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Rather than spend money on Tallinn hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Tallinn from a local's perspective!

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1 room apartment (45 m2) is located on the penultimate storey of the apartment building at the Viru Centre in the heart of the city. The distance from the Port of Tallinn–400m, from the Town Hall Square–300m and from the Tallinn Airport–3.5 km. The apartment is located on the penultimate (8th) storey of the apartment building at the Viru Centre. There is double-bed, leather furniture, sofa and 2 armchairs. Convertible extra beds are possible. The apartment has cable television, broadband Internet connection and a kitchenette with all the necessary utensils. The apartment is completely furnished and has a modern kitchenette with the necessary utensils (electric cooker, fridge, microwave, pots and pans, coffee maker, water kettle), including tableware. Additional facilities of apartment are washing machine, iron, security, double windows and independent heating. Apartment has picturesque view of the surrounding area and modern interior of the rooms will attract you to apartments during your visit to Tallinn and you will be able to relax in the pleasant milieu, enjoying life downtown and its beauty.
I have house in Pilve Street, Pilve Street is about; 3 km from the airport, 900 m from the Old Town, 2 km from the harbor of Tallinn, 1 km from the railway station, 5 km from Pirita beach and 200 m from shopping center. There are 16 one-room apartments in a new house. All rooms have free Internet connection. Safe parking and self laundry is free. Cleaning, new bed clothes and towels once a week. Breakfast, sauna and jacuzzi services available with extra charge. One-room apartments are maximum for 4 persons. In addition to my comfortable apartments you can recover from the stress of a tiring but productive day in our sauna and relaxation room. Also apartment offers you a hot sauna, refreshing jaccuzzi, relaxation room, large roof terrace, barbecue.
It's my last year/couple of years to live with parents and my little sister, so I'm not sure if I can accomodate everybody right now, but as soon as I get my own living, I'll be more than happy to provide some. Right now we have one spare room with a day bed(for two) and a bunk bed. This room also includes a computer and piano:) So if someone really wants to come, I just might arrange it somehow... I live right in the center of Tallinn (Estonia's capital city) and it's ~1 min from the Old Town.Everything is close and you don't even need public transport(unless you want to visit some further places).
I can offer a spare room depending on the day in either a very nice big bedroom on the ground floor or a smaller, cozy bedroom on the next floor. Both are in a beautiful modern house in suburban Tallinn, 20 minute direct bus ride to the city centre with buses from 5am to 12pm. You can use the classic estonian sauna, two toilets, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen. There is also camping space and grilling oppurtunities in the garden. I can provide towels, showering supplies (shampoo, soap, shower gel, whatever is that I currently have) and any other necessities you may need.
I live in a church building! HA! But we have some rooms that are not used during the weeks and MAYBE I could accomodate a few surfers for 2-3 days there. There are a few couches in those rooms. You'd be sleeping on a couch in a separate room. There will be no other people in that room. I'm located in Nõmme district, it's about 7km from city center and airport. Public transportation is good and fast, the bus and train stops are like 5 minutes away. I do not smoke nor drink and this is also not allowed in this building.
Mattress in my tiny little appartement in towndown. This is very close to Old Town (main attraction in Tallinn), shopping centres and pubs. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. It's a very small studio apartment, but if you can do with a bathroom and just want to have a good time with a "local" here, I assure you it's better than a hostel. My place would be a great base to explore Estonia. Preferably couples or female travelers, or guys with at least 1 positive reference.
flat from 4 rooms, children room, bedroom, guest room and dining room. 5 slip place. Also in the bath room we have a saun.Near 2 shops, pubs "Scotlond Yard". Big SPA center. Transport 500 m from house ( it's a 20 minute buss ride into the city- centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. It's a very quiet place. About our city, it's a very beautiful and amazing. City is by the sea. Tallinn is the most wonderful old town in Baltic countris.
Small room, located in the capital Tallinn. The centre of the city is about 20 minutes away with a bus, walking distance about 40 minutes or so. Its a small quiet area filled with many apartments and families. There are several food market just minutes away and few smaller clothing stores. You can use the kitchen but keeping in mind that food will have to be provided by yourself. The place will be shared with my parent, the room that I am currently renting out is my own room.
Small living room with a couch for 1 person + we can inflate this big mattress thingy that can accommodate another 2(maybe 3) people on it. We live in a regular flat(1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower and separate bathroom) in the suburbs of Tallinn. It's really quiet and green around here. Getting to the Centre of Tallinn and the Old Town is easy. Only 20 minutes by bus or 10 by car. Kitchen is yours to use, just buy the food you desire to eat.
Mattress and or sleeper couch in comfortable 2-room flat. Apartment is located in the center of Tallinn and is, as such, close to everything: shops, bars, restaurants, and trams/busses. I have a car, and if I have time and am in the mood, we can go on a roadtrip! You can use the kitchen, but get your own food. This is an excellent base to explore Tallinn and greater Harjumaa, and Tallinn is ideally located as a "gateway" to Baltica or Scandinavia.

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