The muscles in your face are subtle, but can be detected by making a tense expression on your face, as if you were very angry. Once your whole body is relaxed, in the same way that you have been giving the muscles in your body commands to relax, give your mind a command to relax. Let thoughts come and go - treat them like clouds. You don't look at the sky and try to control the clouds, so why try to control your thoughts. Let them go, eventually there will be no thoughts left and you will be completely thoughtless, your mind will be completely relaxed. Now we will go deeper - your heart is going to relax. But we wont give it a command, just silently give it permission. We are talking about the heart center in your energy body, not your physical heart. Its located between your shoulders and there is always peace there. Whenever you feel Peaceful, whenever you feel Love, it comes from here. Focus on the area between your shoulders. Allow the area to be filled with peace....Feel the peace. Don't try to force it - it will come by itself. Feel the peace. Normally, to feel peace first you have to feel Love with another, then in their arms you feel peaceful. You become dependent on others for peace. But Love can happen the other way around, from the peace shall come Love. Let the peace become Love. And it will be pure Love - not attached to anyone - not possessing anyone - when its gone there will be no pain, it will always be there deep down - this is the Love that comes from our shared existence - pure love from the universe. Love is in the present - and the present is eternal. Wheresoever you might go - the present will always be there. The present is another dimension. Our idea of time is wrong, we see time as one line going from past, present in the middle, then the future. But the past and future do not exist. The present is completely separate from the past and the future, it is another dimension. Because Love is in the present, it is eternal and when you experience Love, it like it will last forever. Love is a part of the present, the glue that holds it together. Because the present is eternal Love is eternal - but were only aware of Love sometimes. Learn to become aware of Love all the time. -Ayakari-
my name is (ahmad aldari) i am Arab middle east man im palestnian Iraqis i have dual natonality citizenship jordanian and Iraqi,i born in baghdad Iraq,i lived all my life in Iraq, in 2005 i moved of it because of persecuton and murder there the wars and terror in Iraq then moved to jordan around 7 years i worked there some jobs, now i live in australia around 5 years between Perth and Sydney,i humble and simple person i have hobby in traveling,i have been some countries,Syria,Lebanon,Egypt,morocco turkey,india,Cyprus,saudi arabia,Qatar,indonesia,i looking for free accommodation with aussie family at Hobart tas or different places in Tas i can give free service.i no smoke no drink i'm quiet man i haven't got centrelink salary also i'm not working i'm interested to move there because i want learn and improve my language english as well,so this is my skills full name:ahmad aldari address; fairfield Sydney, NSW date of birth:15/04/1984 Experience:hypermarket 2006 - 2012 Amman jordan 1-salesman at home appliances sales company in Jordan stores markets for a year in Jordan from.2005 to2006 2-grocery worker at groceries with the American Jordanian company of the store markets of Jordan for a year in Jordan from .2006 to2007 3-trolley collection Customer Service worker carrefour hypermarket for a period of 6 months of Jordan 4-salesman, at household sales company in Saudi Lulu hypermarkets for a year in Saudi Arabia from .2009 to2010 5-trolley collection customer service in woolworths shopping center at perth western australia around 1year in 2014,2015 6-i professional cooker, i have experience cooker around 15 years in that job but i don't have certificate of completion from company because i do that job for myself, i love cooking, i cook very delicious Arabian middle eastern food 1 - Certificate of ninth grade secondary i left school at 2002, no degree 2 - good knowledge of the use of computers and the internet&websites languages Arabic (Fluent) English (Intermediate)(good) notice:i have tax file number and working visa with permission to work,but i dont have car and driving licence,I use transport,that is all for the present so if you interested about my situation please give me call or text,on(047-041-5936)email(👍
