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Accommodation information in and around Tehran.

Want to stay in Tehran for free?


Rather than spend money on Tehran hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Tehran from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Tehran and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Tehran with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Tehran!
I can provide private mattress and blankets,...for 1-2 people. My home has a bedroom and a medium living room which can be used when the number of gusts is more than one. My couch is located in North west of Tehran near "Poonak" Square. I live there alone, no roommate, no pets!! I have a bed at the moment which is used by myself, but plan to buy another one. However there are enough space for 2 surfers if they don't matter to sleep on mattress on the floor. I'm a nonsmoker person and don't have any problem with occasional smokers.Chain smokers are not my favorite fellows. There are a taxi and bus station near my house where you can take a taxi or bus to the most important places in central, north and east parts of Tehran. I can show Tehran attractions on holidays.Im free on weekends. I often go to bed at 23.30 0r 24 and wake up at 6.30 in working days. Weekends are the best time that I can host.Thursdays and Fridays. I can host you 2-3 days, depending, just ask me.
You may take the living room with a big sofa and spare mattresses. The house is located in the north west of Tehran, in a neighborhood near Farahzad. The bus is 3 minutes away and the metro station is a 15 minute drive. Near my place you can go paragliding, hookah smoking, shopping in two malls (Tirajeh & Boostan) try Dor Dor (driving around in cars and socializing with locals) and taking a walk in Nahjolbalaghe park. There are good restaurants and cafes pretty close. You are free to use the kitchen and we would share meals if we can. The West Terminal is 20 minutes away so you can travel to other cities easily and the time to the city center is around 15-30 minutes by car depending on traffic.
There is a small and old apartment in one of the traditional district of Tehran. You can feel the atmosphere of this city as you are living in 40 years ago. It has a single but nice bedroom with clean mattresses that you can use it alone. You can use Kitchen and all the facilities like TV, Satellite, fridge, oven ,laptop and the internet.It is 10 minutes’ walk to nearest subway station. You need to buy your own foods and groceries but I can help you for cooking and cleaning dishes .There is a nice bedroom along with a comfortable bed with clean mattress that I can dedicate it to you :) .
A sofa which could be opened to be a comfortable bed for 2, situated in my living room of a small apartment with 1 bedroom where I sleep. I live in west of Tehran, very close to everything - shops, restaurants and public transport into the city-centre. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, if you clean it up. But you will have to buy your own food or some times I can cook Iranian foods for you, depends on my situation. I just accept clean tavelers who respect the rotuine rules of any houses.. Specially about travelers who are in love... Please not on my couch ! ;-)
You have two choices: 1. Stay in a 100sq.m apartment located in a 10’000sqm garden between two hills near the river, 30km away from Tehran, it calls Fasham. Spare room(12sq.m) Double bed, kitchen, bath, terrace Incredible view of the green mountains in spring and summer Cold in autumn and winter, suitable for skiing 2. Stay with me and my family in 250sq.m apartment located in the Pasdaran. Spare room (20sq.m) Double bed, kitchen, bath, very close to everything-shops… You will have to pay for your own food.
Its my medium bedroom with a comfortable single bed(I'll stay in another room,since my guest is here).I live with my family in a 3 bedroom house in north of tehran.We are pretty close to everything.5 min walk to metro station/bus staion/taxi/bazaar.feel free to use bathroom while you're can also use kitchen,you will have to buy your own food generally but sometimes you might be invited to have some meals with my family and I depends on how long you want to stay here and if you like persian traditional food :)
* A small seperate room with a space on the floor. Or you can sleep in dining room. * You can easily go anywhere in Tehran from here. * Feel free to cook, or have something from refrigrator. * If you're more than one, you should help in washing the dishes. And if you're more than two, you may have to eat some of your food outside, as I live with my family. * A general rule of thumb for number of guest and days they can stay is: -2N+8 which N is number of guests; but this can change.
A studio with two mattresses and a couch. Located in the city center, very close to shopping centers and public transport (less than 5 min walk to subway and bus stop). There is a stove and a fridge which you can use. Internet is also available. I do live with my family in the second floor. My place can be used as a base for you if you wanna move around a bit in Iran (Tehran has much less to offer comparing to wonderful historical or natural places like Shiraz, Isfahan, Caspians, etc).
Hii dear friends its ms ezzat from iran, Tehran i have 1 luxe comfort appartment with 1 spare room,,10 km far from tehrah, near metro , piblic bus , in very clean place far from all trafic,, all resturant & shop around my app, its single bed but capicity for 2 pax,, with small irainian brekfast per pax per night 25 $ if you need budget price accomodiation with comfortable,, i will invite u i can speak English , french fluently & arabic & turkish faire welcom to your room Ezzat
A big house that equipped so many facilities includes of:warm water bathrooms,play ground for childern,free internet in home,we are so close to the places kike:restaurants,parks, historical & religious places, public transportation(it has 5 minutes distance by bus or taxi to reach to city_centre). But you have to buy your food by yourselves or you can cook in the kitchen by yourself.our place is great in iran. I hope that see very soon.

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