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Testimonials from GlobalFreeloaders Members
Troy Stoilkovski - Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
I travelled earlier this year to Europe and if it wasn't for GlobalFreeloaders, I wouldn't have had any time or money to see some of the fascinating and awesome scenery and take in the European experience. Thanks GFL, I met some great friends that I still keep in touch with and welcome new friends who will use GFL.
Christopher Coogle - Vancouver, Clark, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hooyah!! I just did Europe and the U.K. and had free accomodations every night because of Global Freeloaders! Everyone was so cool. Seeing the sights during the day was great, but seeing the REAL local scenery at night with the other Freeloaders was what really made the trip. From the very first night when a Freeloader took me in on a moments notice, to the last day when the last Freeloader went out of his way to drive me to the airport, the people I met were the best in the world! What a concept too- meet local people in the area's you want to stay in and suddenly you've got friends for life that have the same interests as you! Namely, traveling, and traveling cheaply!!! I never felt uncomfortable staying with the six different Freeloaders at all. Each one was truly nice and went out of their way to ensure I was going to be comfortable and relaxed. How can you ask for more?? I'll be hosting a couple from Manchester, England in November and can't wait to see them again. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell everyone... this is the greatest thing that could have happened to us travelers! Thanks Adam!
Tim Boler - London, UNITED KINGDOM
Joyce and I recently travelled to India for a friends wedding and we decided to give GFL a try. Both families we stayed with over there were absolutely fantastic hosts, more accomodating and welcoming than we ever expected. From what we have seen India is one of the most interesting and amazing places on earth and we had a great time visiting the temples, monuments etc but the most memorable aspect of almost 4 weeks in India was definitely the wonderful hospitality we received from our GFL hosts and they are the first thing we tell people who ask about our trip. Our first opportunity to repay the goodwill we received while travelling has just finished and even though he was only with us for a couple of days we were so excited to learn about his culture, teach him about Australia and help him save some money. While apprehensive about all initial meetings with people via GFL our experiences so far have been fantastic and have helped restore our belief in the goodness of people. They have also reminded us that it is only a very small percentage of the worlds population that would abuse something great like GFL and take advantage of people offering them genuine kindness. Happy travels to all and keep up the good work Adam! : )
tony deluca - Oxnard Beach, Ventura, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
My wife first stated as guests through GF in Australia (Brisbane and Melbourne) during our 11 month RTW in 2002. Our hosts from Melbourne (we have seen them twice since in OZ and twice here in the USA)were just here for a week last month at the conclusion of their 2 months trip through the USA. Friends for life! We also stayed in Singapore. Once back home we have hosted a guy riding a bike from Nevada USA to Guatemala, a couple from Denmark and a couple from France who just left yesterday. We enjoy being a host as much as being on the road travelling. It really is a great experience. You have to be able to set rules and be honst, buy that has always made the time together even better. I love this.
Robyn Young - Gore, NEW ZEALAND
Graeme and I have just completed a three month visit to Canada, Alaska, the United States and Mexico. We stayed with GFL members at various stages on our adventure and everywhere we stayed we did not want to leave! Thank goodness for emailing so we can at least stay in touch with the wonderful new friends we have made. This is a magnificent network to be a part of. Thanks everyone and we look forward to hosting fellow GFLs' in the future. Warm regards, Robyn and Graeme, Pukerau, Southland, New Zealand.
paul knopf - Diamond Bar B Ranch, Tuolumne, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Sad how they spend billions of dollars/money on international relations, when the essence and usage of a free website like this truly adds to building peace in this world. Travel on my friends and leave a mark of love in every new place that you go. -Paul- (United States, Ca)
Huy Nguyen - Corpus Christi, Nueces, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
I love the whole concept behind GlobalFreeloaders. I have already hosted two different members with a third on the way. It's always great to make new friends, especially from around the world. GlobalFreeloaders makes the world seem like a smaller place. Thanks Adam and GFL.
jane lee - Singapore, SINGAPORE
I agree totally with Hu Nyugen. Although I have never been hosted before but recently hosted my first guest, I love the holistic cultural exchange that is enabled by GFL. It is not only beneficial to the guest, but also to the host as it helps you understand your own country better and perhaps, even re-discover it. Smashing idea. It puts a face and personality to the virtual concept of 'global village'. Thanks!!
