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I live alone in a flat on the east of the city central, It's about 10 minute to Malioboro Street and it is not far from Kota Gede - the silver smith village or Pura Mangkunegaran - the other palace beside Keraton Jogya, you can even take a walk to Gembiraloka Zoo.. It is easy to reach by Trans Jogya either local bus.. My flat is on the second floor. It's just a room with private bathroom inside. It's not a big room but actually it's more than enough for me and a guest. I have 2 mattress: one double mattress and the other single mattress, I have some pillows too, If you require a blanket i can provide you. I prefer to buy ready meals everytime i want to eat. I don't have kitchen.. But i have little stove.. Usually i make noodles. I also have water heater to make coffee or tea.. Jogya is not an expensive city.. It's better to eat out than cooking..
A medium size 3 bedroom house in an exclusive estate. It is located on the northern ring road, approximately 5 minutes drive from the airport. The estate itself contains approximately 400 houses, swimming pool, gym and is wall with 24/7 security. I am the only person living in the house. However, during the day the downstairs area is used as an office by 3 staff in my small website development company. There is a very small walled outdoors area with BBQ. It is a short walk from the house to the ring road where you can flag down buses or taxis. Depending on traffic it can take from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to get into the center of the city (Maliboro).
Actually this house is family house with several bedroom and i just live with my brother, we only able to provide temporary shelter in one room with one single bed and a mattress with no air conditioning. my house can be reach with trans jogja bus which connecting an airport and a train station. you can easily rent a motorcycle near my house and get a lot of food here, because my house so close with 3 university. we are not smoking and we dont accept smoking people or pet in our house. feel free as you are in your home. :0 happy bacpack :)
Well, you'll be sharing room with me. But I have a spare bed next to my bed. My house got squat bathroom and I live with my little brother and sister. My sister cooks everyday and always busy studying. I got flat screen TV at home with cable subscription. My house is in the middle of not so dense neighborhood. I got washing machine, fridge and a kitchenette. I also got WiFi. But I have to be honest: I got some mouse at home! My landlord seems to not giving a single fuck about it.
I live with my brother and a friend, There are only two bedrooms in my home and I don't sleep in the bedroom due to my brother and my friend would need more privacy than me, because of them all are master students while I am still bachelor student, that's why the guest will sleep with me in the TV room with foam mattresses. Yet, I will move to a new house in the end October. So, I am going have my own room to share with :)
House in a "perumahan" or housing development, meaning relatively modern and clean. The bedroom has its own bathroom and a small single person foam mattress, however for people traveling in pairs additional mats can be put down as bedding. We are just outside the city center (10 minutes North) and about 40 minutes from Borobudur by bus. We are also close to Bus Terminal Jombor.
medium room with double bed size in the downtown near big university 'university of gadjah mada', really close to supermarket,mini market,restaurant,shop,cafe,public transportation. you have to buy food by yourself, the bathroom is separated from bedroom. it's really easy to go to a lot interesting place in yogyakarta like keraton,malioboro,taman sari,etc
I can't Hosting you guys for now, cs I am in my own trip to Europe. I have a small room with single comfortable bed. it is a single room with 3x4m. that was out side off the city of Jogjakarta. it is in bantul regional. the kitchen is public which means can be used by all person in the boarding houses.
quite big house with 13 rooms.comfortable bed.each rooms has bathroom in indonesian type. My house is close to everything and the bus station is not very far from my house. feel free to stay with us, but yiu have to buy your own food because we don't cook.
I live in a Javanese traditional house near the Sultan Palace and Tamansari Water Castle. Also, it's just few minutes walk to Malioboro Street. If you love to meet locals people, just stay in my house for a while and enjoy the Javanese atmospheric.

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