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Rather than spend money on Tallahassee, Leon hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Tallahassee, Leon from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Tallahassee, Leon and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Tallahassee, Leon with them in minutes!
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We live in a 1940's cracker-style home that has been halved into two units, both with respective screened porches. Allegedly Burt Reynolds once occupied this residence during his stint at FSU and on particularly windy nights they say you can still hear his laugh as the air shuffles through the trees. It is a two-bedroom, one-bath space, with an alternating roommate depending upon what time of year it is. Available to you is the floor, the porch hammock and ample tent space. However, we can only offer lodging to a party no larger than three people. Additionally, your stay cannot exceed 7-days in length (pending upon party size). We have a full kitchen which you are welcome to use as long as you wash your dishes and never finish the last of something without asking. Our home is located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee- one block away from the main regional bus station and library headquarters, as well as three-blocks from the greyhound bus station and two min.s (walking distance) from the university. Grocery stores, bars, thrift shops, coffee shops, art galleries, movie theaters and nightclubs are all within proximity.
We have a living room couch, and 2 love seats. We have a couch in our home office. We could move kids from their beds and there would be a few more "couch's" available. And lots and lots of floor space, and a big backyard for tents. We live less than an hour from the beach. And some of the worlds most beautiful beaches are less than 2 hours away. We live in the Capital City of Florida - Tallahassee. The motto of the ciy is "Florida with a Southern Accent". We have beautiful hills, and lots of Live Oak trees and other foliage. We are the home of Florida State University, and Florida A and M. There are some buses around here, but I haven't used them in years, so not too familiar with the routes. And yes, we have blankets, and comforters, and pillows, and food......
Pretty spacious living room within a student apartment in Tallahassee,FL. I live with three other roommates, and you'd be using my bathroom, located within my bedroom. I live adjacent to the Florida State University campus and am close to bars, clubs, etc. There is a bus stop at my apt complex so you will have access to the city from there. I'm happy for you to share use of the kitchen, bathroom and dining room only, however you will need to buy all your own food and toiletries.My apt has a full size washer/dryer...feel free to do your laundry(detergent will be provided). Also, you will need to use your own mobile phone or a payphone to make calls. As recommended by GlobalFreeloaders, I will ask to see passport details to verify your identity.
Huge House on the outskirts of the town, still very close to the university and all the nightlife. Within five min. of FSU and TCC. The house is on a quiet street and the rommies are all cool. The room is empty (roommate moved out) and Im not planning on filling it anytime soon so I thought I'd offer it up to fellow travelers. It's only 10 min. to the bus station and train station and only a couple miles to the airport. I would be more than willing to give a ride if Im able. Im one who believes in the 'mi casa, su casa' credo of travelers so help yourself to anything you need. If you're stopping through on your way somewhere else or you need a place to crash for a couple days let me know.
Two free guest bedrooms - 1 with a double bed and 1 with two twin beds - in a 3-bedroom, 2 bath house. One level - no stairs. You are welcome to use the kitchen and if I'm free, I may even cook you a meal or two. Breakfast food always available to you. House is near downtown Tallahassee and less than a mile from The Capitol and other state bldngs, IMAX theatre, museums, etc. Also very close to large mall and shopping center & 2 large universities. Public transportation by bus is nearby but only runs on the hour and you may have to go around your elbow to get to your hand, i.e. go into main bus depot in town and transfer out to whereever.
Pull out couch and storage space available in my small 2 bedroom apt. in Tallahassee, Fl. The apartment complex is located in a safe area of town populated mostly by college students and within walking distance of Florida State University. Easy access to the night life of Tallahassee and many good small music venues. The complex has a small pool and there are only about 20 apts. in the complex (In other words it's not huge like the other apt. complexes in town, so it's more intimate and low key). Feel free to use the kitchen, but you must buy your own food, though I'm sure i'll want to pitch in and eat as well.
Couch in living room or sun room of my 2 bedroom townhouse. At certain times of year, I may have a spare room in addition to a couch. We live in an in-town neighborhood, close to the capitol and not far from Florida State University. You need to know that public transportation in this area of the country is very poor. There are beautiful beaches 1-2 hours away, many opportunities in the area for biking, canoeing, etc. You would be free to use my entire house including kitchen and outdoor deck. I work full time, but could drive you to and from airport and car rental, if needed.
Spacious two bedroom apartment with living room, one bathroom and a full kitchen. There are 2 couches available, and I find them both to be large and comfy. I have 2 dogs. They are both friendly and have no aggressive tendencies. I a backroom for storage purposes. I live in central Tallahassee, only 2 blocks from Lake Ella and downtown Tallahassee- coffee shops, library, churches, the mall, restaurants, yoga center, etc. - is less than a mile away. It is easy to get around by bike in Tallahasseee.
This is just a couch and its a small apartment with people living in it. My wife is handicapped and vulnerable so this is only for older women in need going through hard times in an emergency. One night max. Shower and freshen up, maybe some food if we have any. We have a dog that will bark at strangers so this is all only for extreme emergencies. There is a homeless shelter down town. This is on the beltway on the opposite side of Tallahassee.
A couch that can be slept on as is (more comfortable) or folded out into a bed. We can take more if you are happy in a tent or on the floor. One of the kids and I are traveling across the country by bicycle right now, but my wife and some of the kids are still home. Drop me a line on here and I will forward the request to her. Please be sure to include your phone number and email address to make it easier for her to contact you.

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