Lin Lin - Penang, MALAYSIA
Who on earth would have thought that total strangers ,someone you'd never met before would warmly welcome you into their homes,let you see how they live their everyday lives,go out of their way to show you around town,share their dinner and their thoughts,even make time for some cultural exchange with you? All I can say is,without this site,I would have never been able to see europe and discover it's warmth,it's magic and it's people! Thanks globalfreeloaders! It's been a truly unforgettable experience filled with memories to last a lifetime.
gail Gibson - Germiston, SOUTH AFRICA
I would like to thank Global Freeloaders, because by hosting people we have made new friends. Truely a stranger is just a friend you do not know. The testimonials are great because we can vet people first.
David Clark - Mildura, AUSTRALIA
I have just returned from Travelling accross Canada. Met some great friendly people and without the support of the Globalfreeloaders site I would of been stuck on a number of occassions. The response from other GFL was fantastic. Most said that I was their first visitor,and the friendship that has built from then, has been overwhelming. I can't speak highly enough of GFL and I will continue as a provider and a user of the service. Congratulations Adam & Globalfreeloaders.
Andrew ten Seldam - London, UNITED KINGDOM
Used GFL a couple of times about a year ago while traveling around the world. On both occasions I managed to save lots of money, get some interesting insights into the cities I was in and perhaps most importantly met some very friendly people! I highly recommend the sight and as it has grown substantially since I first tried it I am sure that it will be even easier to find people all over the world who are willing to host you. or at least provide you with lots of useful local information. If you want any more info about my experiences with the site email me at Andrew
katarina p - New York City, New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
When I first joined this site, I was a little apprehensive yet excited. I thought no one would ever stay but within weeks of joining I had two requests. I had my first guests (Juliette and Allon from Sydney,Australia). What a great couple and an awesome time with them. Two weeks later, Tom from Philadelphia was passing through on his way to Thailand and he too was quite a nice guy. This is an awesome sight and wish it had been around long ago. Grateful for it now. I am looking forward to meeting more people and encourage anyone needing a place to stay in NYC to contact me. I know I will certainly use GFL when I travel next year. Thanks for this great idea Adam. I have always believed the best experiences in life are the people we come in contact with and the places we travel.
Myriam Paardenkooper - Maassluis, NETHERLANDS
Hi, I'm Myriam. Me and my husband went to Australia and had a place to stay through Global Freeloaders and it was great!! It is a very nice way to see the land from another perspective. It is so different than in a hotel. We also had some people over in our house. That is also a great experience!! We are planning on having more people over! (We've had a few requests already.)I've given the Freeloader-adress to all my friends.
Bruce Jones - Chicago, Cook, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
My traveling companion and I were looking to save some money but more importantly meet the real people that live in the cities that we want to visit without having a carpet or t shirt sold to us. We really didn't even know where Malta was until our travel agent told us, as it was the cheapest ticket to europe from morocco. Janet was our host and had a wonderful home for us to stay in, picked us up from the airport and drove us around town. We went out with her and her friends a few times and had a great time. It really gave us a feeling of the culture and the people.
Catherine Sharwood - Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
I've used freeloaders twice and it's such a fantastic way of using the little money one has for things to DO rather than for a bed & roof. I've made some great friends through freeloaders (and maintained friendships!) Sometimes I think you have to be a little peristant - it took me a fewintroductory emails to get a response from some areas - but then - i can appreciate that people are busy! But it is certainly worth it! Great idea Adam :)
Juliana Loh - Singapore, SINGAPORE
I have had the most pleasurable experience of being a host and guest. GFL is an ingenious idea! It takes care of the traveller's needs; forging friendships, living on a shoestring, understanding another's culture and lifestyle.
Lisa Elford - Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM
I have just returned from a round the world trip with my now eight year old son. I met up and stayed with four GFL during our journey. We would never have been able to experience New York if it hadn't been for Lisa and Dan. Also, Dan truly enhanced our road trip with the loan of his vehicle. We were weary one night en route from LA to Oregon and Marc was our knight in shining armour. In Thailand Kaye welcomed us as immediate friends and we went along with members of her family and other friends to other places in Thailand which was fantastic. And finally the boys who linked me to GFL in the first place made it possible for me and my lad to go to a great festival in Nevada. I have now updated my profile and am looking forward to meeting a few more GFL and to putting back the great things I have already received. I was quite surprised how good it worked, especially seeing as I was travelling with a child.
