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I can't currently host anyone. Can I still register?

You may register if you will be in a situation to host other members within 6 months of signing up. Otherwise, I ask you as nicely as possible not to register until you will be in a position to do so. This site relies on a balance of give and take. If there are too many people taking (visitors), and not enough giving (hosting), the system simply won't work. Thank you for your understanding.
When I sign up, can I choose which age-group I'd prefer to host?

Its up to you. This site is all about introducing people from diverse cultures, so it's always completely your decision who you do and do not choose to host. Whenever you receive an accommodation request, you choose which criteria they need to meet. You're not obliged in any way to reply to them at all, if they aren't what you're looking for in a guest. However, so as not to waste people's time you're encouraged to specify your preferences when you register.
So I suppose you sell all of my personal details?

No. All of your details are taken solely to allow the site to function, and for informational feedback for the website administrator alone. You are also asked to provide your telephone number in case of an emergency. Its for the Administrator's eyes only.
Why is the site only in english you silly english imperialist pig?! You know english isn't the only language spoken around the world?

For the moment the site is only available in english because for the moment that's the only language of which this ignorant webmaster has an almost average grasp. If there were other languages used on the site I would not be able to monitor things to maintain the site's standards. Translations for the main non-member pages will soon be available in a few other languages but a basic grasp of english will be required to use the site for the forseeable future.
How do I request accommodation?

Once you've registered, just login and click on 'Accommodation' in the left frame, go through and select which city you're visiting, and then check the check-boxes next to the names of the members' you'd like to request accommodation from. Then write an introductory message about yourself in the text box down the bottom of the page and hit submit. We forward the email to the prospective hosts.
As a host, how accommodating do I have to be? For instance, will I have to feed my guests?

Again, this is up to you. The bare minimum that is expected of hosts is that they provide a free place to crash. Some members do indeed provide a roof over guests' heads, and little else. Others go the whole hog and offer home-cooked meals, an open fridge and give you the full guided tour around town. You have to decide how you'd like to operate. I leave it up to the host to set the expectations. So that everyone goes in with eyes wide open, I ask that you make it clear in advance what you are prepared to offer your guests, and what you expect from them. Personally, I'm happy to give my guests full access to my kitchen, and I'll even cook for them occassionally (though I can't guarantee they'll live to tell the tale). But if they're staying for more than a couple of days then I expect them to re-stock the fridge/cupboard, or cook me a meal or shout me some beers or something.

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