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Hallo, I am young man from a country with a very long history, traditions, culture and amazing cusine. Yoy are welcome to Georgia and I will help you to explore its secrets. I speak English, Russian, German and a little bit of Czech. I am 21 years old, recent graduate student of Economics. I am easy going and open minded person. My hobbies and interests include sports, fishing, photography, mountain climbing, biking, horse riding, video presentation, and architecture. I can offer you my room with a comfortable single bed in a flat in the very centre in Tbilisi. Sights of Tbilisi Kvemo Betlemi - 18th century brick orthodox church with modern frescoes, used to be Armenian nunnery Zemo Betlemi - was started in 5th century, but really dates 1740 Ruins of Ateshga an ancient temple of the fire worshipping Zoroastrians Kidisubnis Church dates 1600, there are very good views on the houses around Synagogue Armenian Cathedral of St. George was built around 12th century and has been reconstructed many times since Sunni Mosque the only mosque left in Tbilisi, late 19th century building Narikala Fortress- its walls date from various periods, the earliest being the 4th century Persian citadel, the ruined Church of St. Nicholas inside the fortress was recently rebuilt. Ruins of Shakhtakhi Fortress (the Shahs Throne) - which housed an Arab Observatory from the 9th century Botanical Gardens - in the 17-18th centuries was the site of the Kings gardens, was officially open in 1845. Anchiskhati Church was built in the 6th century and was restored several times , the name comes from the icon of Anchi cathedral in Klarjeti ( now in Turkey). Sioni Cathedral 6th 7th centuries. The centre of Georgian Orthodox church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Cross of St. Nino is kept there which was the instrument of conversion of Georgian nation into Christianity. Metekhi Church and the statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali the founder of Tbilisi.The church first was built in 5th cent. After distruction by Mongols was rebuilt in the 13th century. Lurji (Blue) Monastery was built in the 12th. And has been restored many times. The name comes from cupola with blue ceramic tiles Mamadaviti Pantheon famous Georgian writers and public figures were buried. Mtatsminda (holy mountain) park from which the panorama of the whole city is opening. Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia) - is the symbol of brave and hospitable Tbilisi Kashveti Church - is said to be placed on the spot where the pagan rituals used to take place. The altar alpse was painted by the modernist Lado Gudiashvili in 1946.
Me and my daughter live in a 2 rooms flat (Tbilisi) before we'll move to a bigger one. There is one bed room with a big comfy bed, which is well appropriate to host one person at a time. During the school vacations the room will be available (December 2014 ad June, July, August 2015). We are close to Tbilisi center but also in a very cozy area. As I myself have been travelling most of the time, our little family is very friendly and open to hosting new people. Will be glad for hosting interesting people who like to share their culture, experiences, cook, sightseeing and conversations. I speak fluent English, German, Georgian, Russian and fair Arabic. Always welcome to share some interesting moments! Will surely help you explore Tbilisi on weekends and give advices when no time (work 0900-1800). If the timing fits you and you're kind, open and a fun person then contact me via email to: Marianna
Double comfortable fold down settee in separate room. Share modern joint bathroom/shower/toilet. Very central for Opera House, theatre (five minutes walk) and Old Town (tourist centre for pubs and restaurants - 20 minutes walk/ten minutes by taxi). Kitchen available by arrangement (we are flexible if you have an early tour start). Can offer snacks (small charge). NO drugs but we can introduce you to cha-cha, Georgia's cheapest and most potent drink. Smoking permitted (host smokes).
Один из жилых районов города, 20 минут езды от центра. Тихий уютный район, чистый воздух, недалеко от дома озеро. В округе имеются торговый центр, где легко можно делать любые покупки. 2-х комнатная квартира в многоэтажном корпусе.
A guestroom, can accommodate one or two persons. In the center of the city, extra-quiet fashionable neighborhood, 2 minutes walk to the public transportation, excellent ecology, recreation parks and sports facilities abound. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food.
It's very comfortable, safety (there are camera is the street) and cute place for tourists because this house is in the center of Old Tbilisi and you can walk down by foot (you don't need any transport for move) . Near of these place is Narikala tower, Mtatsminda,European square and the Sufur bathes...
I live in downtown of Tbilisi, quite near the main street - Rustaveli prospect, a few minutes away from Rustaveli subway stop. I live with my parents now. You can stay in my room, on my balcony if you wish (great, fresh and scenic in summer time). I have no pets.
I am in Leuven till 8 of july,and I already have place to stay, I am just looking for nice belgian girl who will be able to be my guide in the city. you can find me on facebook or skype grigola11
i have a amall room with a coach and bed for 2 people, in this room 3 person can sleep. my house is near to the centre. there ara several kinds of shops, mini restaurants, mcdonald's near my house. my guests have to buy food on there own.
hi,I"m George K. 34years old, live in Georgia,Svaneti with my family_wife and 2kids,We"ve got 2medium sized and 1 big bedroom on second floor,shower and so on-on first floor. You cen find any information about Svaneti in internet.

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