Tanzina Rahman - Toronto, CANADA
I recently hosted a couple from New Zealand, and we had a great time together. I have also had requests from 3 more members, who are likely to visit this year. This certainly is a great site for people who love to travel and meet people from all over the world!
Rod de Lisle - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
I have hosted 3 lots of Global Freeloaders and found all to be very good guests. Lisa from England had her son and ended up coming opn holdiday with myself and my 3 kids. We had Ian a 'Scottish-Aussie' enroute to Brazil and recently a nice couple from Belgium/Holland. We took them have their first Belgium meal in a year at one of Aucklands excellent cafes (we copy every cuisine style here in NZ!). Its good to have a wine and conversation about different cultures and interests... I am off to Europe next month and hope to avail myself of G.F in England and Paris/Milan/Venice. I also look forward to meeting more of you in Auckland in the future.. cheers, Rod de Lisle
Dongdong Guo - Shenzhen, CHINA
I love Globalfreeloaders, it gives me amazing experiences about my trip to West Europe last summer and North Europe this summer.I've lived in several member's home, all of them are great and kind.I do not know how to express my appreciate to them, they treats me so nice, prepare food for me,take me look around their's city,live the key to me,the best feeling is someone trust you even they have never know you before.Live in Globalfreeloader's free accommodations became a important and best part of my trip to Europe.This system works well.Thanks the owner, thanks everyone!hope one day someone is able come to my home so that I can do something for other people.
josephine batteau - Budgewoi, AUSTRALIA
I am fortunate enough to have experienced the whole freeloader loop. I backpacked 14000kms in the USA on the smell of an oily rag' as we say & found an amazing variety of lifestyles & attitudes & without!! exeption i found all freeloader members to be kind,caring & of a same thought process, none assuming the worst about me, a total stranger. My hosts were good to me & i have many new friends including a husband from new orleans. Most bring a tea towel home i chose a different momento. I salute Adam & his efforts to create a simple & well thought out program to encourage us to think outside the square!! well done! On the flip side, i have hosted freeloaders myself & always find it to be great opportunity to share,to meet & to give something back.!
Sheila McAllister - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
My husband and I were travelling in the United States earlier this year and decided to try GFL. We were very glad we did as the people we contacted were so helpful even before we left home, giving us information which helped us utilise the short time at our disposal. Both our stays were in Tennessee and Bev and Arthur really put themselves out to show us aound. We have had several requests for accommodation and have enjoyed meeting people from different countries
Arthur Graves - Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
I've just hosted my first Freeloaders and the experience was great. I absolutely love meeting people from different places, it enriches my life. Well done for setting up this site. What a good idea! I look fwd to hosting many more FL's in the future.
Mark Galbraith - London, UNITED KINGDOM
I've been actively hosting GFL guests since May 2002. I've pretty much lost count of how many people I've met by now, but all of them without exception were really nice and easy to get along with. This is a terrific way of learning about other people's cultures and ways of life...without even leaving your own front door ! So far I've hosted people from Australia, the US, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia ...and the list goes on. It's also a great way of finding new email pen pals - most people stay in touch before their visit and remain in contact after they've gone. Some even call a few days after they've left and ask if they can come back !! (...and of course they can) What a terrific way of meeting people from all walks of life and all ages. My guests have ranged from early 20s students to couples in their 40s and 50s with grown up children. Long live Global Freeloaders !
Shayn Wilesmith - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
YAY ! Global Freeloaders is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I travelled thru USA And Canada last winter and stayed in a few great people's houses, and I have to say it basically cut the cost of my trip in HALF !!! But its not really about the money, the people were cool, and you really get a different view of everything as compared to staying in a hostel/hotel.... THANKS ADAM ! you are the KING. Im about to start travel again in 3 days ! better get to searching. LOL
patricia cleere - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Just hosted my fist two freeloaders from Canada, Ricky & Bert, what a pair of great guy's, trustwothy reliable, fun and honest to good people. Hosting is a great way of meeting people, great conversation, learning new and interesting things from around the globe. Puts excitement into a rather normal day. If you get the chance to host, don't miss it, you'll love it as we have. Great concept, can't wait till we try later in the year whilst in America.
