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Rather than spend money on Warsaw hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Warsaw from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Warsaw and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Warsaw with them in minutes!
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I live with my family (my wife and 10 year's daughter) in a small flat in the suburbs of Warsaw, but there is very good public transport from here to the centre (30 minutes by local train). There are some grocery stores, shops and pubs. I can offer you a spare bed in my daughter's room, for the time of your visit me. I can have as a quest one or two people only because it's quite small room. In this room there is TV Sat, an internet access is available too, in my personal computer. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. The bathroom is not modest rather, but of course is clean, there is the bathtub and the toilet. Altogether the standard of the place is rather medium, but it will be acceptable and you should feel well. An accommodation is available only at weekends, because we are working daily.
A room with a bed (for one person comfortable, for two- so so). I prefer hosting mature people, but it is not a strict rule.I live in a two room flat situated very closed to the Old Town. 10 minutes from subway. Direct bus from the airport or Central railway station. The apartment is nice although I have not spent much time to furnish it. The kitchen is simple and the bathroom more than modest, but of course there is a shower and the toilet. Altogether the standard of the place is rather low or medium-low but for many it will be acceptable. There can be problem for people who get used to a quite place, as my flat is near a noisy street. No problem with cooking (if I find this pot I bought one day)but I usually have nothing in the fridge as I do not cook myself. I think it is not a bad place to stay for two, three days.
Small room in a student dormitory, even tough I do not charge you anything, you would need to pay 6zl per night for the visit next day when you leave by the reception. I can currently provide only space on the floor so please take your sleeping bag. The kitchen is few metres away but you are free to use it 24/7. The toilets and bathrooms are located few metres away. I do not have much cooking experience, but you are free to use groceries that I possess at the moment you enter. City centre is located 10 minutes by tram or subway from where I live. One more thing is that I cannot offer any accomodation in this place during summer vacation.
I live outside Warsaw in small town with really good public transport contact about 30 min to city centre (Konstancin-Jeziorna). Town is small, quiet and very foresty. I live with my a old mansion. I could provide free accomodation for up to two people (couples better) for max a 3 days with a possibillity of prolonging stay in different place but that depends on my friends. I could provide only a mattress or 2...My nun would probably serve some food as she is a perfect polish cooker....There are some pubs and bars in the town...but if you want some serious sight-seeing trip then only warsaw would provide such picturesqueness...
we live in a room in which we have space for three mattreses (3 persons). We have mattreses and sleeping bags so you don't have to carry them. we also have slippers and towels. you can use a kitchen and a bathroom and all the equipment there (including oven, microwaver, hair-dryer, laundry machine etc). It is 10 min to a bus station and 30 minutes by bus to the city center. you are not allowed to smoke inside the flat but you can smoke in a tarrace. if you want to stay just ffor one day, you can bring your pet. if you want to stay at us for longer (3 days max), you shouldn't have them with you because of my allergy.
I can offer a spare room with double bed in my two bedroom’s house in Warsaw. There is also a kitchen which can be used for our guests so you don’t have to bring any equipment with you – you should buy a food for yourself. The flat is near to the centre: 15 minutes by metro (tube) and 25 minutes by bus. Close to our flat there is a big shopping mall - only 15 minutes on foot. I am travelling quite a lot, so please let me know in advance when you would like to come, but if I am in a city I would gladly take you around a show you some nice pubs, clubs, shops, etc.
Hi everyone, We are a young, married couple. I am 32 years old and my husband is 33. We are happy to host anyone wishing to visit Poland/Warsaw. We are able to offer a single bedroom in our 70m appartment in a quiet quartier of Warsaw. It takes 10min by bus to get to the center. There is a everything you need in here, although you may want to buy some things to eat if you are used to your own way of cooking. We are more than happy to show you the city during the weekend and recommend places to visit in Poland. Best regards, Malgorzata
Currently I live with my 2 roommates in a two-bedroom flat on 4th floor. We have, of course, kitchen and bathroom and all needed to live in medium standard. It's a student flat. We need around 20 minutes to get to the city center, although there some nice places near, for example it's 3 bus stops to "Łazienki Królewskie". While visiting you will have a mattress to sleep, but without your own room and you will have to buy your own food. I can offer my company in the evenings to show you a nightlife of the city or to go on late sight-seeing.
For now i m leaving in big but not finished house close to Warsaw. Myflat is notprepered for guests now but i ve a lot of space oround the house. its should be enough for 10 tants:) Ofcourse in side the house you can find kitchen, bathroom, TV, phone, computer with internet and me:) The hose is lockated near to the forest and 10 mintus walk from the train station. If u want to go to the warsaw it should take u sth like 50 mintuts, but on your way to the capital citi of poland u can find many objects which u should see.
We have a couch for one person in a living room. Second person can sleep on the floor on a sleeping mat but we do not have any matress. You should have your own sleeping bags. We (me with my fiancee) live in apartment next to Pole Mokotowkie underground station. It is a convenient location, close to city center (10 minutes by underground). As our guest you can use our kitchen but you will have to buy your own food (or participate in costs of food). We accept maximum 2 guests for maximum 2 nights.

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