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Accommodation information in and around Tel Aviv.

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Rather than spend money on Tel Aviv hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Tel Aviv from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Tel Aviv and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Tel Aviv with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Tel Aviv!
HEya, wE Are 3 paRtneRs who just love to host, as we usually do...ORI, my partner, is one of the first Israelis at the Hospitality club, and i m a member over there as well, and he already brought here LotS oF peOPLe. we liVe At thE ceNtrum Of teL avIv - being the point you'd put youR finGer on when you say: CENTER!!! we hAve a bIG SalLOn whICh is occccupiEd mosT of tHE tiMe with GuesTs, neVer wiTH TV - we neVer, eVer watCH TV - (it is bad for your eyes and brain...). We arE all StudenTs - ORI has just FinisHed his theIs at MiddLE AGes geRmany, Haim study psycology and film for his first Deg, and i (lior) study my second dEG in Philosophy and History of Ideas (we all do it at the TA Univ). We like the three D's when we are at home - Drink, Dance and (d)Sing loudly... we also love to cook, and to practice our languages - my lousy spanish, and theire GErman and of course the mighty ENGLISH... C U Soon. Enter the link above, go to the Album "what's going on at Rotchild 93?" and you'd get some of the atmosphere at our APT...
I live in a comfortable apartment with a small porch/studio in which a person can easily be acommodated in the spare bed (not really a bed, but a sofa-bed). I'm living by myself although often my boyfriend is sleeping here too. I'm located in the North of Tel Aviv, 2 minutes away from the National Park and 2 minutes away from the best beaches in town. 10 minutes away from malls and more than 20 coffee shops in a ratio of 5 blocks. Near Basel Street (minutes), the best street (in my taste) in Tel Aviv for cofee shops. Everything is distance walking, great area. I might also be willing to switch apartments anywhere in the world. The place would be a great base to get know a more adult, trendy and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv still being close to the noise and the Israeli atmosphere.
Small apartment with 1 bedroom (mine), a reasonable sized living area, kitchen and other conveniences. A very nice area, away from the noise of the city but only about 15 mins by bus. Good for people who want to be close to the city, but aren't keen on the pollution and like walking around. Shops in every direction including bakeries, supermarkets, fruit/veg market, pharmacy, cafe's mainly, although a couple of restaurants also. No problem with using the kitchen, washing machine etc, although I would request providing your own food/washing powder. I don't have a spare bed, but the couch is quite large and comfortable for one person. Relatively easy to get to the city centre, and also the central bus and train stations, from where you can get anywhere in the country.
Hey guys. Well,my accommodation unit includes Warm and comfortable bed waiting impatiently desire to entertain guests Simftim and pleasant in a nice room that hugs and accept all the gust how come to(-: And very important to say that I very close to the biggest and amazing citieys in this country,25 minutes away!! Which means not so far from Jerusalem the most religious and Diverse citizens from all over the world and religious also!! The best part of this accommodation is that I'm live in tel aviv! The non-stop city!!sea,freedom,nice and kind people and what ever you want! I reccomend to how is not visit in Israel before and want to see really local view.
TRAVEL TO -VISIT TO- STAY IN > LOS ANGELES ,USA . STAY / SLEEP / OR JUST REST ,RELAX. free for jwish origin-ortodox only please. free -first week accommodation. free -10 spare beds. free- stay. free- kitchen,toilet,shawer,bath. free- 24 hour door entry exit. free- door key. 3 min walk dalyi minian. 5 min walk kosher supermarket. 5/15 min ride kosher resturants. near all jwish dayli services mikve ,cinagog yeshiva etc. e.mail / call to confirm ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I have a nice futon in my livingroom. My apartment is small so a few nights would be preferable to a few weeks. I live in Florentin which is an area of Tel Aviv know for its cool layed-back culture, informal bars, street art and creative people. My apartment is about a 15 minute walk from the beach through a picturesque old neighborhood called Neve Tzedek. I am also very close to the central Tel Aviv bus station so its a good base to set out on trips from. I can supply information about good places to visit and introduce you to my friends but in return you need to buy me a beer or two :)
small room in a private house, warm-hearted family. 30 minutes from Tel Aviv and 30 minutes from Jerusalem... right in the center of Israel and close to basically everywhere. The town itself is very quiet and beutiful. Feel free to use the kitchen, internet while you're here. Every Friday night we have a big family dinner with great Morrocan food... my mom is an excellent cook. Only dog lovers please. we have regular busses to Tel Aviv,Jerusalem and some more big cities from here but of course if I drive there while you're here you'll be welcome to join me...
There are 2 couches in the living room. also starring: a porch where you can sleep on a met under the vines and stars. House patrol is kept by my cat, Fargo. The house is in the center of the center of Tel Aviv, 1 minute walk from Dizinghoff square and a 4 minute walk from the beach. Lots of pubs around, and tons of places to eat, from the cheapest Sabij to the most elegant Sushi bars. Nevertheless, it's a quite street. Buses are availabe to almost everywhere, 1 to 5 minute walks to the stations. I think this area has it all, that's why I live here.
Spare double Bed in a our SEPERATE living room, with a small balcony! VERY central Tel Aviv apartment, walking distance to the beach, cafes, shopping etc. PLEASE - NO SMOKING, NO DRUGS and NO ALCOHOL PARTIES! (In Tel Aviv, you have plenty of nice places to do all these...) We are a couple of students, which means we can be at the campus most of the time, but also to show you around the city... We speak English, Hebrew, Russian, a bit of spanish. You'll have the best time here, so feel free to contact us!
My appartement is large, but you will have to choose between the privicy of my tiny study or the huge open-space living room. The living room has a huge window facing south, and is well air-conditioned. My appartement is located in a residential area at the north of Tel-aviv proper, so it is 2 Minutes from a huge green park, 30 minutes walk to the beach (or about $US4 by taxy). A supermarket is located 100m from the appartement. You may use my dishwasher, washing machine and the dryer.

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