Margaret & John Batson - Darwin, AUSTRALIA
My husband and I have hosted several members in Darwin, Australia, and they've all been very positive and memorable experiences. We've met Michael and Laila from Denmark, Susana from Spain, Ditte and Jesper from Denmark and Rick and Carol from Melbourne. It's a great way to meet people and apart from making new friends, we get to learn about other people and their countries and home states.
alex meikle - Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM
We have used and met the best people from this freeloaders site they all remain great friends to us both. the site has helped us a hell of a lot and without it on this round the world trip we would have been lost.
Dominic Callaghan - Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
As a concept, there aren’t many better ideas on the internet. I’m was so much in love with the idea that I toyed with spending the rest of my life travelling! But of course if everyone had that idea then the site wouldn’t work! After travelling for 10 months I’m finally home and looking forward to hosting other travellers. I’m sure that as you travel around the world and scour the travel websites you’ll read a number of quotes on travelling from such names as Lord Byron, Mark Twain and others. They’re all interesting and illuminating but to that list you should add me. “There is no better way to see a city than though the eyes of a local.” Ok so it’s not earth shatteringly poignant but it’s very true. We stayed with GF’s in Australia, Canada and the US and every experience was different and special. Just think, if someone asked you to show off your city to a foreigner, where would you take them? You’d want to show off your city! So the visitor has a great time and sees all the best sites! One final quote “Travel is always better when someone else is paying for the hotel” See where we went on our website
Eran Klausner - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
I have just hosted my first guest. He was 24 years old and from Germany. He spent 8 days staying at my home. I enjoyed having an international guest. My guest and I have struck a very close friendship. He left today for his 3 month round Australia trip. I recieved a phone call this evening from him saying he MISSES ME and my HOSPITALITY. That really made my evening. Global Freeloaders is more then FREE accomadation. Gloabal Freeloaders opens up a whole new world of friendships and learning experiences. When I travel to another country, I want to experience it like the locals. Global Freeloaders gives me that opertunity. global Freeloaders is a travelers best friend. I recommned this site to any serious traveler.
ken hudson - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Our family (Mum, Dad, & 3 boys, 9 5 & 2y.o.)have hosted freeloaders. We were particularly looking for overseas travellers, so that our children could experience other cultures, languages & food. It worked really well. We had a great time and would recommend others consider offering accomodation for these reasons.
Richard Young - Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
Stayed with 2 extremely nice Russian couples in St Petersburg in late May 2003. Was made very welcome and made instant friends with them. Lisa, Dima, Sveta & Roman - thanks very much!
Peter Wertheimer - Paynesville, AUSTRALIA
Returned a couple of months ago from trip to Gallipoli for Anzac Day -Stopped over in Washington DC and was hosted by Elena and Alex (charming people) and couldn't do enough for me in taking in as much of their city as possible. I could not have covered any where near the sightseeing without their hospitality and guidance. In London again stayed with some great people and Natalie was a great hostess and included me in their chats around the kitchen table. She had very interesting people dropping bye - mainly French and introduced me to their cuisine and much laughter. Thanks GFL - I have located the site to late in life - oh to be in my 20's again!!!
Ncedo or Ace Ntlanganiso - Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
Two years ago I hosted a german girl which resulted in a lifetime friendship. The concept is very nice! We keep in touch by telephone at least once a week. Free Loaders Rock!
I recently had the good fortune to stay with two very very nice people in Perth and had a really wonderful time. I was spoilt rotten and it was a wonderful experience. I also stayed with a very lovely lady in Adelaide whose place overlooked a fantastic beach. I had a absolutely terrific holiday and I never would have been able to do except by going through GlobalFreeloaders. thank you every one
Caroline Pratt - Perth, AUSTRALIA
Well, what can I say in addition to the other testimonials. I'm currently staying at my first GFL address, and although was a bit wary at first, especially being a young female travelling alone, am so glad I found and registered on the site. After getting back to London from Ireland, and realising how destitute I was, I logged onto the website and found somewhere to stay within a couple of days. Needless to say, I was extremely grateful to have somewhere to stay, so I could work and save without all the usual expenses. Not to mention meeting new people who just go out of their way for you, even when you've only known them all of two seconds. Thanks Adam for being so ingenious.
