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Want to stay in Tokyo for free?


Rather than spend money on Tokyo hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Tokyo from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Tokyo and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Tokyo with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Tokyo!
I've hosted a number of globalfreeloaders when I was in London and New York. Now that I'm in Tokyo, since May 2005, I'm again offering a place to crash. A sofa that doubles as a long single bed in the living room of my 1 bedroom apartment in trendy Nishi Azabu district,. Closest station is Roppongi Hills on the Hibiya line or Hiroo station on Nambuko line. Both approximately 10 min walk. There's a large TV with cable offering English channels, such as CNN, BBC, MTV and of course movie channels. In addition, I also offer broadband with Wireless access that you can use to keep in touch. The apartment is an ideal place to explore Tokyo and if you are a little home sick of western food or just about any other cuisins, then they are literally also around the corner as well. By the way, I do this out of generosity, and I understand getting a hotel in Japan can really eat into your budget. Lastly, no smokers please.
located in centre of the centre Tokyo, Kagurazaka, where often regarded as petite paris. My place is on the 3rd flr of relative new apartment. Kagurazaka is an ancient but lively and international town incorporated with many of new buildings, which creates a cool harmony in Tokyo. Very close to everything. 10 min journey to Ginza and 9 min to Shinjuku. My place is tiny 1BR but clean and kept tidy. you can sleep either on the living floor or the floor along my bed sides if your size can fit in. Floor is comfortable wood to sleep in summer. In cooler seasons, I provide you a futon set. The kitchen space is very limited. Usually I use kitchen only for raw to middle-high temperature food preparation. Try light meals at home and don't miss dining out in gourmet Kagurazaka! I hate smoking even you smoke outside.
Average Room with inflatable bed, or couch if you prefer, in a two bedroom house. Nice quiet neighborhood. Small kitchen available but need to provide your own food, seven eleven around the corner. Shared bathroom and shower are available. There is a small porch outside for grilling, smoking, or just hanging out. Smoking will need to be done outside. About an hour train ride to downtown Tokyo and 10 minute walk to the nearest train station. Not bad as a base to get out and see Tokyo or the surrounding area. Nightlife is lacking in the immediate vacinity, but Tokyo is just around the corner. Just be ready to stay out all night until the trains open back up at around 0530. Very close to the Tama River, there is a running/biking track that goes all the way to Tokyo Bay. (about 27 Miles)
I have one spare futon that I can put in the middle of my one room apartment. The floor is wood, but its over a tatami mat, so it is pretty soft and springy, almost like a mattress. I live in Nishigahara, which is about 30 minutes north of the main hub of Shibuya. The subway station is only about a 3 minute walk away. There is also a train station for the Yamanote line which circles the whole Tokyo area, about a 15 min away. There are many parks in my area and it has a very suburban feel to it. Feel free to use my kitchen, but make sure to buy your own food.
I live alone so what I could provide is only a mattress, however I can assure you my little tiny room is nice and clean and in a very good condition. It is a about 8 minutes walk from the Ikebukuro Station, which is one of the most popular sight spots in Tokyo. My place is close to everything, lots of convenient stores are just right beside the corner, and Sunshine City, which is the most popular entertainment park in Ikebukuro is just 3-5 walking from my door. Restaurants, department stores, pubs are all easy to access.
I have just one bed, but I have comfortable couch in my room.And you can get comfortable bath room and kitchen. There is my house near Shimokitazawa(it is called center of sub-culture for young people,and there are many shops,restaurant and clubs) and you can go center of the city if you have 15 minites from there.And you need about 10 minites from Shimokitazawa from my house ( Odakyu-line and on your foot). Of course if you want I can give you some travel informations,Japanese foods and experiences of japanese young people!
two bedrooms and one living room in my condominium building in the suburb of Tokyo. it's very convenient to go to shinjuku or shibuya or any main location in Tokyo from my house. And it only takes 5 min. to get the closest station. Also there are a lot of shopping places around my house too. Feel free to use kitchen and shower while you are here. but you have to buy your own food. we have two beds rooms which are TATAMI type and BED can choose whatever you like. welcome.
ive got a spare room in my house but unfortunately no extra bed as yet so it may be necessary for you to bring a sleeping bag.the place is fully stocked with the necessities of life.the apartment is a 3 roomed one located on the ground floor overlooking a small park.its nice and roomy.the apartment is 30 minutes away from shinjuku station intakyo city.i live in a satellite city to tokyo and getting in and out is very easy and much cheaper than living and working in tokyo.
Nice size bedroom with a queen size matress on the 14th floor of an apartment block. We are fairly close to the city centre and to the popular zones of Tokyo. Both bus and subway are less than 10 minutes walk away. All bedding and towels are provided along with internet access that you can use. The kitchen is available for use but you will have to buy your own food. Our apartment would be an excellent base to see all of the attractions of Seoul and beyond.
I am looking for a place to stay at that has internet access for free, i am in japan for a month and have already spent over 700usd in 6ish days on a hotel. i am not rich and could use some help. the internet is important as i need to keep up with school work an family back home. please write me and let me know if at all possible you can help. asap would be nice monday may 7th at 10am i will no longer have a room to stay in so please let me know asap

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