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Accommodation information in and around Versailles.

Want to stay in Versailles for free?


Rather than spend money on Versailles hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Versailles from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Versailles and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Versailles with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Versailles!
Hello, we are a couple, 24 (Aude) and 28 (Yann) years old. We'd like to spend 2 weeks on hollidays in the USA. The house belongs to Aude's parents (they will be there during your stay). They are very nice, and they will be glad to receive you during the year for 2 weeks ore a little more. You'll chose the date of your choice beginning August 19th, exept Chrismas days of course. The town (Les Clayes sous Bois) is in the suburbs of Versailles. The town is calm and very green (a lot of vegetation). In town (5 minutes by feet) you'll find a few restaurants (but you'd better go to Versailles), 4 pubs, an exellent cinema, shops, a wonderfull forest (very near to the house), swimming-pool, etc. You take 20 minutes by train (10 by car) to join Versailles and less than one hour (from 35 to 45 minutes by train) to join the South Est of Paris. The train station is less than 10 minutes by feet. They will offer you : 2 private bed-room, a private bathroom and private WC. You'll share the house (very roomy included 2 leaving-room and a billard table) and the garden. They have 3 cats and a rabbit (in the garden)They will offer breakfast and dinner. Photographs are available if you are interested. We hope you'll enjoy yours hallidays! My parents are very friendly, very open to meet people (they have already hosted foreigners for free during hallidays). You should know that they hardly speak english. If you wait the spring to visit us I could join you and give you some tours in Paris! You will be able to meet Yann (he works in Paris).
I am not in the position to accomodate people at the moment but I will allow it within the next 6 months :) Bus-stop is outside the building. Pharmacy is across the road. Supermarket is downstairs. Bank is few doors away. Fast food across the road. Market square about 7 minutes walk away with everything, there is a huge shopping mall about a 10 mins bus ride. Into Paris is 15 mins on the train. Castle is 5 mins away from me! The bed is NOT in a separate room. It is next to my double bed. It is a proper mattress, I also have sheets. You can use everything in the kitchen. There is a bath/shower and seperate toilet
Bedroom with a comfortable double bed in the basement of my large family housemy. We are close to Versailles ( 10 min with a car, 25 min with the bus during the day) The time of transport with the train between Versailles and Paris Montparnasse is 20 min. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore Versailles (or Paris).
I have a small room with a double bed (which is actually mine, but I will leave it to anyone who passes by here with pleasure ;). I live with my mother, brother and sister in a little apartment. The location is actually not the best but it's only 10 minutes by bus from Versailles and 30 minutes by train from Paris. No problem to cook or relax here.
I propose you a nice bedroom in my flat in Versailles, 2 km for the beautiful "Chateau de Versailles" near Paris (20 kms). The flat sized 4 rooms. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. I don't have car but there are lots of public transport for paris, versailles or everywhere you want!!!
.g. Small room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants
nice room with a bed for 2, a tv, a cumputer. possibility to eat together or not. versailles is a nice town, lot of thing to visit and near from paris (20min).
room with a couch and 2 rooms with 2 beds.No food , only for sleeping. you can visit the castle from the house.
Room with a confortable double bed i'm close to Versailles castle by bus and from Paris by train (30 mins)
simple couch that i can offer to my host , he can use all the accomodation of my small appartement

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