eileen shea - Hamilton, CANADA
We stayed a week in Sydney with a globalfreeloader. I don't think we could have found a better host anywhere. He was great at showing us the city, suggesting side trips ( and taking us there) and he is also a very interesting conversationalist who likes good wine. He and his partner and friends made our stay absolutely great. Thanks Ken and Liz and of course, Adam. Eileen
Roddy Cooper - San Francisco, San Francisco, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
..................THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE "FREE"............. Greetings Fellow Freeloaders! I can only speak as a host, but starting this past summer my roommates and I opened our home, our hearts and our minds to the World. We were concerned about the actions of our government and wanted to show that as World Citizens and San Franciscans (yay! we "really" love our city/state by the bay) that we were all of "one planet" and still come have some “FUN” in between Peace Marches. We hosted a wide variety of global travelers from Progressives Vegans to Conservatives Meat-Eaters, Party Animals, Quiet Matures, Students, Seniors, folks of all believes and no believes, Straights, Lesbians, the Physically-Challenged, the Mentally- abled Hipsters, Squares, Humans of all colors, Canines, Iguanas, Ferrets and maybe even an Alien<(©¿©)> or two<(©¿©)><(©¿©)>...(not quite sure which planet), but anyway, What a cool way of starting our own mini-United Nations.... : ) So if you have an open mind and heart.... (not to mention a spare bed or couch), sign up and jump into our Global community. Also, if you are ever in San Francisco, my roomies and me will be happy to host you! OUR MOTTO: "If everyone gave, everyone would receive" Peace & Fun to EveryOne……………………………………………………….. (-:>~*(-:>~*(-:>~*Roddy-Chief Wit of the PlayFuls *~<:-)*~<:-)*~<:-) ......................................................................Please feel free to contact me anytime at for more info. (written: Friday, October 9, 2003)
Diane Jones - The Entrance, AUSTRALIA
We have just returned from our first experience with GFL. Staying in Darwin with a couple of GlobalFreeloaders was great. They went out of their way to make our experience a memorable one and I know we have made long time friends. Keep up the good work Adam this site is wonderful even for us mature age people.
Ricardo Savaris - Porto Alegre, BRAZIL
I am traveling around quite a bit doing what GFL do, but by other means. This concept is Great! I have hosting Ian (The former mentioned Scotisch-Aussie guy on the bike, actually he is from Yorkshire, as well as other people on motorcycle from Australia. Actually, they were the best I ever hosted in my life (over 20!!) My house is open for all the nice people. I hope to use the GFL in Philadelphia next year.
Natalie Bray - Wollongbar, AUSTRALIA
I just hosted my first freeloader and what a great experience... I can't wait until I can host another wonderful person and show them the country I call home.... the really great thing is that the freeloader can not only see the great country I live in but they get to meet real Australian people not just see the major tourist attractions and fellow tourists.... Thankyou Global Freeloaders!!!
Ryan McLaughlin - Dalian, CHINA
I'll admit, at first I was skeptical of the whole GFL concept. Much like the first reaction that I got to friends, I really didn't trust it, or think it could work. I mean, strangers putting you up for free - it could never happen - or could it? Well my friends, let me be the like hundredth person to say it, it most DEFINITELY can! I just spent the last month travelling through England and Scotland, and didn't pay for a single night's accommdations all because I happened across Looking forward, I'm heading into Europe in the new year and cannot wait to stay with more GFLers. There is a kinship that is instantaneous between fellow travellers - and no where is it more prevalent than in the fact that this site exists. Sharing culture, stories, food and of course drink, I can think of few better things in this world. I honestly couldn't be more excited for eventually having the opportunity to repay the kindness that has been extended to me through hosts I've met via this site - I just need to find a semi-permanent address to offer. :-)
Peter Justice - Port Clinton, AUSTRALIA
We have hosted 3 couples now 2 from G.B. and 1 from France it has been a great experience and loads of fun they teach us their ways and we do the same back. I would recomend Global Freeloaders to anyone and everyone keep up the good work.
Conny Larsen - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Just had my first visitor, a greek girl on her way back to London from Japan. She stayed with me for 3 days, and luckely 1 1/2 were weekend, so I could spend some time with her and take her out. We had a great time despite age difference (same age as my daughter), but that didn't stop us from having some fun. Lovely and helpful girl, so definitely not the last time I will say 'yes' to have another Freeloader. So if anyone out there is a bit hesitant (which I must admit I was before picking up this girl at the airport), give it a try, will almost guarantee you will find it a great experience.
Elena Garcia - Bilbao, SPAIN
Elena García - Basauri - Basque Country - Spain. From the very first moment I heard about Globalfreeloaders, I trusted and supported its aim: a human and global approach. We have only had one guest till now, but it's been such a rewarding experience that are looking forward to hosting someone again. Our world needs this kind of altruistic projects and I can assure it also served as a lesson for those around me who didn't trust it. I would like to remember a definition which caught my eye: a stranger is a friend we have to meet yet. Thanks Adam too!
