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Rather than spend money on Los Angeles, Los Angeles hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Los Angeles, Los Angeles from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Los Angeles, Los Angeles and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Los Angeles, Los Angeles with them in minutes!
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Property Details Beverly Hills Retreat 4 Bedrooms plus sleeper in living room next to wood burning fireplace Beautiful Down comforters and high thread count sheets Calming fountains on both decks 2 full bathrooms Hardwood floors in common areas Large flat screen TV with 280 channels and DVD I Pod Station Gourmet kitchen equipped by restaurateurs 1500 sq.ft. deck with gourmet barbeque, lounge and dining table Eco Friendly amenities, spa treats and welcome basket Concierge, wine tasting available Home Office features desk, phone, fax, scanner, printer, wireless & supplies 300 page Concierge Book Private Massage available on Deck Only four minutes from The Beverly Hills Hotel and Rodeo Drive, yet surrounded by the quiet, natural beauty of Benedict Canyon, this Beverly Hills Retreat is a perfectly situated house for both work and play, for friends, families or couples seeking the fine amenities of a well appointed vacation or work retreat, while having the perfect location for easy access to everything LA has to offer. Rodeo Drive, The Sunset Strip, Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios and Warner Bros., Mulholland Drive, all are a short distance east on Sunset Boulevard. And directly to the west visitors can quickly reach the beautiful campus of UCLA, The Famous Getty Museum and its Brentwood neighborhood as Sunset Blvd. winds its way towards its destination at the Pacific Ocean and points you towards the stunning shores of Malibu. This versatile house lends itself perfectly to both groups as large as 9 or as small as even one individual seeking the quiet spacious solitude of this very comfortable home of understated, yet elegant sophistication. In addition to its four bedrooms and two full baths, the home features a very large, open living area where gourmet cooking and dining coexist with relaxing in front of the fireplace, gathering on the couch in the living room for a movie on the large flat screen TV, pleasure reading in the large cozy chair in the corner or taking care of your professional needs in the self-contained business center. And all of this opens to a lovely front deck where morning coffee or evening cocktails can be enjoyed in the tranquil setting outdoors. Treadmill and private gym in the premises. Additional parking for 4 cars on the back of the house, entrance through back gate. If your visit is professional in nature, the business center provides the essentials of modern-day professional interaction with wireless Internet, printer and fax capabilities and a large desk. Whether you are writing a screenplay or reviewing spreadsheets, you will find a more productive setting. For corporate travelers, you can visit Los Angeles in style and great comfort in this unique and lovely setting without missing a beat in your professional obligations.
Well, this couch has yet to be bought, i have a inflatable double size air mattress that is always available for your use. All the flooing is hardwood. its perfect base for the air mattress. You will be sleeping on an air mattress in my bedroom floor unless there are more guests, in which case some on my bedroom floor and some in my living room floor, but I try not to let people sleep in living room just because not fair to my housemates who may want to watch television in living room or eat in dining room which is open to the living room. I have a three bedroom, 2 1/5 bath house with a converted garage space. There are 4 of us total living in this house. We each have our own bedroom and share kitchen and housecleaning duties. I have two dogs that will lick you to death if you let them, well one will, the other will look at you and kinda be shy since he was abused as a puppy before i adopted him. I live in the north east part of Los Angeles city in an area called Eagle Rock. I am located right next to the Highland Park area and South Pasadena and Glendale. my house is located on a hill street which has the bus line to downtown Los Angeles at the bottom of the hill coming from both directions ( Downtown Los Angeles and Central Eagle Rock) I can usually show you around sometimes, it really depends on my schedule. There is very easy access to public transportation. Even the bus line runs 24 hours a day (although it is only once an hour between 230am and 5am with a five block walk involved.) Otherwise its every 25 - 30 minutes at the bottom of the hill. The busline will also drop you off at the local train station which runs from 5am - 11pm. I go to bed whenver. I have extra blankets for you to use. I would rather that you stay only up to three days at most. but lets talk about it. NOTE>>>>>>> This is a gay household. There are 4 gay guys living here right now. I dont care if you are gay, strgt, lesbian, bi, or even part animal. as long as you are respectful to everyone and you will get it back in kind. Almost everyone who has stayed at my home from couchsurfing is straight, but like i said, all is welcome here in my home and they have all felt a warm comfortable respectful space. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<. You will be sleeping on an air mattress and you can use the bathroom to shower and change. Food is on you, but you are more than welcome to cook with any of the others and share a meal. One housemate is a veggie eater, the others eat meat products... Oh, yea, no smoking or drugs in the house, lite drinking is ok.. There is a supermarket 4 blocks away that you can walk to very easy or I will drive you if I am there.
