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Rather than spend money on Vancouver hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Vancouver from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Vancouver and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Vancouver with them in minutes!
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I have an apartment downtown in Vancouver BC, with a couch in the living room. I share with a roomie, so it is necessary to run it past her before I agree to anyone staying here. I would imagine only a few days would be possible, however if the guest were to be someone who had already accommodated me on my travels i would of course make more time for them and they would be considered more of a friend staying over as opposed to a guest. If you allow me to stay with you, i would in turn allow you to stay with me for as long as you like. We are on the major shopping street downtown, basically smack in the center of everything. It is a heritage building which has been restored and we have a nice kitchen and bathroom. Laundry is in the basement and is coin operated. Also, no noise is allowed after 11pm on weekdays because it is a small apartment and my roommate works early in the morning. You would have to be clean and respectful, and of course provide your own food. No drugs, if you want to smoke pot or have a cigarette go outside. Other than that, i am pretty easy going, and friendly...and i would love to show you around vancouver if i have the time....generally i do. I am planning on going to Finland this winter for three weeks, so during that time my place is off the table. sorry.
This is suburban Vancouver. The log-in kept listing 'Surrey' in a different province. Surrey, BC is serviced by SkyTrain, the LRT that goes into downtown Vancouver, a 45 minute ride, a 1 hour total ride from here. Free accommodation for personable girl as companion and friend for retired man. Own bedroom and washroom in large 7th floor condominium home. Underground parking if staying awhile--management has to verify insurance and issue keys, insuite laundry, use of building facilities--sauna, hot tub, aerobics. No pets nor guests, limited phone use unless you have a cellphone. From the Vancouver International Airport, about a 2 hour ride on public transit (a bus and transfer to the SkyTrain and to a bus again). Short walk to movies, restaurants, large indoor mall, library/recreation centre. Grocer 2 blocks, green grocer in the mall, supermarkets 6 & 4 blocks, forested park with walking trails 3 blocks. Urban forests with hiking trails near both universities. Suitable for short stay or SFU student (convenient to 152nd Street freeway exit), Douglas college student (3 blocks to 3 buses going to SkyTrain), Kwantlin College student, or any unrelated full or part-time employment that is easy to commute to and from, or independently wealthy.
We (two female roommates) live 2 blocks from City Hall in Vancouver, close to major north/south and east/west busroutes, five minutes by bus from downtown, and 15 minutes from the Skytrain which will get you to other parts of the city. Our couch is comfortable and roomy, unless you're over 6 feet tall, but then you're welcome to the floor. We have a cat who will probably be your best friend if you are a warm body sleeping on the couch. We're both pretty busy working, so you've have to take care of yourself. You can use the vegetarian kitchen if you buy food and want to cook. We like having people stay on our couch - out of the last 7 months we have lived in our place, 3 of them have seen someone living there. We play a lot of music, so you'd probably be subject to a few music rehearsals if you stay. But then again, you might like that. All are welcome to join in. No smoking in the house, but outside is okay as long as you're considerate of our upstairs neighbours.
About my couch: Black leather, about 7 feet in length, with armrest cushion doubling as a makeshift pillow. No blankets, so bring your own or just do without. I may have a spare pillow. It's just me in the apartment. No pets and smokers in here please. I live in downtown Vancouver, the trendy area called Yaletown with lots of salons, furniture and art galleries. You can take a walk down to the seawall and run/walk/roller blade around the city. You can eventually get to Stanley Park, our most famous park. There's a light underground/above ground rail system called Skytrain. The nearest station is about a 10 minute walk away. Lots of bus stops. I might be able to show you around - depends on the day. No guarantees. I go to bed fairly late - like 1 to 2AM. Depending on how many days you'd like to stay for then I may not be able to accommodate you past a certain number. But everything is on a case-by-case basis.