Richard & Colleen Loffhagen - Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
It's been 12 months since we joined GFL, and it's no coincidence that this year has been one of the most memorable of our lives. Although hesitant (and a little nervous) at the impending arrival of our first guest, unsure of expectations and needs, we were very soon put at ease once we placed ourselves in their position, and asked "what would we want as a guest?". We've hosted about a dozen singles/couples to date, and have had a heavy heart when each left us to move on. We love our city, and get a real kick out of showing it to others. We're very much looking forward to experiencing life as a guest - and intend to do it quickly ...... so to Susi, Barbara, Bruce, Julia, John, Sandra, Dale, Claire, Dromi, Giulia, Sebastian and Yasmina, look out, we're coming your way! To our friends around the world we've yet to meet, we hope to learn all we can of your country and culture in what will be all too short a time. To Adam, thank you for your vision. Richard Loffhagen Christchurch New Zealand.
valerie stephens - Bisbee Junction, Cochise, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
My husband and I visited Europe earlier this year. Money was a bit tight but I had read about Global Free Loaders in the Frommers travel section. I signed up and found a lovely lady who was able to accomadate us for almost a week. As this was a little south of London, the savings were considerable. This site is remarkable, and I can't speak highly enough of it. So to put my money where my mouth is I'll be danating some of the saved money to help keep this incredable site going, and, I would suggest everybody else who has used this site should do the same. Thanks G.F.L.
Todd Smith - Hobart, AUSTRALIA
Hey fellow Freeloaders!! OMG what an awesome week I have just had! I had just got back from USA when I received an accommodation request from a traveller from Canada, her name, Anne-Marie! She arrived with us on the 8th Feb 04 and left today, 16th Feb 04. We had the best time, went places I had not even been to in Tasmania. She was fun loving and a total hoot to have around. We all loved her and everyone she met loved her back! I love this site, you appreciate things so much more when you spend time with a traveller. So ok here I was thinking how lucky I am to have a gorgeous Canadian girl staying with me...when there we were using the computer, checking emails, when another request came in, this time from a girl by the name of Kristina from Germany. So we had a chat (myself, my family and Anne-Marie) and decided we would take Kristina in as well. So here I was, with a Canadian girl and a german girl in my home, all at once. I have never had so much fun in my life, all these different cultures mixing at the same time. Learning thigs from Kristina about Germany and Anne-Marie about Canada!! They were both here at a rather difficult time for my parents as my sister was leaving to go to London and live for a year. well these two girls made sure everything was great for my family, and really cheered them up. They will both be missed terribley! But oh I just had the best time, went sight seeing, ummmm drinking...only a little hehe...little bottles that is. Went out for meals, had a few family bbq's, just basically went into total relaxation mode...AND they did not want to be on the go go go all the time. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to global freeloaders. My next guest that I know of is from Germany, and that should be great, but we'll always welcome people into our home. Take care everyone! :) - Todd
giles ross - Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Hey Adam, I dont know if you realise how many awesome experiences have already been forged from your site. It must be great to know how you have made so many people have so many great times. Im hosting at the moment and am enjoying it throroughly. Altruism is a beautiful thing isnt it?
Nathan Hoffart - Courtenay, CANADA
I am currently doing a backpacking trip throughout Europe. I have stayed with a freeloader in London, and am in Bristol right now with one. The site is awsome, I tell everyone I can about it. It saves you so much money. Well to be honest I think I spent more money in London staying with Giles than in the Hostels, but its because we were going out and having fun and meeting people. I love the site. Its just what I need.
Stuart and Priscilla Kingsley - Oxnard, Ventura, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
We just hosted our first Globalfreeloaders, and it was a wonderful experience. Carolyn and Steve from Brisbane were delightful guests, and I miss them!
