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Rather than spend money on Toulouse hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Toulouse from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Toulouse and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Toulouse with them in minutes!
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my friend and i live on the first floor in two storied house and we have one but rather big room. it takes about 15 minutes (by metro) to get here from city center. by bike maybe 25 or 30 minutes. the house is very near to canal du midi. we have a spare double mattress. unfortunately i can't say that it is class. some say it is fine but some wake up with sore backs. one mattress means max 3 people if you don't mind a little bit of squeezing together. you will have to share the mattress with your friend/s but not with person you don't know. we would be sharing a room and we usually go to sleep around 11pm or midnight. if you like to stay up late it could be a problem. none of us smoke but if you do you can smoke in the garden, which by the way is very lovely. * we are happy to have around anti-sexist and queer friendly people with an open mind. macho and capitalist thinking is not a nice thinking in our opinion. ** if you think we could get along i would be happy to meet and spend some time together doing stuff and things even if you don't want/need to use our mattress :]
Got couches and matresses (and even beds if some of my mates aren't here when you come). I can also share my room, so I can host a lot of people at the same time, depending on my mates' presence and agreement). We're 5 mates in our early 20's, living in a big house in the suburb of Toulouse (20mn from downtown Toulouse by bus). All of us are open-minded, loving music, travel, going out and clowning around together. I speak english pretty well, and a bit of german. My mates speak spanish. You're free to use the kitchen, but you'll have to buy your own food, or give some money to the common budget. We'll be plesaed to welcome you ! Paulo
One hour's drive NE from Toulouse in the Gorges de l'Aveyron, a studio flatlet in historic (medieval) SAINT-ANTONIN-NOBLE-VAL (population 2,000), with independent entrance at street level. It is suitable for two people at most, but in summer it is the coolest room in the house. Meals etc. are negotiable. I am a gay-friendly, dissident vegetarian. Some restaurants in the town, only one of them vegetarian(ish). I am a painter/poet/translator/gardener, and you can see my little town at and you can access my websites (mostly in English) through
There is place in my living Room for 3 People, one 2place couch and another couch, there is a bar and kitchen in the Living Room, and my and my flatmates Room. ah yes there is a washing maschine also. The flat is in the center of Toulouse (2mn of Capitol, main place of Toulouse), some shops (not cheap, alas) and a lot of bars around here, but in summer toulouse is somewhat of a ghost town, the rest of the year a real student city..... Ah yes it is no smoking, but smokers have a place to smoke wich is wind and rain protected.... And it's sometimes a little chaotic
Hi everyone ! Our name are David and Muriel, we are a couple, 30 years old each. We are easygoing, and speaking French, English, and Spanish ( more and less). We live in south of Toulouse (10 minutes by bus to Toulouse city) very close to bus stop (50 meter,bus number 52), in a house with a private room for you. There is one only bathroom in all the house. We can receive couple or single person. We are close to a big shop called "carrefour". You can stay 2 or 3 days, maybe more, i have to see on the moment, it depend of my work plan.
I've a good flat not far from the train station and not far from the inner center. It is on the "canal du midi". It's about 10 minutes by feet to the Wilson place. I live alone and I have a couch for 2 persons or more on the floor. I don't have any pet and I don't smoke. But you can smoke on the balcony. I've to work all the week and sometimes I've to travel for my job. I've no preference to host during the week or the weekend. I think that you could stay 3 or 4 days with no problem maybe more if we have good feelings.
30 meters square principal room with a big size bed and kitchen coin with fridge. It's at the ground floor, and there's a 15 meters square terrace. The bathroom is in another part in the flat. Situated in a student place, you are closer to many shops and pubs. The city-center is only about 5 minutes by bus or underground. The flat will be completely free, in these periods: 18sept until 13 october and 27 november until 22 december. This because I do an apprenticeship with a company in the South-East of France (NICE).
My flat is located in the south suburb of Toulouse, in a student area, located 20 minutes by bus from the city. Toulouse is a nice city to visit during spring/summer and close to the skying station in Winter, as well as a perfect base to travel around south of France and both atlantic and mediterran coasts. I actually just have an extra matress (for 1 person) so you will have to sleep in the lounge! But apart from that, you'll be more than welcome and free to use all the conveniences of the flat.
A nice room with two comfortable single beds and a private bathroom in my flat situated in the city centre. Everything - shops, pubs,restaurants and public transports- is just around the corner, so it's very handy specially if you want to explore the city on foot or use a bike. (there is a free city bike renting at the foot of my building) Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here but you'll have to buy your own food. You can smoke but only outside ( on the terrace or the balcony)
I've a spare bed (sofa-bed) in my flat. It's nice little flat with beautiful kitchen and bathroom. I live in Toulouse. It is a nice city for businessman (with Airbus industry)and student. There are many places in Toulouse where we can have good time. My flat is near "le zenith" the famous bigest concert hall of Toulouse. I'm in 5min of tram for city-center. Toulouse is a good place to taste the tipycal french food like "magret de canard", "cassoulet", "foie gras" etc... :-)

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