Shared Sleeping Surface: Depends Shared Room: Depends Depends on time which can vary from very comfortable bed but I will do my best to keep you comfortable give you some bread to break while we chat over tea about something random but perhaps meangingful at a odd hour and i might oick your brain for travel tips while you might crack mine. Bearing in mind I do only want to have optimally 1-2 COUCHSURFERS at once (people who travel together, ie friend, couples) so we can know each other better. Any surprises as from dialogue. I.e. 6 GUESTS rocking up - friend of friend of friend rocking up SPONTANEOUSLY WILL NOT BE WELCOME- I think that defeats the whole purpose of couchsurfing as it is - which is spending good time with each other. You can stay 1-3 days optimally (depending on current situation of my life, how well we get along with each other and I reserve the right to ask you to leave if something happens but don't worry I won't kick you out on the street if we come to that realisation in the middle of the night * Opposite to Gordon station. * Bus to the Macquarie Uni 5 minutes. * Train is 30 minutes from the city and runs frequently every 10 minutes on weekdays and 15 minutes on weekends. Gordon is a leafy North Shore suburb known for its quiet beautiful area, safe environment, nice environment for family and kids. The apartment is fully furnished with modern décor furniture and fully recently cleaned and furnished to provide the optimal living conditions. No Pets I am busy working but happy to hang out when I can I dont mind sleeping in with right people es I have blankets Depending on whats available, a few days here and there won't hurt. Gordon is great for public transport - and driving north, south, east west of sydney. I dont smoke but enjoy the occasional drink. 2-5 days is okay.,
**** RIGHT NOW I AM TRAVELING SO I DO NOT HAVE A BED TO OFFER **** I live at Stucco (, a student co-operative housing 38 students of the University of Sydney. The first thing you should know about Stucco is that there is no tolerance of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of intolerance. So please if you even consider bringing any bad vibes here, or anywhere you go, you can stop reading now. Now that is out of the way, Stucco is a magical place in Newtown, about 20 minutes walk from Central or 5 minutes on the train and roughly 10 minutes on the bus. It is really close to lovely parks, lots of restaurants, and some great nights out. Although to be honest you probably wont wont to leave as we have a tranquil courtyard, a huge garage and hall, an amazing rose garden on the roof. There are 38 people who live here here in total, each divided into separate units, of which there are 4 others who live with me. The couch is actually a double-bed in a spare room, that would be yours. It's perfect for someone or a couple. We also have a sofa-bed and couches on which you are welcome to sleep if there if there is more than one. My housemates are completely amazing, and if you catch us during holidays we'll be happy to take you with us on whatever awesome adventure we are going on. Whether it be abseiling in the mountains, watching a doco at doco club, a rocking warehouse party, glow-worming or anything in between! If we're busy we'll be sure to point you in the right direction to see some sights and go to some awesome gigs. Whatever you're into, we'll know something on! We don't mind if/what you smoke, we're pretty chilled about most things.
We have a medium size bedroom with a single bed,(and a double mattress if required)fully furnished room in the lower Blue Mountains, Emu Plains.We live about a 15 minute walk from the train station in a safe and quiet area.We live less than 10 min walk from the local shopping centre.A trip to Sydney will take and hour by train and about 50 mins to The Blue Mountains - Three Sistsers. We would like to make more international friends thats why we are offering our spare bedroom in case one day we travel your way. We have one dog who is adorable, and will welcome you straight away.We have a pool, bbq facilties which you can use at any time. We would include you in as much as our life for your stay as possible, this includes family dinners, nights out and show you as much of Sydney as we could by car so the experience wouldn't be so daunting You will have to get your own food, we can supply basics, like bread and milk etc - but you can contribute to shopping or get your own. We are both very easy going Aussies and i (Natalie) have travelled quite a bit of Europe and the USA ( we have both travelled) My boyfriend is in a band so the opportunity to watch live music and to make more friends and come to social outings with us. Our house will also be yours so the internet and washing machine you can help yourself too -in return just need to be neat! We will email you back within 24 hours so if you need somewhere to stay, let us know.