Paul Keenan - Bangkok, THAILAND
'Can I come for two weeks'? was the first request I received. 'Hmmm... What if I don't like him? He's half my age.(bloody pop music).. cluttered room.. expect me to run around after him.. talk about take advantage!.. and so on, went the thoughts. That was the downside. The upside? Well. It would be nice to have some company.. the reviews on the globalfreeloaders web site were all pretty positive. Why not give it a go. I can always ask him to leave. In the end Sami (from Canada) and I, got on great. (That will teach me to entertain negative thoughts). Now I see what a fantastic resource this is. Have since entertained two ladies from Oregon, who were thrilled. Adam you are a gem! Anyone out there who feels as I do, that this site is worth investing in, please make a contribution to Adam's coffers. It will benefit us all. Highly recommended. Now where in the world shall I go to next...tum-te-tum-te-tum. Paul (
Galina Erofeeva - Turku, FINLAND
Hi everyone! THANK YOU VERY MUCH Global freeloaders!!!! Now i have more friends..... Have just arrived back from Finland (Helsinki)! Wow, it was a GREAT & COOL WEEKEND! I met the best girl in Helsinki... KATARINA!!! She showed for us the famost beer pub in Helsinki. She invited me herself...... People, if want to find good company in Helsinki...she's the best of all. I'm going to visit her again :-)
Jodie Metcalf - Mandurah, AUSTRALIA
Thank you soooo much for this wonderful oppurtunity Adam. We haven't beenhosted yet, but are looking forward to in the future. We've had two sets of guests so far and they were both fantastic. Not only am I learning more about this city which I am relatively new to, but my son is learning and discussing other countries with the visitors. I have never been so aware of how much we take for granted in our everyday life, from the basic vegemite sandwich to our sun setting over the ocean, these visitors are always interested!! PS I love that they don't know anyone we know, so there is no whingeing about other people :) Just REAL conversations. Love it Love it Love it
Kirsty Breed - Buderim, AUSTRALIA
I must admit when I first found the website, I was a little sceptical about having a stranger come and stay with us, or us go and stay with strangers. When we received our first request for accomodation we decided to see how it would go. We had Erin arrive and stay with us for 6 days over the Easter weekend, and I must say we had the best time. We took Erin to places that we would never had gone if we hadnt have had her with us, like going to Australia Zoo, which was such a amazing experience, and in the short time that we had her with us we became quite good friends and she blended straight into our family like one of us. We are actually travelling to the States in December and we will be staying with her, and are also looking at staying with other Globalfreeloaders. I have also told my friends and family about the site, as we believe it's a amazing way to meet new people and share our home with them and to learn about their way of life as well... This website is a amazing way for people to be able to meet.
Wan Azhar Sulaiman - Shah Alam, MALAYSIA is a brilliant invention! Thank you Veruschka from Melbourne and John & Karen from Sydney. I never thought strangers would meet and be this nice and pleasent. Cheer's to freeloaders out there!
Heidi&Steve Kalakoc - Portland, Sumner, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hello All you ! My husband and I recently returned from three weeks in Europe. We are no longer of the back-packer and sleeping bags age. This is to let you "older" travelers know that the site works for us, too! We had a great time with every one of our hosts, who shared a bed or sofa with us. Of course, they all provided breakfast at the least. Some gave us dinner. And the stimulating conversations! Wow. Marvelous people. We are staying in touch through E-mail and have been told we are welcome any time. A nice feeling to know.
Stephen Savage - Cairns, AUSTRALIA
I am currently on my fourth round-the-world trip, and I could not have even contemplated this latest journey without using hospitality exchange as a means of travel. But Globalfreeloaders is so much more than a free accommodation site. A lot of people think that I go too far when I say that Globalfreeloaders is quite possibly the salvation of the world, but let me explain. In this crazy world situation at the moment, what better way is there to break down the fears and suspicions between different peoples, than to visit foreign countries, not as a tourist, viewing people's lives from the window of an air conditioned coach, or from the balcony of your hotel room, but to immerse yourself in their lives as a friend? What better wy to open your eyes to the 'rest of the world'? The range of people I have stayed with has been incredible- from doctors and lawyers to hippies and punk musicians. The one thing that they all have in common is a love of travel, and a thirst for meeting new people. I have never had a bad time with any of the hundreds of hosts I have stayed with, and none of them have expressed any negative experiences from their years of using GFL. I just wish I had discovered this amazing concept years ago, and I look forward to hosting many, many travellers when I finally return to Australia.
Javier Vega - Brussels, BELGIUM
Javier, Brussels BELGIUM. Brand new in the GFL family but I feel already like at home. Three weeks ago I hosted my first free loaders. 3 theatre actors-actresses to be from Leipzig, GERMANY. Almost a week full of plans, dreams, dinners, wine bottles, walks... They were about to start their new life in Brussels. I was travelling without a backpack this time. Awesome! And in a few weeks more Free Loaders to come!!!
