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My husband, gorgeous son (10 yrs) and I live right in centre of the small country town Warwick, which is 2hrs inland from Brisbane. We have two spare rooms - one with a double bed and one with bunk beds (double at the bottom and single on the top). We only have one bathroom, but it is a large house with a big yard, so we could also accommodate a caravan/motorhome. Warwick is a friendly place which is situated just over the stunning Cunningham's Gap on the Great Dividing Range and is a great base to explore South East Queensland including the Stanthorpe award winning wine region and the Gold Coast and Hinterland.
We live in a small house on 15 acres where we grow our own organic vegetables. Our farm is a horse stud where we keep 5 horses. We are a 15 minute drive to the nearest town and are approx 2 1/2 hours from Brisbane airport. Our place is high on ridge and overlooks the farmlands below. We have two king single beds in one room. It’s a small room but we have two separate decks where we spend a lot of time just sitting, relaxing and looking out at the view, cows and tractors. Nothing too exciting but a nice place for a restful couple of days during your travels.
We live in a farm house in the country, 1/2 hr from main town in the middle of hills and fields. If you like some solitude and contemplation you have found the plACE. you need to get to the closest village (15 minutes away) then we can pick you up, depending on the day. You can use the kitchen and offer an air mattress in family room for sleeping. We'll appreciate some hand with the vegie garden. My husband and I are in our mid 50'.
Spare bed.
3 man tent, using home bathroom. 30 mins away from main town, no public transport

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