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One bedroom in shareflat near seaside in Swakopmund Namibia.That if you want to travell there because I am at moment residing the UK ...England just 2 hours drive by national express coach from London. Towm/City Bournemouth One of the most exciting and greatest Great Britain Holidaying Resort. Live in a nice company's house and sharing a double with my friend. We have privacy and the following facilities in the room: 24 hours hot water , Tv, 24hours internet accesss and cd-player!!! We about 5 mins walk to the beach and so to shopping centre and the gardens. All just closer and you definetly would love and have fun. Everyone is young in the house and we never have trouble with each...never never ...maybe it because we all just respect each and work together and we have differ....nationalities in the house british, napelian,namibian,spanish and south African!!! Ps:food we all can buy and eat as a family and the kitchen is for everyone. I am mostly on my pc...this my lab right here!!! i am 23 yrs and my birthday is 30 oct. I am also studying IT distance learning and online studies ---Management!! What I enjoy is mostly meeting different people. anyone open-minded and feel free to talk about life/culture/spirituality...not religious but about God.....inner faith and daily strength . That is what distinguish religious and the beeing of most high God!! In my opinion.... I enjoyed concerts....beach....walking at night...staying at home....any other place but has to be free zone from smoking if it going out ....out of clubbing scence!!! Would love to host someone here and even in My home country Namibia . Wanna go to New york city in december or Boston or Atlanta USA.
Spare room, above avarage sized room, queen sized bed (clean bedding a given). 2 Bedroom flat in Windhoek, Namibia. Practicaly close 2 everything from restaurants, theatres, malls, pubs, clubs, nature reserves, adventure activities, public transport, etc. Place is like ur own, jus bring ur side in the cleaning den we r gud ha ha ha. Food an toiletries are yours 2 use. About 5minutes drive with a taxi 2 town. Windhoek is a great base 2 explore the whole namibia and easibly accessable 2 south africa.
We live on a cattle farm 230km NE of Windhoek. I have a spare room with 2 beds but could make a plan for more beds. Separate bathroom. If you want to experience cattle farming in Namibia - this is the place to come. Although we do not have popular sightseeing places nearby - the experience will make up for it. We are far from the city and our nearest town is Gobabis 130km from us.
Am currently staying in a smal one bedroom flat with a double bed , I will provide my guest with the bed . Going to the city is a few minutes drive 10km ,using provide transport or public . My guest have to organise food and other staff before they come here, so they must provide me with a list of what they will need and I will find out the cost .
Small comfortable room with single bed in my parents house here in the vibrant little town Ongwediva. Live in a very culture rich area, you can experience the true Namibian adventure right behind our back yard but also have a little bit of the European experience for those who want a little bit of something they're used to.
I have a house in Rehoboth, Namibia about 80 km South of the capital city, Windhoek. I'm willing to provide accommodation to any adividual travelling or visiting Namiibia for upto 4 weeks for free aslong as he/she will be willing to contribute to the household needs.
Medium size room with a double bed, build in cupboards and a couch. The is a large shopping center up the street. It’s a two bedroom flat with one toilet, kitchen and living area. Easy access to public transport.
Small Room I am sharing with my School Room-mate,but very nice and beautified Room. It was at the City Center of the Town,Near Train Station,Shopping Mall,Major Roads,Museum,Parks and many others.
i just need a room with a bed for approximately 3 weeks. it must be located in brooklyn pretoria. a plus would be if it is near the ukrainian embassy
Nice Big comfy couch to sleep on. House is 4 minutes away from City centre, by walking. Near medical facillities. Safe and Peacefull environment.

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