Clare Mathews - Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
My boyfriend travelled around the world this year and we would have been broke in the gutters if it weren't for good ol' global freeloaders! We stayed with people in Hong Kong, Delhi, Athens, and Paris. Everyone was great and hospitibal and we made friends along the way. I was nervous at first and I still think one must always be weary, however I would never hesitate to do it all over again! I hope I can host some globalfreeloaders in need in the future now that I'm home. PEACE!
Geoff Grant - Callington, AUSTRALIA
I am currently travelling (UK and US) and have stayed with three Freeloaders so far and had one stay with me prior to leaving Australia. It is interesting that all the people I have met through Freeloaders are lovely people. This is to the extent that we even had a conversation one night as to why that might be. Conclusion was that anyone who is willing to open their home to fellow travellers and is willing to put the effort in to register on this delightful site is probably sincere and the fact that a sincere person is willing to share a part of their private life seems to mean that you are most likely to come across warm friendly people through this network. I must admit to having some concerns when I first registered but my wonderful experiences with Freeloaders have now dispelled those concerns and I look forward to meeting my next hosts. Thank you Adam for continuing to maintain this excellent site - and yes as soon as I get back to Oz I will be making a donation. Cheers Geoff
Arthur Graves - Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
Hello. This is such a good idea. I'm very impressed with your forsight Adam. I've not been to stay with anyone yet (i'll be travelling and hopefully staying with a few people in October and November) but i have had a few people to stay through the site and they've all been delightfull, so much so that we've met up again in other places. what a great way to get like minded people together and to save some much needed cash at the same time. fandabydosy.
Wendy Mullins - Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA
My partner and I have had nothing but good experiences, not only with guests but hosts as well. We are gay and sometimes this makes people a little uncomfortable. I think it helps that we are down to earth and just love life. We find that Freeloaders are such great people. We have no hesitation in showing them around and are always encouraging them to join us at mealtimes. You may be on a tight budget, but there is always a Freeloader willing to help.
Michael Torrens - Hervey Bay, AUSTRALIA
I hosted a couple of Canadian Guys Ricky and Bert From Montreal at my home in Hervey Bay nearly two years ago. I was travelling around the world this year and I was stuck for accommodation in Montreal, you guessed it one Email to Ricky and my accommodation was set......But I really did not expect what those two great party animals put on for me for the two nights I had the pleasure of staying with them in Montreal. GFL Is Great and its a great way of making True Friends that come to a person's aid when needed...thanks GlobalFreeLoaders and thank you Rick and Bert. Wait till I get you guys back Down Under!
Michael Southern - Fort Worth, Tarrant, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
I must admit that the concept envisioned and carried out by GlobalFreeLoaders is one of the more exciting ones I have encountered on the internet. We have participated in hospitality exchanges and homestays often over the years, but GFL takes this practice to the next level by utilizing the internet to assist folks world-wide in making that crucial first contact with one another. I admire the fact that there are no ulterior motives behind this web site. No one is trying to exploit anyone to make a profit! There is a genuine respect for fellow travelers who may be on a shoe-string budget, or who choose to stay in the home of "strangers" for the sake of new cultural experiences and developing new friendships! Actually, through GFL, we learn that a strnager is just a friend we have yet to meet! I know of no other web site where the selection of available hosts is so broad, representing over 2,000 homes from over 90 countries to choose from! And all this is for free! There is no charge for registering with this web site, nor is there a charge for staying in participating homes. The only requirement is that you open your heart and your home to hosting others, and the whole world becomes your extended home! What a way to promote the values of world peace and cultural understanding, something that is needed now more than ever in the world we live in! To further the goals of this web site, and to promote and facilitate communication between its members, I encourage you to not only sign up now while you are checking out this site, but to also check out a sister site which is a new Yahoo Club called GlobalFreeLoaders by going to, and also a Yahoo Group email list Called HomeShare for GlobalFreeLoaders by going to Neither entity is intended as a rival to, but rather were created to promote as cheerleaders the success of this web site by encouraging communication between its members! If any of you ever consider visiting Fort Worth, Texas, don't hesitate to contact us for a taste of real Southern Hospitality. And remember, happiness is not a destination, but a way of travel...and that there is joy in the journey! All the Best! Sincerely, Michael Southern

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