No available accommodation to share, I’m a seeker on this platform (for now at least) living out of my camper, traveling around making films and living a free life. I’m a traveler and a storyteller at heart, I left the commercial videography racket to follow my heart and travel the world, capturing the stories I’ve found along the way, and seeking alternatives to our restrictive and unimaginative way of life. I’ve been all over, I’ve hitchhiked across the US twice, traveled across Canada as a fruit picker with my girlfriend, traveled Guatemala on a motorcycle, and lived in Romania making a film for an orphanage. My filmmaking is my passion, and the driving force in my life is to use my skill and art and perspective to help people to think in new ways and expose them to new ways of life and stories that inspire them to make this life the great adventure it was always meant to be. I have a beautiful girlfriend who lives in Colorado at the moment working on trails, she has her permaculture design certification and is a life giving farmer at heart. We both feel at home on a ranch, close to nature, creating and stewarding life as humans were meant to. We’re both free spirited, funny, thoughtful, and compassionate free thinkers and huge lovers of humanity and nature and the cornucopia of goodness that life has to offer when you go beyond the walls and confines and clocks of routine. I’m looking for a place to stay with my dog Cordelia, a miraculous rescue from a terrible situation who is amazingly beautiful, loving and sweet, and highly intelligent and perfectly behaved. I’m looking for a good place for her more than me, as I can live in any situation as long as I have purpose and am able to create meaning out of it with my camera. She needs and deserves a place with open space to roam and not be cooped up inside.
Hello my name is Talanda and I would love to come to your country for a little vacation. I can accommodate the host by sharing my culture background and cook some dinners, spend some time with their family and contribute a little money to the host. I do not have a lot of money but I am willing to share what I do have. I would also like to suggest that I have a beautiful one bedroom in San Diego, CA and I would be willing to share it if someone would like to come and visit me. I am very well liked and an out going happy go lucky person. I have a heart full of love, sharing, caring, loyal, trusting, passionate, and honest person. I just love helping people of all walks of life. I am a single mom with a 14 year old daughter. She will be coming with me on this little vacation. My daughter is well behaved and loving too. She is the love of my life and she will be graduating from the "Eight Grade Tuesday, June 19,2007. So this is a little present to her from me. I think that you will find us interesting because we are very attractive. My daughter is half "Samoan" born in Hawaii. I am PRican, White and African American. We also love going to church and serving God on Sunday. If you would love to talk to us some more feel free to call our home anytime at 1-619-220-8308. I am 42 years old with a BS in Criminal Justice. I taught High School for 3 years and a Caregiver for 5 years. I would love to stay with someone who love to go out on the town and have a ball. May God Bless Your Day Mahalo.
For you, we have a queen sized bed in a medium sized room in our smallish three bedroom, two bath house in Reseda, California. Our home is clean, but not crazy clean. You will have your own bathroom off the hallway near your room, unless our children are with us when you visit, in which case you will have to share. (They are here every other weekend an for dinner Tuesdays and Thursdays). It should be pointed out that your room is also used for the computer, so you might expect that we will pop in and out during your stay to check e-mail and whatnot. You may also use the computer to access your e-mail. We have a great backyard with a small fish pond, many fruit trees, lots of flowers, a fire bowl, etc. If you feel like relaxing, its a great private place to be! Reseda is a portion of Los Angeles and is neither near nor far from anything you might want to see. Public transportation is very close, in that the bus is only a few blocks away. However, if you can catch a ride from us in the mornings on our way to work, we can get you much closer in to anything you might want to see. The kitchen is open for use, and we will want to prepare a meal or two for you, for fun. We usually barbeque, and are definately meat eaters. However, we ask that you supply most of your own food. We enjoy taking "Mini-vacations" in our city, going out to see the sites that everyone comes here to see, and we'd be happy to take you out once or twice when we are not busy working.
I live inside the waterways of the Los Angeles River in between the city's of Atwater Village and Los Feliz. It is just below the city of Glendale and Burbank within the county of Los Angeles to be more precise. I don't have any real accommodations except introducing you as a fellow homeless person with the local homeless that live in tents in the river itself. That and locating you a proper spot within the river for your own piece of sand with a river view. And due to my status in the homeless community as a no nonsense/no bullshit with a serious side of respecting other people's property and the firm believer of trapping areas that which unwanted victims are not to be at but somehow are and is hurt thus can't properly exit my area but is stranded in my personal area that I will properly greet the scum and then send it down the river. But other then unwanted scum hate i'm a very friendly sociable hermit that hates visitors unannounced, and that is mostly unseen within the homeless community but is known by everyone and if i'm not the name makes it hard to not have been heard of. And since the river is a large place there is plenty of space for others to erect themselves a pop up tent temporarily or for a small amount of time. Can't dig in because when the rain season arrives everyone will have to migrate up to the bike path otherwise be one of the debris that ends up someplace out in the Pacific Ocean.