Spare flip-flop matress to sleep on. Maybe a bed room depends on the time of year and who in the family is home from school/traveling etc. A comforatble sleep. Please be clean. We can provide the basics (toilet paper, soap etc.). I don't expect much in return but if you can cook a chocolate moose hey I'm supportive of that. hah. If your hoping to see the city of Vancouver we are a bit aways out but it woudl't be hard to get there, as i go to work there every day. Your looking at about 1-1.25 hours of transit to get downtown, and going to the clubs on weekends probably won't be a good idea unless you can get in by car, since the transit stops at about 00:30 i believe. I live in the suburb called Surrey. If you want to snowboard ski at the local mountains its about a 1.5 hour transit trip. Not the most ideal for a traveler, but comfortable living conditions. Maybe a good pit stop here n there.
I am quite close to downtown Vancouver. About a 45 minute bus ride away, and a 20 minute car ride away. I live in a five bedroom house, where 4 bedrooms are always occupied and depending on situations the 5th is occupied or empty. If it is empty, we could put you there. If it is full, we can try and put you in the living room, on the coach or try and find some spare area for you to sleep on somewhere. There are my parents here, my son, a crazy boxer dog and currently a few other disease carrying visitors that will make only the strong stomached want to stay with us. That's right, right now, we have a rat problem and can't seem to get rid of them. We keep trying. So if you want to stay, just know this in advance. If you are an expert rat catcher though, I really want to hear from you. I'll let you know when the problem is looked after though. Thanks.
I live in a small bachelor (it is Vancouver..... $$ for renting/owning) but it is doable with a air mattress on the floor.I have one.If you are two you have to share. Lovely heritage apartment about five blocks to the beach. No pets but want a cat again once the traveling bug leaves....which could be a loooong time. There is no smoking or balcony.I have blankets. Two days is good pour moi max as the apartment is very wee. Vancouver is a lovely city. History is relatively new compared to the rest of Canada. Many things to do in the city and out. Great adventures to be had if you are an outdoorsy type as the mountains and ocean are sooo close by car. I am getting ready to travel to Europe very shortly but when I come back it will be possible to host perhaps in the summer. I host gals but if you are a gay boy that is tres cool as well.
I just got a one bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver, still in a process of settling, but willing to accommodate one person at a time. I live a block from Robson Street, very close to everything, and I mean everything... English Bay, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, restaurants, shopping malls/stores, pubs, clubs, and public transport. My place is half an hour drive from the airport. I only have a leather sofa at the moment but in a process of getting more living room furnitures.... I work 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 8am to 6:30pm. Feel free to use the kitchen but you will have to buy your own food. I can be free to tour you around on my days off, but you have to let me know ahead of time as i like planning everything ahead of time. E-mail me if you need a place to stay in while you are in Vancouver...
Lets see right now I'm living with my mom till around the end of the year at the latest. There would be a couch for you to stay on but I can't always promise you would be able to stay here but when I move out I would have anyone over at almost anytime but that would be depending on if its a good time or not and if I could help it when I move out you would have better then a couch to sleep on. I actually live in New Westminster it's just outside of Vancouver but it only takes around 20 to 50 minutes to reach downtown depending on if you take public tranist which I do live close to. If we drive and I do have a car it would take around 20 to 30 minutes to get into Vancouver depending on traffic. As for food well sometimes you might have to buy your own but most of the time I would like to help out with that.
I'm living in downtown Vancouver on the West-End, near Stanley Park & English Bay and the Seawall. Everything is minutes away, restaurants, shops, beach and buses. I have a one bedroom apartment, I can host 1 person up to 10 days once or twice a year, male/female no problem. Kitchen available also, fridge & cooking but I don't keep too much food here as I'm a waitress and eat at work. While someone's visiting we can arrange to use my bedroom or stay in the living room on matress. ( i got rid off my couch as it took too much space). You can use my internet, watch TV, use phone but please pay for long-distance calls. I can help with lots of info how to get to places also I have friends to meet up in case you like. My place will be available from December 2006 as I'm travelling myself this November.

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