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Accommodation information in and around Zurich.

Want to stay in Zurich for free?


Rather than spend money on Zurich hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Zurich from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Zurich and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Zurich with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Zurich!
Accomodation I offer can be anything from a free space on the floor or a free space in the tent in the garden to a comfortable couch for your exclusive use in your own room or to sharing a couch with members of the same or different gender in one of my spare rooms or sleeping on a carpet in the corridor. When you are hosted at my place you are becoming a temporary member of my commune and you will seize to be exclusive proprietor of food you bring in, we are a community of sharing, also the cost of shopping if we cook for each other. Warm water in this old but nicely situated building is at a premium, therefore we only sparingly shower. The accommodation is in a quiet clean and crimefree garden area, very well served with public transport to the center and Zurichs Uetliberg.
My place is in the city of Zürich itself. The district is called "Höngg", which is about 25 minutes by bus/streetcar from the main station. Despite that Zürich's nightlife is only away like 15 minutes, Höngg is a really quiet and green place. I live alone in a 2-room apartment. You'll be sleeping on my couch in my living room. My couch is very comfy (well, at least for me) and if you aren't over 1.80m (or so), you shouldn't have any problems either. I also have a blanket for my guests. If you aren't coming alone, then you can try to sleep both on the couch (which is not impossible) or I can give the second person a sleeping pad (hopefully you have a sleeping bag with you!).
I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I live with a flatmate in 3 room apartment. I have a nice sofa/bed and have a large room with quiet a big balcony. I do not have pets. I do smoke occasionally and I do not have any problem with smokers. I live very close to the city center. I can show people around, actually I want to explore the city myself if I have spirited person. I generally go to bed very late after midnight. I can host all time of the week and all the times of the year. Nothing specific. I do have extra blankets as well. Any person who is free minded, inquisitive, exploring, excited, eager to learn and above all friendly is welcome to my house.
You will get a small private clean room with a comfortable double bed and attached bath in the outskirts of Zrich city in a very quiet and beautiful neighbourhood. I can host a single person or a couple at one given time. The shops and supermarkets are not in immediate vicinity but there is a bus stop just below my apartment and the bus takes you to Zrich city. It runs twice every hour. Feel free use the kitchen while you are here. There is also a restaurant just below my apartment for any urgent food requirements. You can use my place as a base to explore North and Central Switzerland. All regular amenities are available.
I just moved to a cool rooftop apartment... it's just one room, but quite large... it's close to the center of zurich (approx. 10minutes from the main station by tram, 25 on foot). I'm fluent in English & German and can communicate in French, Italian and with hands and feet (basic backpacker skill) (oh and a few words in mandarin as well, but realy not much) My humble home "offers" a well equiped kitchen which you're free to use (as long as you clean up :) ) I welcome travelers from everywhere, female or male. No Drugs, no smoking inside. I work daytime, but can give some advice & tips if needed...
At the moment I am travelling until end of January 2009. So I'm sorry, I do not have accomodation at the moment. Generally thought, this is my description of the accomodation. You can either use my spare bed in a cosy guest room, use my garden as tent space or place your hamock under my roof top :-). 15 to 20 minutes by public transportation to downtown Zurich (if you can call it that way). Restaurants, bars, snack shops... all within short reach. You may use kitchen, bathroom and washing machine if you want. Please bring your own food, though. You will also have to bring your own sleeping bag with you.
I live by myself in a flat with 1 Bedroom and 1 Livingroom. In the Living room there's a couch which is not too comfortable. In my bedroom there's a big size bed with 2 matresses, which of course can be separated. My flat is located 25 minutes from Zurich Main Train Station and from the Airport. I can offer you a nice flatscreen lcd tv, wireless lan, a clean appartment and perhaps we can cook and go out together. If you're a DJ or music producer, I'm sure we're gonna have a lotta fun, as I'm a DJ, too. I started playing Hip Hop and RNB in 1992 - 2001 and then moved more into Electronic Musik.
We provide a Room with its own entrance, couch/bed for one and a half people. Our place is located near the University of Zurich and has great access to public transport (about 10m from the doorstep). You'll need exactly 12 minutes by tram from the mainstation to get there. You can use the kitchen, tough you usually you have to bring you're own food. However, if we really like you, we may make an exception and share some of those cornflakes. That's all for now. Oh, yes: No smoking in the room. I'd recommend the roof-deck for that.
Living Room with mattresses. Maximum 3 people please... There is also a kitchen where you can cook .... 5 min. by bus to the train mainstation, 15 min. to the airport... Zurich is a beautiful City with a great lake. Would recommend spring - summertime to come here. Very close to the mountains......... In the winter time there are of course great skiresorts not far. Public transportation in Switzerland is easy going, a little more expensive than in other countrys, but great!
It`s a quite big couch in my living room, where you can sleep and chill undisturbed if you want to, besides the trains that drive by once a hour at night. But that`s not too bad since it`s not very loud and you have a nice view over the zurich sea from your own balcony :D Doesn`t it sound great? It is :P My apartment is located in Zollikon but there`s a train station 3 minutes by foot. The train is already waiting for you and drives you into zurich city in less than 10 minutes. You can also use the kitchen if you want to.

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