Living room with space for you to bring a sleeping bag and be comfortable, (it says couch on pull down menu, but it is not a couch, just some space for your sleeping bag in the living room that is available =) or depending upon what we are doing that week, we may be staying at our studio in Santa Monica. Both places are small, but could accomodate a sleeping bag for one person, for a one day stay. We are friendly and resourceful hosts, and right now we have our apartment in Los Angeles near the intersection of the 10 and 405 freeways in an area of Cheviot Hills. There is a swimming pool here as well. We are looking for a larger place in Santa Monica (still have a small studio there). If you know of a one bedroom with hardwood floors/patio/garden space for under $1,000.00/month for rent in Santa Monica, please let us know =) Our schedule varies, and if you don't hear back from us, it could mean we are putting in long hours in our business and can't have guests right now, which we do. Pop us a note...also, we want to visit the Oregon coast, as well as Tigard Oregon, so we may write you if you are there, or if you read this, please write to us! Thank you =) (note: we are organic gardeners, too...and we listen to "coast to coast am" each night at 10 coast to coast fans would enjoy that! Janice is studying medicine, and Gary is a web designer...all the best, Janice & Gary
Comfortable bed in small house located, actually, in the High Mojave Desert city of Barstow, California. Barstow is a truck-stop city halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on U.S. Interstate 15, 150 miles each way. Definitely make yourself at home, and there is no curfew, though please provide your own food. Barstow itself frankly doesn't offer much, but it's a great stopping point if you're driving along Route 15 on a road trip across the States, or even better, if you're setting out to explore the Mojave Desert. We are within 10 minutes of Rainbow Basin National Natural Area, 30 minutes Afton Canyon (the "Grand Canyon of the Mojave"), within one hour by car of the Mojave Desert National Preserve, 90 minutes of Joshua Tree National Park, 2 hours from Death Valley National Park, and 4-5 hours from the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and just a bit further from Yosemite and so many other National Parks and preserves. Additionally, we are, again, 2 1/2 hours from L.A. and all that it has to offer, the same distance to Las Vegas, and 3 hours from San Diego and the border of Mexico. Additionally, there are still charming local vestiges of the old grand Americana Route 66 culture--remember, Barstow does show up in the famous song of that name. Importantly, Amtrak also has a train stop here, as well as Greyhound Bus Lines.
*** MY COUCH IS UNAVAILABLE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.*** I am vegan. Depending how I am doing financially, I may request that you either pitch in or use one of the many local restaurants. I am willing to share the kitchen with another vegan that pitches in or just buys their own food. We are walking distance to Trader Joe's, and walk/bike distance from Whole Foods. I live 13 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. I have a long sofa. Its pretty comfortable. Public transit is extremely accessible from my couch. I don't have any pets nor are pets allowed. I do not smoke cigarettes and there is no smoking cigarettes allowed...No junkies. I live close to the Santa Anita Park and Los Angeles Arboretum. Old Town Pasadena is about 5mi away. And Downtown Los Angeles is 13mi away. There are a lot of asian restaurants in the area, and the Santa Anita Mall is within walking distance. I would be able to show people around if they didn't mind public transportaion as I do not drive. Parking on the street here is by permit only which can be paid for online I believe. I have a garage if you need to secure a bicycle. We are not early risers and do like to stay up late as well. I do not have any extra blankets or pillows. Couch is available for 3 days max.
We live in Burbank which is a nice suburb of Los Angeles with lots of attractions close by. Eg:Universal city,warner Bros, Disney channel, NBC (Jay leno show). Medium sized 1 bedroom apartment. 2 can easily sleep in the living room with mattress or sleeping bag. We would prefer single male/female or couples who are non-smoking. We dont mind taking them to nearby tourist spots if required or pickup from LAX or BUR airport. Attractions & Places of interest near our home (all distance are in miles) 1) Warner Brothers - 1m 2) Walt Disney Studio - 1.5m 3) ABC studios - 1.5m 4) NBC Studios(Jay Leno show) - 1.5m 5) Universal City / Studios/Citywalk - 2m 6)Hollywood city ( Hollywood Blvd, Walk of Fame, Chinese Mann Theatre,Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood Bowl etc) 2 m 7) Hollywood Hills ( Hollywood sign )- 2.5m 8) Burbank/Hollywood airport - 2.5m 9)Sony Picture Studios/Columbia Pictures/Tristar Pictures( I work here !) - 10m 10)Pasadena - 10m 11)Santa Monica beach/Venice Beach and all other nearby beach - 20m - 30m 12)LAX ( LA international airport ) - 20m 13)Malibu - 40m 14)DisneyLand - 40m 15)Santa Barbara - 98m 16)Carlsbad /Palomar - 100m 17)San Diego - 130m

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