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Accommodation information in and around Wroclaw.

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Rather than spend money on Wroclaw hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Wroclaw from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Wroclaw and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Wroclaw with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Wroclaw!
I live in Wroclaw (south part), have a dog and your dog is welcome :)Please, notice that having a dog means you can easly get soily. The dog licks, sometimes barks and leaves his fur everywhere so your clothes will be covered with hair very soon. I don't smoke and smoking irritates me. You can arrive at any time but have to bring your own sleeping-bag and to be absolutely non-smoker. You can come with children if you don't mind a ladder leading to the bathroom instead of real stairs. If you arrive by hitch-hiking between 6 and 10 p.m. we probably may pick you up from a highway (BIELANY fuel-station). By car: exit A4 at BIELANY (direction: Wroclaw Centrum), go straight ahead and at the first traffic lights (BP oilstation on your left) turn right, go straight ahead towards a ghotic church's red tower(ca.2 km) and turn right. From the railwaystation: A bus ticket costs 2,40zl (2,80zl for night buses). You can bay it from the ticket machine or kiosks, also at some alimentary shops. Take a bus number 612 or 113 (run ca. every 30 min). After 6km (it takes minutes 20-30 if no traffic jam) get off at the 12th (bus 612) or 15th (bus 113) bus stop, called OLTASZYN (you'll see a red, ghotic church with green roof /see the picture/ on your left and an auto salon of WV on your right). I can show you around on weekdays (Tue-Fri), but rather not Mondays (museums are closed anyway). WEEKDAYS are better to host you (I have time for you), on weekends I'm more unpredictible. As I told, you can arrive anytime but please, be an independent traveller - be able to get to my place. If it's possible, please read my profile and in your request please tell the time you are able to wake up, leave every morning. I don't give gifts as a guest, I don't expect gifts as a host.
I have a spare floor space in my room on which you can sleep. Sometimes, when my flatmates are away there may be two beds available for you. I live on the outskirts of Wroclaw in a Muchobor Wielki borough on the west of the city. It takes about 1 hour to get to the city centre in the middle of the day, in evening maybe little shorter. I live in a two-room flat with two of my friends. Unfortunately usually none of our beds is free so i recommend that you take some mattrasses with you (if you don't have I can find something for you to sleep on, it's not a huge problem). I don't have any pets and I don't smoke but it doesn't bother me if you do. There are two buses which go to the city centre from my place. It's pretty far, during the day time it sometimes takes over an hour to get to the very center of the city. However it's a new and quiet neighbourhood. There's also a night bus. Of course I can show you how to get to the center and what interesting things you can see there. I definitely prefer to go to bed late. The best time for me to host you are weekends since there is a biggest chance of finding a free bed in my flat ;). I have a mattress and can find at least one sleeping bag for you.
live in the Old Town, few hundred meters from the beautiful baroque building of the Wroclaw University. My flat has 47 sq. meters with kitchen, bathroom and WC. I live in one large room. There is another small (7sq m.) room, where I can host my guests. It has a few pieces of furniture, namely old sofa, narrow wardrobe, low table. You will have full access to my kitchen and bathroom. I like my home tidy and clean, and hope you will respect it. Personally I don't smoke, but feel free to enjoy your vices. Just don't smoke with the windows closed. I don't have any pets or kids around. :). Every day I spent a large amount of time in my work, sometimes since dawn, till evening. I am afraid that due to this I don't have time to show the city to guests. If you wish, you can use Internet in my home - I will give you a WEP key for wireless access. I have a spare bedding. If you wish, we can eat and prepare meals together. I am an omnivore and consider myself a quite good amateur cook. How many days is too many? 2-3 days will be no problem. Of course it depends on many factors.
I have a folding armchair for one person and some place on a carpet for one more. Guests will be sleeping in a private room (I sleep in an adjoining room). They won't share the room with other people. I live 20 minutes by bus from city centre (ca. 3 km). I'm living in a very large flat with my 4 friends. My couch is one person only but there's no problem with sleeping on a carpet :]. I have no pets. No one is smoking in my flat. Wroclaw has two types of public transportation: buses and trolleys (both the same price and very cheap). I can always find some time to show people around. I prefer to go to bed late, but I provide separate room for visitors. The best time to be a host are weekends. I can provide a blanket and bedlinen and towels. Up to 4 days is optimal.
Small room or bed in my 4 bedroom detached house in the centre of Klodzko, Dolnośląskie. We have everything at hand- shops, pubs, restaurants, museum, cinema. It takes about 3 minutes to het to the market place. I live with my parents, my brother and my dog. I study in Wroclaw, which is 90 km from Klodzko. I have a rented flat there. It's up to you whether to stay in Klodzko or Wroclaw. I stay in Wroclaw from Monday to Friday. Holidays are usually spended with my parents, partially at home and on the lake. Maybe you are keen on going with us? Feel free to use our house. You are my guest and I want to make yourself comfortable. You don't have to prepare your own food at my parent's house.
I plan to provide my own room as accommodation. It is a quite large room with a single folding-couch, two large, brown bookcases, a brown desk. We live in the suburbs, but there a quite good tram or bus connections with the city center. The bus/tram stop is about 5 minutes walk from my house. I can prepare breakfest or dinner for my guests if I have time. Certainly I am ready to show around my town, since it's really interesting, but only if I have time, i.e. mostly during holidays. In other terms I am normally very busy, often going away for the research travels.
I have quite a big sofa, from which a 2 people bed can be made. This bed is in quite a big dining room. I live very close to the city center - 15 minutes by walking. There is also public transport available (tram, bus), allowing you to visit all the city. You can use kitchen, however with your own food, unless I invite you explicitely to something. Cleaning after yourself is a must. I consider hosting for up to a week, smoking only outside (definitely no drugs and hard drinking).
Small room with a double bed with beautyfull city Wroclaw in Poland. We are close to central city- 15-20 minutes of the bus or car. In the city you can see old architekture, have fun in the club or siting and talking in pub or restaurant. Feel free to use the kitchen ahile you are here, but you have to byu your own food. But it's very cheap foot and very good. If you want I made very delicious polish food. It's the most beautyfull city in Poland!
Sofa in the open living room with open kitchen. In the flat we live with my boyfriend and one more friend, who is not daily in the flat. Therefore it depends if we can offer a place to stay or not. If he is not in the flat, there is place to stay. The flat is in the old town of Wroclaw and close to everything (shops, transport, restaurant etc.). Also you can use kitchen during the stay, but please buy food by yourself if you plan to cook.
it's a small room in dorm with 3 beds, which one of them is spare on weekends, with bathroom and shower, kitchen, nice people (students) and atmosphere. Not far from city center, tram and bus stop just few steps from the front door, near is zoo, Szczytnicki Park, Japanesse Garden. More than 1 person can sleep, but on the floor (eventually 2 on this one bed).

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