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I live outside of Tarija, about an hour taxi ride. I live in the country in a very rural farming community. I have a small room and a bathroom. There is space to either put a sleeping bag down and crash inside or outside. This is a very rural community so there are no resturants so all food must be prepared. There are a couple of small stores in the community to buy food. You can use my kitchen and the bathroom. You are responcible for all your own food. The community is beautiful with a very nice river that runs along the outskirts. There is a lot of hiking to be had and a very real rural cultural exchange can be experinced here as well. If you come for a visit be ready to rough it a little bit.
I live in beautiful, quaint Tarija - the wine country of Bolivia. My apartment is very central - two blocks from both of the main plazas. The apartment is two floors, but I mostly just live on the first floor. The second floor is a roof-top terrace with two bedrooms, a bathroom, hammock chairs and a bbq area. I mostly use it for guests and parties. It has a separate entrance so guests would have privacy.
Iīm traveling through central and south america, and canīt host right now, but will be available in boston, ma, usa in the summer
Small quiet room with a double bed in central Paris, use of kitchen, bath.

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