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Accommodation information in and around Copenhagen.

Want to stay in Copenhagen for free?


Rather than spend money on Copenhagen hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Copenhagen from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Copenhagen and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Copenhagen with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Copenhagen!
I live in a two-room apartment in Nørrebro, copenhagen. we're three people living here and I'm sharing a room with my girlfriend. We can offer a mattress on the floor in our quite big room. If the timing is good some of us might be out and you can get a comfortable bed to sleep in. You'll be close to a lot of bars, shops and grocery stores and we live 20 min. from the city center by bus or bike.- And if you want to borrow a bike that should be possible as well. You can feel free to use our nice little kitchen (we're vegetarians), bath and there's wifi! Maybe I should mention that we smoke cigarettes in the kitchen. Theres a backyard with a garden and a washing machine in the cellar if you need to wash your clothes. Only one of us has a full time job, so we'll be around and I can show you some nice places and hang out or you can tell me what you're interessted in seeing and I'll guide you there.
I live 15 minutes by bus from the center of Copenhagen in a part called Nørrebro. If you want to stay at my place overnight then I can offer eather the couch or an madras on the floor. Since I share the apartment wiht anohter guy i cannot offer a different room since its a 2 room apartment. If you want to stay out late then i can only offer you to stay here on weekends since i have to get up early on weekdays. Its allowed to smoke in the apartment since both me and my flatmate smoke. Nørrerbro is the most etnic diverse part of copenhagen which give the place a nice feeling. There are loads of small pubs and coffee places and if you want to go to christiania then thats only about half an hour away with bus or bike.
Room 15 m2 with a comfortable single bed, but you will have to live with my pant and shirts, and some boxes. The apartment 96m2 is located on Nørrebro, the best and most multicultural part of Copenhagen. Its close to everything, and both busses and metro connections are close by. Central copenhagen city is within walkin distance. You are free to use the kitchen and fridge, and livingroom as long as you clean up after your self. Meals are at your own cost. I am working during the day, but wouldent mind showing you the town in the weekends. As a guest in my home i expect you to be responsible for your actions. All in all a superb base for exploring copenhagen.
I offer a mattress for two in my flat in the heart of Copenhagen. 'Amager' is a very dynamic part of the city and it has alot of options for you - whether you want to explore all the 'must-see' attractions or you just simply want to feel the good vipe of the city. My flat is a 30-45 minutes walk from the center of the city and there's public transport on both sides of the road. You're welcome to use the facilities in our home, but please bring your own toilet requisites (towel, shampoo, toothpaste etc.) and your own food (we can help you shop, if you want to try out some of the national stuff...). Bye bye,,,
Hello all, I have a couch available to someone who wishes to stay for a few nights! The apartment is fairly large and bright. It has a belcony. The apartment is 2min walk from the train station which will take you into Copenhagen or the beach! It takes approx 15min by train to get to central copenhagen. I can only accept one person at a time and only for a maximum of 5 nights stay! I can take you around the city in the evenings or on the weekends. I do not allow smoking, drinking, or consuming drugs in the apartment. If you want to have a great time then we can go out to do it!!!
We are a small family of mother, father and a two year old girl living in a suburb outside København called Ølstykke (Oelstykke spelled in English). Our appartment have plenty of space for back packers or other people who does not demand a lot of comfort. That means we are able to house 1-3 people. Also children are welcome. But then of course only at a madrass. We live very close by the S-station, just in the heart of Ølstykke Stationsby. Daily ware shops are close and plenty. And still it feels like a village on the countryside. It takes only 45 minutes by train to Downtown Copenhagen.
Medium-sized bedroom with a 3/4 bed. Large kitchen and bathroom. 1 extra room aswell as an occupied one (and mine). large rooftop terrace and a smaller (yet large) balcony by the front door. Placed in kokkedal on nordsjælland (20 minutes by train to central copenhagen). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here aswell; the bathroom and shower freely. Food is on your expense - but it would be nice to grab a bite together :-). I study in the day-hours and go to work a few times a week aswell. Otherwise i like to go to cafes for a coffee, a beer, glass of wine - whatever.
Copenhagen, North, pleasant community, easy access to public transportation into to central Copenhagen, 5 minutes walk to transportation (25 minutes to central Copenhagen). Beautiful neighbourhood for hiking/walking. 2 storey house with basement (3 x 60 m2). Two tiny gardens, front and back. Free access to kitchen. It could be nice if we could share some meals and get acquainted. Possible accomodation in my home office/ guest room. 2 single beds. Possibility for additional floor sleeping if you are a family of more than 2. - Also two beds in the basement.
Big room with own toilet and shower- Comfortable dobble bed - and very small balcony. We are on the 4th floor in a 4 room apartment, in Nørrebro - Copenhagen - witch is more or less the city center - you can get almost anywthere in 20 mins on a bicycle. Busses goes all over and we are max 2 mins from a bus stop - shops, cafes etc. Kitchen can not be used totaly freely - as our bedroom is more or less in the kitchen - but you can have a waterboiler in your room for emargency. Everything is here from towels to internet.
I live in Frederiksberg which is like 4 minutes in metro to the centre of Copenhagen. Pretty much close to everything. It's a two room flat and I'm sharing it with a roommate, so you will not be having very much privacy. If you, on the other hand, has come here to have a great time for no money and just want a place to crash, this should do. If you stay here, of course you'll be able to use the appartment, but of course there will be some simple rules depending on the time and situation.

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