Hello! My husband and I will be traveling to New Zealand June 25-July 16 and will need a place to stay for the night (or nights). We don't have money and are resorting to sites like this and couchsurfing. We seemed to have not budgeted our money well and would greatly appreciate you opening your home to us. We can do any chores(lasting two hours or less) that won't take up the whole day since we would like to do some free site seeing while in New Zealand. We would love to earn our keep. My husband has been cutting hair for 11 years now and would gladly cut your hair for accommodation. We can sleep anywhere you have available and don't mind sleeping on the floor. Now, that the nitty gritty is out of the way. Let me just tell you that we are a loving vegetarian couple (we don't preach our lifestyle haha) that loves to immerse ourself in the culture wherever we go and we love connecting with new people and essentially making friends for life. We are big on not taking advantage of people. If you ever came to California after hosting us in your home. We would gladly let you stay with us and show you around. We are respectable and clean up after ourselves. You can be really picky with us and let us know your house rules so we can abide by them. Other than that, we would love to spend the rest of our time getting to know you as much or as little as you would like us to. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Mark and Roxy
So what's available when I'm around? A single bed mattress on the floor in our living room (I live with my flatmate in a 2 bedroom townhouse). Prefer one person at a time. Max stay 5 days (depending on how nice you are)! I live on the lower north shore in Sydney - 15 mins walk to the nearest train station & 5 mins walk to the nearest bus stop. Close to the city (15 mins on the train/bus) and local shopping. My parents live down the road & they have a large backyard & a swimming pool which can be used in summer. I can provide towels, blankets & pillows & you have access to the kitchen, shower, laundry & wireless internet however it is expected that you provide your own food and toiletries. I am pretty independent and rarely @ home but love showing people around the city. Its a great place to explore and I'd be more than happy to play tour guide if I'm around. I'm very easy-going & generous & will provide some meals during your stay if you're willing to lend a hand. I used when I was in Canada in 2001 & stumbled upon as well when I was travelling in the UK/Europe this year. Feel free to have a look at my references on there as well. I have also hosted a few people. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Our house is located in Shelly Beach, 1.5 hours north of Sydney. Shelly Beach is a combination of suburbia/quiet seaside resort located half-way between Terrigal and The Entrance on the central coast of NSW. A nice stop for a day or two if you're travelling from Sydney to Brisbane or vice-versa, or for a week-end away out of Sydney. The house is a short 5mn walk to a great surf beach. Access from Sydney is by train (Newcastle line)and then bus. We have a couple of spare mattresses that we will be happy to put in the lounge for you. You will be sharing a bathroom with our 3 children (aged 19, 19 and 13). We are a French family. French and English are spoken fluently at home. You are welcome to have dinner with us and tell us more about you and your travels. Breakfast is tea/coffee/ juice/milk, toast and cereal. Anything else you need, please bring. There's a supermarket and shopping centre within walking distance. (Note - because your accommodation is in our lounge room, we would expect the mattresses to be put away during the day and your personal effects be kept to a neat and tidy pile. Messy and scruffy types not welcome, sorry.)
Hi Fellow Travellers, Crows Nest/Wollstonecraft just across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Crows Nest is an abundance of cheap to expensive restaurants, shops and bars/pubs with live bands usually playing on weekends. 10 minutes to Sydney CBD by bus, 10 minute walk to 2 train stations, 2 minute walk to shops, 30 second walk to bus stops, 10 minute drive to the beach and close to pretty much everything. My place is a great base to explore Sydney from in a complex with pool, spa, sauna, gym, and tennis court. Dependent on availability, I can offer you a sunroom with a single bed, or else a sofa to sleep on with full amenities at your disposal. The bathroom is larger than normal with a seperate modern shower recess and large bath. The kitchen is fully equipped if you like cooking. I also have an internal laundry with both washing machine and clothes dryer. I am located on the ground floor and the apartment is north facing so gets a lot of sun most of the day depending on the time of the year. I have a small balcony, complete with reclining chairs and modern gas barbeque.
My Name is Amanda (age 24) and I share a 2 bedroom,1 bathroom flat on Sydney's North Shore with my partner (age 34.)We have a flatmate (from china) who occupies the 2nd bedroom. We are able to pull out a single mattress in the lounge room, or you can sleep on the leather lounge (which is also very comfortable to sleep on.) We can provide you with fresh sheets/blankets and pillows so you don't need to worry about that! We have no issues with sharing the kitchen, aslong as you are tidy and clean up after yourself! Our apartment is in a quite area (average age 20-29 working class.) Our apartment is in a lovely, safe area and is only a 2 min walk to the train uastation. In total it's a 10 min train ride (4 stops)and you are in the city! Bondi is about a 30 min train trip. p.s- At the moment my flatmate is in China (until end of July) so if you will be in Sydney prior to this date you also have the option of using the spare room. The spare room has a single bed and we can put a mattress on the floor if you are a couple/friends.

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