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Accommodation information in and around Vienna.

Want to stay in Vienna for free?


Rather than spend money on Vienna hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Vienna from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Vienna and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Vienna with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Vienna!
I have a convenient little flat with two double couches for visitors. I'm sorry I can't offer much privacy! As I have only a ONE-ROOM-Appartment. your deal: if you are nice to my couch, my couch will be nice to you. You are free to use my shower, washing machine and kitchencupboard. Please clean your dishes afterwards. If you have your own sleeping-bags with you USE it, others get bedclothes from myself. I work +30 hours (plus study time) so I don't have much time during the week to show you around town. On the weekends... well, that depends on my mood ;o). I dont smoke and have no pets - please stay smokefree in here. I live about 5 minutes to the centre. The subway is 2 minutes away. The tram is in front of the house. Its convenient to use public transportation. I like to walk too. If you want we make a "personal" sightseeing trip or we just hang out. Let's talk about it. I am a very busy girl so i might not have time to show you around myself, but i can at least point you in the right direction. The next 2 months I will spend the weekends or every second weekend outside of Vienna (at home with my grandpa). ***I would like to meet people from Japan and China (and generally Asian people)*** ***I would like to meet/talk to people from Latin America.*** ***I would like to meet/go out for a drink with people from everywhere*** EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT MY PLACE. ***PLEASE always CONFIRM your arrival (plus time) you want to come to my place. ***BE FAIR! to me and other couchsurfers, as you would block my couch, when you dont tell me that you will not come. (and waste my time waiting for you) ***THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.***
I still have my old little apartment which I use as an office so itís free to use because I live somewhere else. It has an entrance, main room with a convertible double bed, a small kitchen and a bathroom. So in fact great for a few days stay in Vienna. Itís within walking distance from the main train station (Westbahnhof) and public transport - bus - tram - metro. The Supermarket is around the corner. Unfortunately I might have no time to show you around, because when I am back home I am working fulltime. In winter I travel for pleasure to wherever itís hot and the sea nearby (at the moment my favourite destination is Asia) as long I can afford it and in the summer month I am trying to improve my income with chartering out bunks for sailing (my boats location at present is Ionian Sea Greece) where of course, providing I havenít got paying guests, there could be a free spare bunk for you too, - spring and autumn I am either very busy working or I am away for business. You can drink, party or even get stoned as long it is somewhere well away the apartment house. Inside the house please behave mature and respect the peace of your neighbours. Because I have to too the cleaning by myself please bring your own linen or sleeping bag and leave the apartment the way you find it. I will answer every mail unless I donít get it in time which can happen when I am underway. VERY IMPORTANT: Due to my live stile itís hard for me to plan for more than a week in advance, so therefore itīs impossible for me to make any reservations more than 3 days ahead and for more than 3 days.
Anyone from Italy wants to exchange rooms and wants to come to Vienna in August and September? I would offer my room in a 6-man-flatshare during August and September for a person (female preffered) who offers me her/his room for the same time. I would like to go to Italy. I am living in Vienna, in a quite good district. not so far from the inner city but in a nice housing area, surrounded by shops and good traffic connection with public transport. My room has about 15 qm and is fully furnished. I want that you let my personal stuff as it is, but you can use my bed, my sofa and my desk and all what I provide. Of course the kitchen and bathroom which you share with 5 other nice and friendly young people. I am living in a very quite and noble district of Vienna.
I am living in RENTED FLAT in Wiener Neustadt, which is 40 km outside of Wien (capital of EUROPE). I have one free bed for any kind of my guests and I do not have (nor do I want) any pets bcz no condition for pets. I don't smoke, sometimes I drink alcohol (just for the taste), but not always... On weekends, I have free time to show you some interesting and touristy parts of Vienna. I have 25 hrs Internet connection and a bathroom, towels and blankets, a TV and a telephone. At any time you can use my kitchen if you want to cook something special, traditional meals or else. For me it's no problem to go to bed early or late, it depends on my guests. It might become a bit complicated, though, if you plan to stay longer than one week.
I live pretty much in the centre of Vienna (third district). You can have my room for as long as you are staying, only it could only be one person at a time coming because I still live with my parents. You can get to pretty much anywhere from here with public transportation in short walking distance, so even though there's only a grocery shop on my street you could easily have access to shopping centres and other facilities. City centre is also in walking distance, take you 15 minutes at most to get to the Stephansplatz, so if you wanna explore the centre of Vienna, it's a great location. Um... yeah, you can use the kitchen and bathroom on your stay and everything, only you couldn't stay for too long, again cos of my parents.
I live in a flat (4th floor, no elevator)in the 3rd district of Vienna with my girlfriend. We've got a double and a single Ikea futon in the living room. Little privacy, but we are always happy to meet new open minded people from all around the world. We are a naturist couple so some occasional nudity might occur especially in summer :-) Pls. be comfortable with that. We don't like bulk emails so please try to personalize your request after reading the WHOLE profile and be sure to mention the keyword "minchia!" in your request. Request without that keyword are not taken in consideration. Also if you have a Couchsurfing or HospitalityClub profile please provide a link.
Couch in the living room of a three room flat close to the citycenter (it's just a 10 min walk) and to other facilities as pubs, bars, shops and public transport means. The flat is very sunny with a nice balcony with look on the courtyard. Feel free to use the kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the facilities in the flat. For the food you are responsible for yourself as well as for organizing your trips - I am no guide :) But I can borrow you a guide from Vienna and maybe we find time to visit some places or have a drink together. I also love cooking and more than that I like to learn it from others. So maybe you can show me how to prepare a dish from your country?
I'm back from my around the world trip... I can offer a couch in my living/sleeping room. To see that you read the description please take a look on If necessary I also can accomodate two people (mattress on the floor). Bring your own sleeping bag. I'm located near town centre (9th district). Have some spices but please bring also food for one meal per two nights stay... I'd like to host people who are friendly, easy going and open minded. In my flat - no drugs and no smoking. Like to enjoy food from other countries, so you are welcome to share your cooking skills as I try to share mine...
i'm living with three really nice people (2 girls and a guy) in a shared apertment. it's in the 18th district, but there`s a tram right outside the house that takes you into the center in less than 10 minutes. there`s lots of shops and even a market in walking distance, and a kitchen in our apartement for you to use. i am currently travelling northern america, but i`ll be back in october to continue my biology studies. i have a matress in my little room to offer for longer stays and some big couches in the living room if you just need a place for one or two nights. i`d be happy to host 1 or 2 people.
Im living very close to the center of Vienna. its a very quiet part of the town. I have one flat mate and he from carynthia and not so often in vienna. he is no couchsurfer but he has no problem with peoples who are living with us. Ihave space for five people on two couches and one mattress or some more with sleaping bags on the floor. although we are vetenarians we have no pets (not yet)! we smoke in the kitchen and on special occasions in our rooms Itīs just 10 min. to the inner city and so it would be no prob to show you the city or some bars ;-) and as a student i have plenty of time

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