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Rather than spend money on Taiwan hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Taiwan from a local's perspective!

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We stayed in the south part of Taiwan, called Tainan, the city is the oldest one with lots traditional events going around the whole year. The place which we lived is near the high way, about 10 min to the train station, 20 min to the high speed train station, in Taiwan now , it's very easy to travel around, you can only take two hours from the south to north by high speedy train. About 15 min to the city centre, here the restaurant is very easy and cheap to get a bit , and if want to save the money, night market is the best choice for you, fruit can buy in the morning traditional market, for you to visit Taiwan, Tainan is the first city and best way to explore! For the transportation, motorbike is easy to rent and visit the deeper side of the city, also take a bike is the most popular to do so.
Two simply bedrooms in my medium sized apartment in Toucheng of Yilan. It's very close to Taipei.(it's a 40 minutes bus to Taipei downtown or 10 minutes train ride into Yilan downtown). And, it just by - restaurants and public transport Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food from market with 200 meters and you have to clean it yourself. Our place would be a great base to explore both Taipei even all over Taiwan. Only 3 minutes, you can got train station. You are stay at 5th stair and we are at 6th stair of the building, so you'll be very freedom and privacy to stay here. Please contact us before one month, when you plan for staying here.
We live in Tainan, in the southern part. Our place is rustic and basic. Accommodation would be pads on the floor, in the front room. We are a family of four. So not even a lot of room in the fridge, but you can bring your own food and we'll try to make room. You'll need to have your own transportation as we are a bit away from everything. The advantage is that we are across the street from a cool bike path and the beach. If you want to use this as simply a place to crash, then it can work. During certain times, the area is used as a classroom.
I am the owner of the house. I have a big guest room with a comfortable double bed in my medium size.Besides,kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan, so we are very close to everything-shops,restaurants and public is also provided while you want to deeply explore everythings around here.Taiwan people are very famous for their hospitality, so if you have any need, I will do my best to help you.
I live in a country town with my parents in Hualien County,Taiwan . There are two spare rooms in our house,and we can take care of about five guests. Our place located in the center of town is very closed to public transport(train and bus),restaurants,markets. Whole appliances in the house may be used free while you are here. If you come here, you will experience peaceful country life in Taiwan.
The whole building is full of concrete 1st floor for the debris area (bathroom and toilet) 2 floor large room (air / refrigerator / wifi / computer / tables and chairs) Has not yet purchased a bed and related accommodation to provide the furniture (Please contact us early and tell you to buy)
We have a twin bed room available with attached toilet/shower to welcome guests . The house is located in the sea side suburd of Taipei city if you prefer the tranquality of ocean and hill.If you are preparing to explore northern Taiwan this is a place you can consider.
Located in Taoyuan.20 minutes driving to the airport. Couch available in living room. Can fit one person. Place is very close to the night market and campus. If you do wanna try some Taiwanese local food. Here will be the best spot ever.
there are 4 people in my family.We live in a small apartment.Even though it is small,it is sweet one.You could know what the chinese family is like.And i can take you to visit Tainan(the city where i am),or everyplace u want to explore.
One single bedroom, 20 min from Taoyuan airport and we are near CKS Arts District in Taoyuan City. you can use computer here and there are lots of food around here.

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